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Naruto woke, eyes fluttering before the world finally came into focus, next to him was Inu, the man had been calling his name gently his hand pressing into the hospital bed not touching him.

The small boy sat up slowly yawning, it was early, to early for the 8 year old.

Inu not that Naruto knew smiled under his mask and motioned the child to some clothes that were pilled at the foot of the bed.

Inu pointed to the door "ill be out there, knock when youre done".

Naruto nodded as the AMBU left the room the door clicking almost silently behind him.

The small boy threw his legs over the side regretting it as they gave out a throb of pain, they didnt seem to be fully healed just yet.

When he stood it took him a moment to balance himself and a while longer to dress himself.

The long sleeved shirt was simple blue with white designs, the pants were a dark brown, the color of mahogany.

he even got new shoes!

They came up to his knees and were a greyish color and were suprisingly easy to move around in.

There was even a dark grey almost black colored jacket, it was thick and had fur on the inside, a small note rested on top of it.


' I wont be able to send you off unfortunately, so i will have to give you this letter.

i do warn you to be careful and not to cause any trouble, its quite cold there so remeber your jacket. Also Inu and his team have a gift for you outside, please do treat them nicely.

Goodbye and goodluck.'

signed ~ ji-ji


Naruto smiled sadly, he hoped he could get to see Ji-ji again, but for now he had a journey to make.

He reached out putting his arms into the sleeves and shuffling to the door.

he took a deep breath, as soon as he knocked it could be the start of his new life.

His small hand reached up gently tapping the wooden surface, within moments the door opened slowly Inu stepping aside allowing him out.

This was the begining.


When Naruto left the hospital building he was escorted to the gates, a somewhat fancy carriage waiting just out of sight.

Infront of it stood the other members of their party.

Weasle stood with a large hawk like bird on his arm, its feathers being purely white, while a small wolf like creature sat next to him, a cute little vest on the pups wiggling body.

"this is a messanger hawk, Hokage-sama thought you might like this one, hes rare and known as an albino his name is quin" Inu explained gently then pointing to the small pup who was wagging its tail in excitement, "the inuzuka wanted to give you a fairwell gift, they felt bad that one of their members took part in hurting you, they hope you can for give them, they even left you the choice of naming him, hes part wolf and he'll grow up to be big and strong"

Naruto was a bit nervous hearing that, but the small pup couldnt seem to contain its excitement and charged at Naruto with a playful gallop.

The boy flinched slightly only to be mildly shocked when the pup skidded to a stop infront of him, its head barely reaching his hip.

Naruto looked into the animals eyes seeing trust, happyness, awareness, and instinct, but also discipline.


He wrote the characters on his note pad, the name fit well for the pup that was leaning against his leg in a comforting way.

Inu smiled and motioned Raven who was in a tree and Weasle to prepare for their departure.

Inu was going to be the driver, weasle would scout the perimiter and Raven was to keep Naruto company, something easily acomplished for the oddly sociable AMBU.

"ne Naruto-kun, are you excited? i mean your going to the Chiyu no jiin! its the best healing temple in the elemental nations, technically they dont belong to any of the nations and they have aloooot of power, their chakra controle is outta this world-"

Naruto couldnt help but laugh at the rambling AMBU it was funny seeing Raven who was friends with the Stoic Weasle and unreadable Inu ramble on and on about somthing with emotion clear in his voice.

Antie yipped and pawed at Narutos hands which were placed on his lap, Confused Naruto lifted his hands.

The pup yipped happily and plopped its head and paws down on the childs lap its tail wriggiling with content joy.

Naruto smiled and ran his fingers down the wolfs head.

The wolf had black fur his right ear was floppy the other sharp showing his wolf heritage fur covered in white spatters that spread to his left ear his paws and a majority of his tail, his icy blue eye and one brown eye were also an eye catcher.

The bird, or Quin was in a bird cage by Narutos feet it seemed to be sleeping? maybe? its eyes were closed and body relaxed though it was obviously breathing still.

Naruto yawned his hand once again stroking over Antie's fur, the small rise and fall of the animals chests lulled Naruto into a dreamless sleep.

Raven smiled fondly, such innocence, how sad for it Naruto to have been hurt the way he was.

Raven himself yawned too, he'd been up since well, forever, he opened a front compartment and told Inu he was gonna take a Nap and that their charge had the right idea.

Inu laughed well it was more of a chuckle and waved him off to take his nap.


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