Restless Days and Hidden Nights by Lady Cleo

Final Autumn Days

Note: After Kelso and Donna's return but before Eric and Donna catch Jackie and Hyde making out.

Edited 10/23/2010

Sunlight cracked through the pink lace curtains of Jackie Burkhart's, room forcing the two sleeping patrons to pry open weary eyes. Jackie stirred in Hyde's arms, yawned and let her fingers play along his arms. Hyde tightened his grip, using his free arm to wipe her hair out of his face. In return, Jackie gave him an irresistible smile. Hyde groaned as he maneuvered over her lithe little form, settling his weight on top of her as his lips trailed down her neck. Jackie's arms snaked up along his sides, her back arching to provide closer contact.

The phone jumped to life on her little bedside table. Hyde moaned, pinning her arms to the bed, as he switched his focus to her ear, "Don't answer it."

Jackie giggled in response, pulling an arm from his grasp and reaching for the phone as Hyde turned his focus on other extremities of her body. "Hello?" Jackie whispered into the phone. "…Eric?" She screeched, scrambling to sit up and unconsciously pushing Hyde off the small bed.

Realizing her mistake, she yelped and motioned frantically to the phone with a panicked expression. Hyde shook his head, urging her with his hands to talk to Eric. Nodding, the brunette took a quick breath before snapping into the phone, "What do you want Eric?"

Hyde waited anxiously on the floor, pulling his boxers back on quickly, his eyes glued to her form. "What… No… Of course Hyde's not here… Why would he be here… God, that's just stupid, Eric... Yeah, fine, whatever." She slammed the phone down and began to wrap the blankets securely around her figure.

Cursing, Hyde jumped to his feet, trying to throw his shirt on as he tugged on his pants. Jackie pouted from the bed. "You don't have to go running off now, not for Eric." Climbing to the edge, she reached out and pulled him over to her, placing a softly seductive kiss on his lips.

Hyde moaned, gently pushing her back down to the bed. "Screw Foreman."

Eric Foreman stood in the center of the basement clutching the small object, gazing down at its white fabric with absolute disgust. "Man, what the hell was it doing in Hyde's room? I mean, at first I thought maybe it was one of Laurie's older ones, but then I realized they changed the colors the year after she left for college."

"Maybe Hyde is more of a ladies man then we thought!" Fez grinned from the couch as he reached out, swiping the object from Eric's hand. "Where did you find this naughty little escapee?"

Eric's head reared back as he gazed at Fez like the exchange student had just turned into Darth Vader. Shaking off the horrible vision, Eric took a seat beside Fez. "I was on my way to get a crumb cake when my mom asked me to run down here and grab something from Hyde's room. I was looking through the boxes and there it was, right in-between my old toys and Laurie's old junk. Man, it was just like when Luke-"

Kelso and Fez both rolled their eyes, blocking out Eric's latest Star war reference. "Let me see that bad baby," Kelso asked, motioning to the nauseating little abomination. Fez tossed the white item across the room; Kelso caught it, stretching out the sleeves so he could exam it. "I recognize this one."

Eric rolled his head over in Kelso's direction, fixing the man-whore with a glare. "Well, yeah, you've slept with half the cheerleading squad."

Kelso shook his head, letting the white object fall into his lap. "Na, I haven't taken this baby off anyone I know."

Fez sighed contently, munching on a bag of candy. Eric shook his head, and started to ask Kelso just how he knew that, but then decided against it. "So Kelso, did Jackie ever let you take her cheerleading uniform off?"

"No," Kelso reluctantly admitted. "I tired to, but Jackie told me to keep my dirty hands off her uniform. I don't know what she was talking about, my hands were clean." He tossed the article back over to Eric. "Yeah, those were good times."

Hyde charged into the basement laughing, but took on a Zen air at sight of the three sitting there. Jackie stumbled after him, cracking up; she froze behind Hyde, trying to get control over herself.

Eric immediately jumped up, "Where have you been man, I've been looking for you all morning?"

"Yeah I know, ran into little Miss Cheerleader over here." Hyde motioned back to the giggling Jackie, before resting his hands calmly on his belt.

"Well, good," Eric declared, holding up the cheerleading outfit, "Then maybe you can-"

"Hey," Jackie yelled indignantly as she pushed past Hyde and grabbed the uniform shirt. "That's mine."

"It is?" All three males, minus Hyde, demanded.

"Of course, you morons," Jackie barked as she carefully eyed the uniform, checking for any foul play. "What other cheerleader hangs out with you idiots." Satisfied with the condition of her uniform Jackie took a seat on the couch.

"Really," Eric questioned rolling his gaze over to the small girl. "Then what was it doing in Hyde's room?"

Jackie froze, her eyes going wide with panic. Hyde smirked glad that Zen was there to keep him cool. However, since his little grasshopper wasn't looking too well, he decided to act. "She needed to change after one of her demon rituals so I let her use my room." At the confused stares sent his way Hyde elaborated, "Cheerleading practice dumbasses, she needed to change after cheerleading practice."

That seemed to satisfy Kelso and Eric, Fez on the other hand stood, "You could not pick up a phone?" The foreigner yelled before storming out the door.

"Right, well, I've got to go pick up that crumb cake." Eric declared uncomfortably, before dashing up the stairs. Kelso shrugged his shoulders and went back to watching TV.

Jackie was still looking pale to Hyde. "So, Kelso!" He calmly declared, "I heard that the house at the end of the street got a new dog."

"Really?" The man pretty man asked, at Hyde's nod he was out the door.

Hyde smirked and took a seat beside his pale grasshopper. Jackie immediately buried her head in his shoulder. "Ah damn, woman, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," She whispered, tossing the uniform shirt aside as she pulled him down on top of her.

Something was wrong. He knew it. She was upset about the fact that they'd almost gotten caught. When really, it shouldn't have bothered her. They were bound to get caught sooner or later and truthfully Hyde wanted the sneaking to end. He wanted to know that they wouldn't end when the whole make-out in secret period ended. He wanted to know for sure that she wouldn't go running back to Kelso. Just the thought of her leaving him scared the hell out of him.

Screw Kelso! Screw the World!

Jackie Burkhart was the only thing that mattered.

Note: I know it's an abrupt ending, but ending here with the start of the season was the only way for me to end it.