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Music of the Night

Part 3 of 5

Chapter Three –

Hermione's POV

"And so, Alex decided the best thing for her was to attend the Ball with Luna Lovegood, a good friend of ours, to stop the many young boys trying to win her hand and ask her. The looks on their faces when she turned up in a stylish dress robes and suit, with Luna on her arm was priceless." I was saying, laughing at my memory of the Yule Ball in my forth year at Hogwarts.

Hadley laughed. "She must have been the talk of the night, turning up with a woman. Is it accepted, in your time? You know, same-sex couples?"

I nodded. "Oh yes…though Luna and Alex only played the role, but same sex couples are accepted. Seamus Finngan, who we all thought was straight given the girls he fooled around with at school, his soulmate turned out to be a male. We accepted it, because why does it matter whether or not you love a male or female? It's your choice, whether you're gay or straight or whatever. And for some reason, fate always seems to know…"

"I see and I agree. The world would be a matter better place if people just accepted your reasoning. So, you've rescued and rode a dragon, broke a criminal out of jail, and got yourself turned into a cat. That is more than I have done in my lifetime." Hadley remarked. "All I do is act and sing. Never would you see me near a dragon…it's strange, knowing that dragons actually exist."

"They are majestic creatures…and so misunderstood, given that everyone seems to think they are fire-breathing demons." I said.

"But don't they breathe fire?" Hadley asked.

"Yes…but only when provoked. Given the proper care and training, they are quite gentle creatures, at least that's what Charlie Weasley always says…Norbet, the dragon I was telling you about, well he's like a giant puppy dog once you've showed him respect and given him a large slab of meat." I told him.

Hadley frowned, shocked at me calling a dragon a giant puppy. He laughed in disbelief, but leant forwards on the table we were sitting at. He grabbed the glass of wine sitting in front of him, and took a sip. I did the same with my glass, and then went back to my meal of chicken & cashew with fried rice.

We were at his flat in downtown London, just a few blocks away from the Hall. After our conversation at the Hall, we had decided to head to his apartment, walking the entire way there to his two-level flat in the suburban streets of London. Along the way, whilst talking about our younger years, the sun had gone down and by the time we had reached his flat it was dark. His flat was comfy, the colours of grey and black stylising the flat which consisted of a large lounge room, a spacious kitchen with a large island in the middle and a glass table between the kitchen and lounge room. Upstairs I had not seen yet, but I would think it would be the same colours as downstairs. Though, along with the modernise flat, musical themes were spread out through the flat. Posters of Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera was hung on the walls, photos of him in various characters and with other people on the shelves including photos of him with Ramin.

We had decided to have tea deciding on Chinese food and so he ordered the food to be delivered to his door. After setting up the table, we had continued with stories of our past, and I found out more than I ever could. By now, he knew most of my funny childhood stories with Alex, my disastrous engagement with Ron and I knew about his life as a stage actor, his career in singing, how he met Ramin and how he got into musical theatre. I enjoyed hearing his stories, and he enjoyed hearing the funny adventures that Alex and I had gotten into when we were younger. What he didn't know about, was the bad times…the war, the torture that Alex and I endured, and the nightmares.

I stopped eating, as I was getting a little hot and so I put my fork down, taking off my beige jacket. Hadley watched as I did, and I gave him a smile as I placed the jacket onto the chair behind me. Then, I heard a gasp, and his hand reached out to touch my right arm and I groaned, remembering the vicious scar that Bellatrix Lestrange had given me, along with the other scars I had gained from the war.

"What…who did this to you?" Hadley whispered, his fingers brushing over the infamous 'Mudblood' scar that has haunted me since Bellatrix burned it into my skin. "Why would someone do this to you?"

"I didn't want you to see this…I am sorry that you had to." I mumbled. "This scar is a reminder of time that I have tried many times to forget. You see, Alex and I were in a war...A war that was brought on by a mad wizard who called himself Voldemort, and he wanted to rule the world cruelly. You see, he believed that magic should be kept between the purest of wizards, that is those born to families that can trace their ancestral magic back generations, and that half-bloods, like Alex and muggleborns, that is witches with human parents like myself deserved to be stripped of their magic and punished. He also believed that muggles, humans, were a lessor race and that they deserved to be ruled. And because the world knew about us, it wasn't long before they began to fear us. And so, because it was a war, Alex and I, along with Ron, did things that no seventeen-year-old should be doing."

"Whatever you did, I am sure you had a reason." Hadley stated.

"Killing someone to ensure your survival is not something that you should do. But in a war, that's what we did. We hunted, we fought…and we conquered, but ultimately paid a price." I uttered.

Hadley was silent, before looking at my scar again. "The word, Mudblood…what does it mean?"

"Mudblood is a foul name that they, as in the pure-bloods use for muggleborns. It means 'dirty blood' and I was branded as such by Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort's second in command."

"Lestrange? Any relation to the men that came with you?" Hadley asked.

"Rabastan's wife…this scar was a parting gift to me when she tortured Alex and I. Such a wonderful family, don't you think? Torturing, threatening and very dramatic." I grunted, my sarcasm showing.

Hadley sighed, gently rubbing my arm where my scar was and I took a deep breath, feeling a little ashamed that about my attitude and the fact that he could see the scar. "I usually cast a glamour spell over it, to hide it. Alex does the same…she's got more scars than I do, considering Voldemort hunted her more than anybody else."

"Why did he hunt her?" Hadley asked softly, stull rubbing my arm.

"Because of a bloody stupid prophecy. You see, she was his enemy, his downfall because they both were so similar in many ways. His whole cause was about keeping magic within pure families yet he himself had a muggle parent and a magical parent. Alex had more lineage than he did, as although her mother was a muggle, she was also a witch. He hunted her, her family and her…he took almost everything from her, and it's wonder she's still standing." I muttered, turning my head away and thinking about Alex. "The story of Alexandra Potter and Lord Voldemort is a story that is one for the history books, that's for damn sure. Lord Voldemort, who had killed Alex's family, only to be bested by her mother's love for her child. And then came the years he tried to kill her in school, trying to defeat her so that he could get on with his cause. Only to realise that it was the work of a prophecy that made them fight each other. Because 'either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live with the other survives'…"

"So she defeated him?"

I looked at Hadley. "In a way…but yes…and I was right there by her side."

"Which explains why the both of you are so close, and very protective of each other. I cannot imagine what it must have been like, but I am glad that you are safe. And I am guessing that it must not be easy for you mentally, but you have me now. I know we've just met, and we'll probably fight, argue and take a while for us to be a proper couple, but I am willing to wait. You are worth the wait." Hadley murmured. "I was so scared, because my words were white. Boy, did I get teased for having a white soulmark. My mother tried to have me sent boarding school because she was scared that I would become a ladies' man given my soulmark and was also determined that I was going to turn out to be Hugh Hefner."

I busted out laughing, before snorting very unladylike and I covered my mouth, before covering my face with hands in embarrassment. He chuckled, gently pulling my hands down from my face.

"Do not hide yourself from me. You shouldn't be embarrassed or ashamed or even guilty. Don't feel that you have to hide yourself from me because you don't. I don't care that you snort, I don't care that you have scars and most of all, I don't care that you did things to ensure your survival. You are so brave…and fearless. I am certainly a lucky man, that's for damn sure." Hadley smirked, holding my hands in his.

"Are you…flirting with me? Even after I've just told you my sad tale of woe?" I mockingly gasped.

"Milady, sad tale of woe? Does this mean, that you're Jane, and I'm Mr Edward Fairfax Rochester?" Hadley grinned.

I giggled, looking at him. He then got up slightly from his chair, and leant over the table. He looked at me, before ever so slowly captured my lips with his, and I gasped softly, but I closed my eyes and melted into the kiss. I stood up from my chair, not breaking the kiss and he did the same, walking sideways until I could feel his body close to mine. He let go of my hands and cupped my face as my hands went around his waist. His kiss was soft and I kissed him back, my lips grabbing his and our hands move again, this time his hands and arms were on my waist and mine were around his shoulders, and our lips in a passionate dance.

Too soon, the kiss ended and I tilted my head back with a smile on my face.

"Woah…I could definitely live on that…" Hadley stammered, bliss on his face. "Best move ever, I think…"

"Then, Mr Rochester, make your move again…" I whispered. He smiled, leaning his face closer to mine.

"Gladly, dearest Jane…"


Alex's POV

If this was heaven, then I never wanted to leave. Ramin's voice really was a gift from the heavens, and as he sang beautifully, his hands strumming over the strings on his rather exquisite guitar that he held in his hands. He was singing a song from a musical he once stared in, 'Til I Hear You Sing, and it was an acoustic version of the song.

After my conversation with Sierra, Ramin had taken me back to his apartment, which was in the city. It was a small, quaint and rustic apartment, with posters of musicals upon the walls, photos of singers that I had never heard of and antique musical instruments, such as a guitar on the wall and a rustic Yamaha piano in the corner of the large living room. It was strange to see an apartment from a different time, as in my time, everything was very much technology based, and you didn't have to flip a switch to turn the light on. Don't get me wrong, I had learned to adapt in any time given my job, but it was strange having to do things without telling a computerised voice to do it for you.

We had not stopped talking about ourselves to each other. I had told him about the many adventures I had with Hermione and Ron, and he got to hear about the trouble I had gotten myself into, and the many times Hermione had to save me. He in return had told me about his family, his two young sons that live with their mother and her soulmate. It was a shock to find out that he had been married before, and even had a family with her, until she met her soulmate on a holiday to Australia a few years ago. Apparently her soulmark was a symbol, and not words like most soulmarks were, and she had given up on finding a soulmate until she had met Ramin. Together they made a life, but after she had met her soulmate, she was torn and even though they had tried to stay together for their boys, but the pull towards her soulmate was strong, and so she left. It broke my heart to hear about his failed marriage and that he only sees his sons when they were on holidays, but he was making do with what he had.

It was strange to think that young man currently playing the guitar and singing to me was a father, and a divorced man. Not that I cared and if I was honest, I couldn't wait to meet his sons. He told me about them, and how different they were from each other but so alike their parents. Hopefully one day, I would get the chance to meet them. Thinking about his family made me think about mine, about my godson Teddy, about George, Ginny and Arthur and despite that I didn't see much of him, Charlie too. And although he had broken Hermione's heart, I thought about Ron too, because despite our differences, he was still family. Most of my teenage years consisted of either Ron or Hermione, as Ron was the first friend I had ever made, followed by Hermione. After he had left Hermione, I so wanted to hex him for treating her that way, but now, having met my own soulmate, I sort of understood how he must have felt. But still, he was a prat for leaving Hermione the way he did.

It was also strange to think that everything that I had happened in my life, was yet to happen. I was yet to meet the Weasleys, yet to discover magic…yet to fight a war with a mad wizard that destroyed almost everything I held dear. And what's worse, I couldn't prevent it. I couldn't prevent the death of my parents, couldn't prevent the deaths of many, because if I did, everything wouldn't be as it was. It was tempting, especially given the knowledge I had and that I was in the past. Although I had yet to make the decision to stay, it was really easy to be convinced to stay.

I must have been in my own thoughts, because a hand touched my face and I turned to see that Ramin had finished his song and had even put the guitar down by his side. We were sitting on his L-shaped cotton couch, and I had my knees, boots off, tucked underneath me, facing Ramin, who was facing me.

"Are you alright? You're so quiet…I hope it's not because of my singing?" Ramin spoke, stroking my cheek.

I shook my head, touching his hand and grasping it, putting it my lap. "What? No, of course not. You sang so beautifully…it was so beautiful…a lot better than me that's for sure. I can't sing to save my life."

He chuckled. "Oh I'm sure you can't be that bad…but you sure everything is okay? Is it about what Sierra had said? Are you worried about the Brothers?"

"No…it's not them…though I am worried but no, I was thinking of my other best friend, the one that kinda broke Hermione's heart. Ron…and my family, well adopted family. I even have a godson…" I told him. He squeezed my hand. "His name is Teddy…and I keep thinking about George, Ginny, Arthur, Charlie and Bill…they're my family. And now, I may never see them again."

"Do you regret meeting me, knowing that I am from the past?" He asked.

"What? No! I don't regret meeting you at all." I assured him, reaching my hand up to touch his face. I moved closer to him, my knees brushing against his legs. "I've only known you not even a day and I feel as if I've known you for years. Yes, I'll admit that it is strange that I happen to meet you in the past, but after today and everything that I have learned about you, I've found myself wanting to give into something that I've long denied myself."

"Ditto…After my ex-wife left, I decided to just be there for my boys. Just be their dad…I thought that by finding a woman, I wouldn't have that pain of having a grey soulmark. She felt the same given her soulmark was just a symbol. But it was because Nick, her now husband, was deaf, and couldn't speak. Hence her soulmark being a tattoo of his tribal emblem. He's Maori…and so perfect for her. I was jealous, so jealous that I fought harder for my marriage than spending time with my boys. But in the end, she left and I realised that I had happiness right in front me…my sons…and my work. Then you showed up." He murmured.

He cupped my cheek again, bringing me closer to him and captured my lips with his, kissing me softly at first, before it became more passionate. Without breaking the kiss, I moved so that I was sitting on his lap, my legs on the side of his thighs and cupped his face as he moved his hands around my waist. It was a move that I had been in earlier, but only this time, no-one was there to interrupt us. He moved from my lips, kissing down my neck, onto my collarbone and I moaned, my hands grasping his hair gently, and he growled as he kissed my skin. He captured my mouth again and tugged at my blouse and I lifted my arms up, in which he broke the kiss to lift my shirt over my head. Sure, we had only just met that day and normally I would take my time with these things, but right now, I didn't really mind.

He threw my shirt away, before he suddenly stood up, causing me to gasp in shock and I laughed as I hung onto him for life, my legs wrapping around his waist. He chuckled at my gesture, before kissing me again, and slowly made his way up the stairs. How he managed, I had no idea as he kept distracting me with his kisses and I let him distract me. Finally, we reached a room that looked like a bedroom. Large vanity table, a king-sized bed and a floor to ceiling window wall. But I didn't see much, given that it was sort of dark, with just the moonlight peeking through the white curtains on the window and the hallway light outside the bedroom door.

He must have reached the bed, because he broke the kiss, and gently lowered me down onto the bed. The bed was soft, and comfortable, and I placed one arm underneath my head while the other arm laid by my side. Without taking his eyes off mine, he took off his white shirt that he was wearing, throwing it to the floor. He then crouched over me, kissing me as we moved up on the bed, so that the both of us were on it, before slowly kissing his way down, starting with my neck and I closed my eyes, sighing in content and my breathing getting faster.

He kept kissing my skin, softly and then, he reached my stomach, his hands on the edge of my jeans, before he stopped and I opened my eyes, closing them again in annoyance. I had forgotten about that scar…the one branded on my stomach, along with the faint lines upon my back. The room brightened, and I opened my eyes, and saw that Ramin wasn't looking anywhere, except my stomach, his hand tracing over the scar that had haunted me for years, and mainly stopped me from getting close with someone else in shame that they wouldn't like what they saw. The word 'Traitor' was a gift from Bellatrix Lestrange, along with the whipping marks on my back. although Ramin had yet to see my back, I knew that I had to be honest about the scars.

"Please…don't be angry or sad…"

"Who did this to you?" Ramin demanded to know, his eyes a little angry.

"A woman who is now dead. Rabastan's wife, Bellatrix…I got this scar from her, because she was hell-bent on pleasing her master, who just so happened to be the mad wizard that hunted me for years." I began to say, but the way he looked at me and so I got up on my knees and cupped his face. His hands were still on my stomach. "I got this scar because I refused to bide to her will. She tortured Hermione for the sake of it and I acted out, and so as punishment, she asked Rabastan to whip me, and then she branded me. She couldn't kill me, because that was Voldemort's job, no matter how much she wanted to, but she could do the next best thing. Torture me, and then continued to torture Hermione with me watching."

"Who were these people? Why did they hunt you like this?" Ramin's voice cracked as he looked at me.

"I'm scared that if I tell you the entire story, you won't want to be with me. It's a ghastly story, the story of Alexandra Potter and Tom Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort." I whispered, my hands dropping from his face.

He quickly picked my hands up again. "I will never say that I don't want to be with you. But I want to know all of you. And this man, this Lord Voldemort is a big part of your life and you have all these scars, memories and I want to know."

"But if you do, what if changes your view of me?" I mumbled.

"It won't…I'm in this for good. You're in my life now, and I'll be damned if I let you go. So tell me…tell me your story."

And so, I did. I told Ramin the story of how Voldemort came after me because of a prophecy, how he killed my parents and how my mother's love saved her only child from the darkest curse there is and how that curse lived in on in the lightning bolt shaped scar on my forehead. I told him about the years spent with the Dursleys, only to be saved by my godfather Sirius Black, and I how I went to live with him after I had turned fourteen. I told Ramin about my forth year at Hogwarts, how after Voldemort had risen, and the world, including the muggles didn't believe me when I tried to tell the world that he was alive. Then, I told him about Sirius dying to protect me, how the Weasleys took me in as their daughter, and then, how Professor Dumbledore told me the reason behind why Voldemort was hell bent on destroying me, and how I was the only one that could defeat him, but at a great cost. Then, I told him the Horcruxes, the pieces of Voldemort's soul and that it was the only way to defeat him. How Hermione, Ron and myself went on the run to find the horcruxes, only to finally battle it out at Hogwarts. And then, my death…I told him about how I was the last Horcrux, how I had a piece of Voldemort's soul living inside me, and how I had to die for it to be destroyed.

He didn't say much, and didn't give any signs on how he was feeling, but I could tell that my death had made him react. I continued, telling him that by giving myself up to death, I had become the Mistress, meaning I now could control death if I wanted to, and how being the Mistress made me a stronger witch. And then, I told him about Voldemort's defeat and how it came at the cost of many. I told him about Fred, about Remus and Tonks, about Snape…about the many students, magical creatures and other witches and wizards had died in a war that could have been prevented. And then the aftermath, how I became an Unspeakable to track down rogue deatheaters and keep the peace of the world. How I became a spokesperson to the public to help the muggles trust the community again, and how I tried to find some sort of a life after the war.

"And then, we were ambushed by deatheaters at the Manor, and Hermione sent us here, and then I met you…something I never thought would happen." I concluded, watching Ramin.

He was quiet, too quiet and I wondered if I did the right thing. "Please say something…You're quiet…"

He looked at me, his eyes telling me all I needed to know. "You are exquisite…brave and selfless. And I am a lucky man. Now if you don't mind, I'd like us to finished we started. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate you telling me and I thank you for that, but it only confirms what I have since I first met you. That I am one lucky son of a bitch."

He then kissed me, hungrily this time and I let him, because in that moment, I knew I had done the right thing in telling him about me so early in our relationship. It was weird to think that I was in a relationship now, and I had only been in the past for not even a full day. But I didn't care, for I had found the person I was meant to be with. And so, I let him kiss me, let him hold me and give me pleasure that I had never had before.

Not even the threat of the Lestrange Brothers would take away the feeling of Ramin thrusting into me, taking me higher. I know I sound like a poet, but if this was how it was meant to be between soulmates, well, I never wanted it to end.


Hermione's POV

"I'm a slut…"

"I beg your pardon?"

"I am a sex-loving slut! And I love it! I love that I've just slept with my soulmate and I haven't even known you for a full day! I'm a badarse…I'm a rebel…I love it!"

I laughed excitingly, turning to Hadley as I laid in his bed. After a fiery make-out session, we had quickly made our way to his bedroom, taking off our clothes as we did and continued on with our session, only it progressed into something much more than just kissing. If I was honest, I didn't mind…much. The things he made me feel and how happy I was; I was more than happy for him to take me to be anytime. But we had only just met earlier that day and even I should have had more sense than just to jump into bed with him. But he really was so charming, so kind and he is my soulmate.

We laid in his bed, the sheet covering us and we had our arms on top of the sheet. I was on my side, facing him, my left arm under my head on top of the pillow.

"And I love that you're a rebel. I quite happen to like rebels." Hadley spoke, turning to me, placing his right arm under his head.

"Well, in my third year, I punched Draco Malfoy in the face. I've done a lot of things to Draco over the years, including hexing him with a bat bogey spell. But he was a bully and he deserved it." I boasted.

Hadley scoffed. "Well, with a name like that, of course he bloody deserved it. So you got into fights and casted spells against bullies. What else did you do? I know you've told me most of everything, but I like listening to your stories."

I smiled. "Well, have I told you about the time that I started a revolution of sorts?"

He frowned. "Do tell…wait, does it involve the blood of angry men?"

"No but it does involve blood…in our fifth year, we had this horrible witch for a professor. Her name was Dolores Umbridge, a toad-like woman that was hell bent on controlling the school. You see, Voldemort rose from whatever dark hell he came from and Alex witnessed his resurrection, but when she told everyone, nobody believed her. And so, in comes Umbridge with a mind to make Alex's life a living hell. And because she also a professor, her class was so boring and so badly done, then I, along with Alex, started Dumbledore's Army." I declared. He smiled at my enthusiasm and I continued on, lifting my left hand from under my head up to show the scar on my hand. "You see this scar? 'I Must Not Tell Lies' is the result of a blood quill, something that is banned in schools because of how it works. Instead of making the students write their detention lines in a normal quill or pen, she had us write with this, which uses our own blood as ink."

"What a ghastly woman…I hope she was put in her place or better yet, punished for her cruelty." Hadley growled, taking my hand.

"Oh she got what was coming to her. Alex made sure of that. After the war, she had Umbridge answer for crimes and for helping the enemy, as Umbridge went on to become a spy for Voldemort. Alex found out, had her punished and now she'll never bother us again." I told him.

"So what did you do with the army?" Hadley asked.

"We taught ourselves defensive spells, magic spells that were beyond the level of a fifth year, and basically prepared ourselves for a war. They believed in Alex…and they believed her when she said that Voldemort was alive." I replied.

"How did he die in the first place?"

"Remember what I said about Alex's mum, and how her mother's love saved her?" He nodded and I sighed, continuing on. "Well, her mother sacrificed herself for her only child, which put a very powerful protection spell on Alex. So, the killing curse that Voldemort tried to use on Alex backfired, and hit him instead, only it didn't really kill him."

Hadley frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Voldemort could never really die because of the horcruxes he had made for himself. Horcruxes is where on splits their soul and puts them into objects of meaning. To defeat Voldemort, we had track down the horcruxes, kill the soul and destroy the item. And Alex, was one such horcrux." I murmured.

He gasped. "So she died?"

I nodded. "Yes…but then came back to life. Alex gave up her life so that the rest of us would live and because it was Voldemort himself that killed her, it killed the piece of his soul inside her, thus allowing her to come back. And to think, all this started because of a prophecy. If that prophecy hadn't been made or even heard, I don't think Voldemort wouldn't have gone after Alex's family the way he did."

"So, you fight in wars, take down bad wizards and save Alex countless times. Is there anything you don't do or something that you'd like to do but don't often do so because you're too busy being a badarse?" Hadley asked.

"Well, this, being with you, having wild passionate sex. Even with Ron, I didn't do much, because he was always on the lookout, even though he was with me." I answered.

"What I'd like to do to your former fiancée if I ever get to meet him or get my hands on him. But, if I am honest, I am glad he found his soulmate first, because if you had found me first, and you were still with him, I'd be charming the pants of you, claiming you. Though, it would have been harder with the time difference and all, but I'd reckon I'd succeed in making you stay." He smirked.


"What? You're mine now, and I know that you're this brilliant independent witch, but I mean it. I am yours, just like you are mine. And love will grow, we will grow and I can't wait. Which is why I am scared that you'll go back. You'll both go back to your time and leave both Ramin and I behind." He whispered.

I touched his face, my hand cupping his cheek. "I don't think that is going to happen. Firstly, we can't, because the Time-Turner that brought us here is broken and others that were made in this time don't have the capacity to take us forward in time that far. And secondly, we have the Lestrange brothers to think about and I don't think we're leaving until that problem is done and dusted. And thirdly? I don't think I could leave…at least not now. Though I don't know what the bloody hell I am supposed to do now. I can't do the life I lived in the future in case I change the future and well, magic hasn't been exposed yet, so really, I don't know what to do."

He smiled. "I can think of one thing, now that I know you're staying. You've made me very happy since you've said that. And right now all I think of is having my way with you."

I raised my head and leaned in towards him. "Then why haven't you?"

He chuckled before capturing my lips with his and I happily gave into the kiss. I could only hope that Alex was as happy as I was now.


Third Person POV

He laid on his side, watching her breathe slowly as she dreamt. Never did he imagine that he would have such a brave and selfless warrior for a soulmate, and he thanked God that she was here, in his bed and in his arms. She faced him, her hands underneath her head, her long hair spread out on the pillow and his right arm was underneath her, and his left was playing with her hair just gently so that he wouldn't wake her.

He made a vow, right there and then, to never let anyone harm her ever again, even though he knew that she was capable of fending for herself. But after everything she had told him, he felt protective – even more so than he ever was with his ex-wife. How it killed him to hear the story of her life, the mad wizard that had taken everything from her, and continued to haunt her, and to hear that she had lost hope on finding someone because she thought she deserved to be alone.

He thought about his life, his career, and how normal it was compared to hers. When he was seventeen, he was working to follow his dream of becoming a musical theatre actor as it was what he always wanted to do and he lived a life without having to worry about whether or not he was going to be killed. Yet, his soulmate fought in a war, died and was brought back into something stronger than she already was. He had yet to learn exactly what Alex meant when she spoke about her role as the Mistress, but he knew it was something more than just being a witch.

She moved, her face frowning and Ramin watched her intensely. She seemed to be muttering something under her breath, distressed about something and Ramin moved so that his arm was covering her, sheltering her in a hug and his head rest on top of hers. His right arm was underneath her, and so he held her tight, kissing her shoulder and immediately, she calmed, burrowing herself closer into him and sighed. He continued to gently run his fingers through her hair, as it was calming to him.

He realised then, that despite their many differences, he couldn't wait to start a life with her. Sure, it wasn't going to be easy, nor would it be boring, but he had longed for this, the connection and the feelings that would come when one had met their soulmate. He now understood why his ex-wife had given up on up their relationship, for the pull to her soulmate was strong, and Ramin now understood, for he felt that same pull. Though, he wasn't expecting his soulmate to be a unique character, but he was glad.

He had only known her for a day, and already he was smitten with Alex, his brave and selfless witch. It wasn't love yet, but he certainly felt that it wouldn't take him long to fall in love with her. He knew that the journey ahead wasn't going to be easy, but he for one, could not wait.


Alex's POV

I could tell that it was early morning, given that the sunlight was peeking through the curtains, and the alarm clock read that it was just a few minutes passed eight in the morning. Another thing that I could tell, was that I was alone. Ramin was gone from the bed, and I sat up, panic raising a little, but then the sounds of singing and the smell of bacon cooking relived the panic and I smiled, taking the sheet off me, and grabbing a shirt that I knew was Ramin's, as it was big on me, and it smelled of him. Walking out of the room, I am confronted with pictures on the walls of his boys, and I smiled at them, the hope of one day meeting them making me feel giddy.

As I walked slowly down the stairs, I saw more pictures of Ramin's sons, his friends and an elderly couple which I could only guess was his parents. I took my time looking at the photos, as I didn't get to really look at them earlier, as my mind was currently on other things. His family made me think of mine, and I felt a pain in my heart, knowing that Ramin would never be able to meet them. Hermione yes, but not Teddy, nor the Weasleys or even Luna, Neville or Seamus. I then realised that they had yet to be born but the pain of never seeing them again hurt, as well as the fact that I would have to stay away from the world I knew.

I was in the past, yes and I had the knowledge to be able to prevent the war from ever happening. But the consequences of changing the future was greater. Everything that I had done in my life, had led me to the point I was in now. I then came to the conclusion, that if I was to change the future now, I won't be in the position to go back in time, and discover that my soulmate was in the past. The temptation of warning the wizarding world now of the great war to come was great, but even if I could, the life I would have led in a world without Voldemort wouldn't lead me to where I was today.

Right now, my problem was the Lestrange Brothers, and I knew that I had to stop them before they too changed the future. And then, once they were dealt with, Hermione and I would have to stay away. It was the only way that we could stay and live our lives with our soulmates.

I then reached the bottom, and smiled as I saw Ramin danced and sang around in his kitchen, holding what looked like a small bowl and whisk. I realised that he was making breakfast, though what he was making I didn't know. He seemed to be singing a pop-song that I heard once, as it was a classic song. The music that was made in my time was so different compared to the songs made in the past. In the past, songs were about love, heart-break, sadness and basically full of emotions or people caught in situations, like some of the older rap songs I had heard. Music in my time was mostly filled with beats, strange sounds and hardly any words, so it was nice to hear him sing a song with words. And to cook in a kitchen. That was another thing people in my time did differently. In my time, we had automatic machines that made breakfast or AI's that had breakfast made before you even woke up. Or, magic that did it all, without you even having to lift a finger. It was going to be strange, adjusting to a past time, but I knew that I would be able to do it.

I walked over to the kitchen, keeping my steps light as to not disturb him. Ramin was still in his little world, singing about how love made him get higher. The song was playing on some sort of music dock, and there were what looked like speakers on the side of it. He was wearing what looked like track pants, and no shirt, which showed off his abs and muscled body.

"It's taking me higher…Higher!" He sang, whisking whatever it was in the bowl. He then noticed me walking to him and placed the bowl down, before suddenly grabbing my hand and twirling me. "Yes, your love…It takes me higher than never been before!"

He allowed the song to play, dancing with me and I giggled at his happiness, allowing him to twirl me around, and dipping me, his hand on my back, the other holding my hand. He then frowned, before a smirk formed on his face.

"I don't know whether it's cute that you're wearing my shirt, or hot." He smirked, pulling me back up, so that my face was close to his.

"Well, someone was a little too excited last night and dropped my clothes everywhere, so I couldn't find anything of mine except my pants. I had to wear something, for I couldn't very well just walk down the stairs naked. What would your neighbours say?" I remarked, gesturing to the glass windows that overlooked the yard with a tilt of my head.

"Damn the neighbours…" He muttered, before capturing my lips with his and I gave into the kiss.

His kiss was hungrier this time, more passionate, not that I was complaining, and so I allowed him to dominate my mouth, his tongue swirling with mine. I then felt his hands grasped my bottom, a low growl emerging in his throat when he realised I wasn't wearing anything underneath before he cupped my legs, lifting me up onto the kitchen bench and moving so that he was in between my legs, all the while still kissing me. Suddenly a bright blue light emerged near me and I broke the kiss, turning towards the light in a panic, only to calm to see that it was a patronus in the shape of an otter. Hermione's patronus.

Ramin groaned, but then frowned as he saw the patronus.

"Is that an…otter?"

"Yes…Hermione's patronus."

"A what, sorry?"

"A patronus. It's like a magical guardian of sorts, that protects us from these creatures known as dementors, which are a whole other thing to explain later, but they can also give out messages." I explained, getting off the bench and looking at the otter. I waved my hand over it. "Reveal me your message."

Ramin gasped as otter moved into a shape of Hermione's face.

"Alex, I am sending you this message to assure you that I am fine. I have been staying with Hadley, who now knows about me and the fact that he and I are soulmates. I hope that you are well and safe with Ramin. However, it is clear that we have work to do. I am sure that the Lestrange Brothers would surely be working a plan now and we need to plan our own plan in order to defeat them. Hadley and I will be heading to the Hall soon, as I believe he and Ramin, along with Sierra and the cast have a rehearsal today. I will see you when you get, whenever that may be. But other than that, I am okay, fine and a sex-loving slut…"

I frowned. "What?"

"Disregard that comment. Anyway, see you soon and hope you're okay."

The patronus disappeared in a whiff of blue light and I turned to Ramin, who looked at me.

"Okay, the whole patronus thing was pretty brilliant and such, but did she just really call herself a-"

"Yeah…she did…well she was with Hadley."

Ramin laughed. "That sly dog…"

"What are you talking about? You did exactly the same with me all night last night."

He smirked, grabbing me and lifting up on the bench again. "And I'm about to do it again…"

"What? Ramin, no! Stop kissing me there, that's ticklish! We have to go and dressed, and you have rehearsal and…I—Oh right there—I have to find my wand…and I have to tell Hermione about the Lestrange Brothers…Mmmppph…No…no mppmmph…I have to mmmpph…send a patronus back and talk…oh, you know what? Fuck it!"

He really was an irresistible man.


Hermione's POV

Waiting for Alex to arrive, I sat down in one of the empty boxes in the auditorium. I could literally see over everything in the auditorium, with people running about on the stage, the lightning technicians doing one last check on the massive chandelier that hung from the ceiling and people on the ground moving chairs around. I was in a small cubicle, hidden from plain sight but still could see everything. It was Hadley's idea to hide in one, so that I could watch over, but not alert anyone of my presence and I liked the idea, as it would allow Alex and I to talk, and keep an on things. The sound of a crack filled the idea and I smiled as I hear the door open, a very happy Alex sitting in the velvet chair next to me.

"Thank Merlin that we're able to sense each due to the blood spell because I would have had a tough time trying to find you. Now, how do we want to bring down two former deatheaters?"

I stared her, looking over her appearance. She was wearing a pair of navy blue jeans, a printed shirt that showcased a band that I never heard of and her leather jacket, plus her boots. Her hair was down, framing her face and I noticed that her lightning bolt scar was showing, which meant she didn't cast the glamour spell on her. I smiled, as I too didn't cast a glamour spell to hide the scars.

"So…wearing his shirt I see?" I teased.

"Oh shut up. My blouse was misplaced…somewhere I couldn't find…And besides, you're one to talk..." She smirked, looking me over. "You're teasing me for wearing Ramin's shirt when I have never in my life seen you wear flannel."

My own outfit consisted of my skirt that I had been wearing the day before, a flannel shirt that I had borrowed from Hadley tucked into my skirt and my hair was up in a bun. I had casted a simple cleaning spell on the skirt, but given that my blouse had mysteriously ripped, I had to wear something of Hadley's as I don't think just wearing a jacket would suffice.

I gave her a look. "I don't know what you're talking about. Now let's plan…that's why we are here, apart from keeping an eye on things."

"Sure, sure…" She nodded. "But in all seriousness though, it's nice to see you happy, even if it is a little out of character. The Hermione I know would never sleep with a guy after only just knowing him for a day and you know what? I kinda like that you came out of your shell and let yourself go."

I smiled, before sighing. "I don't know what came over me. We were just…having the best snogging session and then—"

"Your clothes were on the floor and you found yourself in his bed?"

"Something like that…Is this how it's meant to be? You know, this feeling when someone meets their soulmate? I mean, I just broke up with Ron a couple of weeks ago and already I've moved on." I murmured.

"But so has Ron. He dumped you and moved on with his soulmate within the first day of meeting her, so don't you go feeling guilty for moving on! After all you've been through, you deserve it."

I touched her hand, giving it a squeeze. "Thanks…and so do you. After everything you've been through, you deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way."

"Thank you…Though, there is threat rising that could take both our happiness's away. Sierra told me about a vision she had and that in that vision, we confront the Lestrange brothers…here…at the Hall. She didn't exactly go into detail but I have the feeling that they will be here in the next few days."

I stared her, her face looking down at the floor with a look on her face, like she was thinking. "This is new. Why didn't you send a patronus or message to me about it? This...is something big."

The thought of us confronting the brothers was something that I was expecting, but I would've thought that we would have had time. Given the nature of where we were and the time, the Lestrange brothers would have needed to gather resources to plan their attack. The rise of Voldemort and his deatheaters didn't happen until the early 2070s, as the Third Wizarding war didn't begin until 2078, two years before both Alex and I were born, and three years before Voldemort tried to kill Alex, which meant that there were no deatheaters around the year 2011. Although, there were a few uprisings in the early 2000s and 2010s, caused by Pablo Grindelwald, Gellert Gridelwald's father and who's actions would bring about the Second Wizarding War in the 2020s, which occurred mostly in America and Europe, but by then, magic had been exposed, and the war didn't last long.

The only 'bad' wizards that the brothers could rally for assistance, would be the followers of Pablo Grindelwald, and mainly consisted of wizards who followed the idea that magical beings were a more supreme race than the muggles. If the Lestrange brothers knew that, then I feared just what could happen over the next few days. Suddenly, my memory stirred and I remember about an uprising that Dumbledore told me about that happened in the year 2011. Magic was exposed in 2011, due to two sisters who fought an uprising of wizards who wanted them dead. I then realised just how similar the story that Dumbledore told me once to our own predicament and I gasped, standing up from my seat.

"Oh shit!"

Alex jumped, whipping her wand out and looking around widely.

"What? Are they here? What is it, Hermione?"

I turned to her. "We're them…"

She frowned, confused. "We're who?"

"The sisters…"

She tilted her head, still confused. "Yeah, I'm going to have to ask you to elaborate on that, because I still don't have a bloody clue of what you're talking about."

I scoffed. "Remember the story that Dumbledore used to tell us? About the two mysterious sisters that exposed magic to the world because they stopped an uprising of bad wizards that came after them? And then how they disappeared after it?"

"Oh those sisters…Wait, you think we're them?"

"Think about it Alex. They fought in front of an audience of people, and apparently the world and there were others, muggles mainly that helped them. Look at where we are; we're standing in a hall were a musical performance is about to take place and will be shown to the entire world and given recent events, we have found muggles who will actually help us, including a fairy who just so happens to be a seer. Remember, nobody except Dumbledore knew who they were. I think we are those sisters. Alex, if that's the case, then in a few days' time, we stop an uprising, the muggles help us, and not only that, we…we uh…we kinda expose magic to the world."

She blinked, her mouth opening and closing.

"Oh…Oh for fucks sake! Come on!"