Beware of trolling Sakura~ ;)

Sakura was cheerfully sipping her latte and enjoying her gelato. She and Lambo were the only ones enjoying themselves.

"Seriously, what the hell? I thought we were supposed to come straight home!" complained Hayato crossly.

"Stop barking, little puppy. Your howling is aggravating my ears and if you upset Sakura-hime I will bite you to death," said Kyouya.

On the plus side, he didn't have to deal with Fon for a while.

As if he had a knee-jerk reaction to the very idea of upsetting Sakura, he immediately looked at Sakura-hime. She cheerfully patted him on the head as if to say "good boy", and he calmed down.

"Do we even know when we are?" asked Takeshi, still smiling. Though there was a brittle edge to it.

"We're roughly in the same time period before the Arcobaleno were chosen and cursed to become toddlers," said Sakura. They all looked at her. "What? They like talking to me and they gave me a general idea of when they were cursed. Look on the bright side though... at least we don't have to deal with so many horses."

She liked animals...but she could do without the smell and mess that came from dealing with horses. Besides, cars were faster.

"True," acknowledged Kyouya. He could tolerate horses, but the mess and headache of dealing with the unruly herbivores got on his nerves.

There was however, the not so minor matter of the fact that Sakura-hime was clearly an Active Sky of some power and purity and mafioso by nature are more curious than cats with something shiny.

Which meant they had to spend half of the day dodging random familigia interested in Sakura, since none of them were remotely interested in visiting the Vongola mansion a second time.

Besides they had no idea which Vongola Don was currently in charge, and only an idiot would bring Sakura anywhere near Timoteo.

"We could always hit Mafia Land until they find a way to bring us back," said Hayato.

"Or we could give Fon-sensei a heart attack seeing his double," suggested Sakura impishly.

Kyouya smirked.

"And let's not forget the chaos we could cause by seeing Reborn and the others before they were cursed, and mentioning things only they would know!" she added.

"How would we find them anyway?" asked Takeshi.

Sakura grinned.

"...Okay, I'll bite. How the hell did you manage to not only track down Verde but follow him straight to their meeting?" asked Hayato baffled.

She tapped her headphones and glasses.

Kyouya sighed.

"It doesn't just track Sakura-hime. There's also an auto-locate function that leads you straight to Verde's current lab in the event that you need repairs done to anything he gives you."

"So why didn't you use your goggles to find him?" asked Takeshi.

"Because my glasses have a little mini-map that works together with the headphones to tell me how far Verde is and what direction. That...and Verde never put that function in Kyouya's goggles."

Verde wasn't an idiot. If he ever did something to piss off the Cloud then it only made sense that Kyouya would find a way to use such a function to track him down and come after him. So he didn't bother to add it.

Sakura was another story. He liked having her around.

"So how should we do this?" asked Hayato.

"Well we could drop in unexpectedly, likely getting shot in the process and then deal with that..." started Sakura.

"Or?" asked Takeshi.

"Or we could put a minor illusion on Kyouya and send him in as Fon after we kidnap him for a good laugh," said Sakura.

"I vote we kidnap Fon," grinned Takeshi.

"I agree, it would be hilarious to see his face when we get home if we do," said Hayato grinning.

"So we're settled?" asked Ryohei, already grinning.

"We kidnap the Strongest Storm," said Kyouya smirking evilly. He might be able to pull off at pretending to be Fon. At least long enough to infiltrate the others.

Two days later...

The first clue something odd was about to happen was when he came across someone who looked like he could be his twin. Or very close to it.

The second came when he registered exactly what his double said.

"I will bite you to death, carnivore."

In Mandarin, no less.

The look on his face must have amused his double, because there was a wild grin that looked entirely foreign on that face.

It was so baffling that he completely failed to register the presence behind him. That or they were very, very good at hiding themselves.

There was an almost lightning quick jab on a pressure point he knew caused someone to black out, and he knew no more for at least an hour.

Sakura caught Fon who had the most amusing bewildered look on his face.

"Please tell me we have that expression on camera."

Hayato came and flashed her a thumbs up on that regard, holding a camera that had a very thorough zoom function.

No way was Fon living down that expression. Sakura looked positively gleeful at the prospect.

"We are so pranking him with a dark room when he comes to," said Sakura with mischief.

She was a blind fighter, and Fon had yet to develop any technique that would allow him to do the same. He had to improvise as he went after meeting her.

Kyouya's grin is evil, but he quickly schooled it into something that could almost pass for Fon's usual serene smile. It was hard for him to keep it that way though, because he kept imagining Fon's reactions when he was confronted with Sakura-hime in a trolling mood.

Either way he doesn't have much time. This was going to be hilarious, and if he was really lucky he'd be able to bite one of the future Arcobaleno to death.

Hibird, in order to maintain the prank, stays on Sakura's shoulder next to her familiar Kero.

The animal still had yet to show off any interesting traits outside of being able to fly and talk with a Kansai accent. It was up for debate whether or not the small animal would fully replicate the creature it emulated so much.

Fon woke up all at once, primarily due to his training. He can tell immediately he is not blindfolded, but the room is naturally too dark to properly see. The limited light from the door was hardly sufficient.

Hearing breathing other than his own, he attempted to find out who was there through a combination of Chi and Flames.

Whoever it was happened to be very good at hiding, because he still couldn't sense a damn thing.

Needless to say he almost jumped when the light is suddenly thrown on, flooding the room and he finds a rather adorable girl in her mid-teens almost right in his face.

She is grinning for some odd reason, and he is baffled to explain why.

He also felt like he should know her, but for the life of him he couldn't place her.

"Where am I?" he asked in Italian.

"You're about five blocks from your meeting area. Sorry about the abrupt kidnapping but we wanted to prank you and the others without getting shot for it," she replied in Mandarin.

Fon blinks twice. The accent is almost identical to his particular dialect, which shouldn't be possible considering how remote his clan was.

"Prank us?" he repeated in the same tongue, unconsciously relaxing.

She was smiling, and something in his heart seemed to calm down. She wasn't interested in killing him or holding him hostage... he could sense she was mostly holding him for a quick prank that was right up Renato's alley. A small, measured dose of chaos to brighten the day.

"Long story short we had a mishap involving time travel, and when we realized when we were, we couldn't resist finding you and the others. It's not every day you meet the I Presceti Sette in their prime," she replied.

Fon doesn't know why, but he preened like a great cat.

He rather calmly accepts the tea (how did they know what his preferred tea was?) and waits.

He didn't have long...he could feel Renato's annoyance from where he was sitting and he could sense them coming up the stairs.

The girl looked at her friends.

"Should we do the whole 'darkened room, blind fighter' prank and tie them all up or is that going too far?" she asked in Italian.

"If you do that hime, then we're hiding in the other room behind the steel door," deadpanned her Storm in the same language.

Seeing the nods of agreement, Fon hid a smile behind his sleeve.

"Can you do it anyway so I have some blackmail material on them later?" asked Fon. Seeing her beam at him, the others all sighed before going to hide in the other room. They dragged Fon with them, and he couldn't wait to see the show.

Thanks in part to some "wireless cameras" and a device they called a "laptop", Fon is able to watch as the young girl not only ambushed the others, but does so in such a short amount of time it's almost embarrassing.

Seeing her tie up the others had him holding back a laugh, because he knows Hojojutsu when he sees it.

At least he didn't have to suffer the same indignity when he woke up.

"Hold old are you anyway?" he asked, because this was hilarious.

"I'm almost sixteen, and I used to be blind. I'm still getting used to seeing though," she replied rather cheerfully.

"How long until they wake up?" asked the Storm.

"More than long enough for us to make so many copies they'll never be able to find them all. I'm almost tempted to make it look like the Sun is cuddling the Cloud," admitted the girl.

Except she knew Reborn would likely strangle her for it when they got home if she did.

However that didn't stop her for planting the idea in Fon's head and convincing him to do it... he could handle Reborn being snippy for such embarrassing blackmail material. And seeing the gleam in his eyes, she smirks.

"I want copies," said Fon.

"Give us fifteen minutes and you can have all the copies you want," she replied grinning.

Fon gets to work. Renato was going to be pissed/horrified, but this was too rare an opportunity to pass up.

Renato and the others wake up half an hour later (and far too many blackmail pictures to count) and he starts swearing vehemently.

Mostly because he is perfectly aware of what this particular way of tying people up was called and what it was used for. And he is not happy to be so intimately close with the Lackey.

And if he's pissed, then Skull is outright horrified.

The girl dissolves into helpless laughter at the sight.

It takes the pacifying power of Sakura to keep the future Arcobaleno (save for Fon who found the entire thing amusing, considering he was spared the worst of it) from trying to strangle them all.

Fortunately, she had actual proof she was telling the truth about being from the future.

Verde recognizes his own work, even if he hasn't seen this level of technology yet. He is rather giddy at the possibilities for when it catches up.

Kyouya apparently lasted all of fifteen minutes before being busted, and then managed to fight all but Reborn to a standstill.

Needless to say he was not pleased Sakura decided to take pictures of him looking very much like a trussed-up cat, especially when Hibird promptly sits on his head.

"The Principessa in a trolling mood is scary..." said Hayato staring.

Sakura smiled at him, and he openly shuddered. He would follow her to hell and back, but there were some things no sane person would want to deal with.

"Well I had to pick something up from having Reborn as a tutor..." she said laughing.

Renato eyes the girl who had taken them all out with laughable ease with a speculative look.

It was very hard to impress him, but the girl had done it in less than an hour and didn't seem to care.

To be fair, he wasn't expecting to be ambushed by a formerly blind fighter that used sound to locate her targets and was able to hide herself so completely that even FON couldn't sense her right behind him.

Though he did have one question...

"Why exactly does that Cloud look like an almost carbon copy of Fon?"

The girl beamed at him, which almost made him think of Luce, but this was more sincere and almost terrifying. That smile of hers could be used as a weapon.

Said Cloud growled at them all, rather pissed off because they had dared to tie him up. He had been released soon enough by the Rain with the fake smile, but the teen was still irritable about the whole thing.

Fortunately for the adults, his girlfriend promptly placed herself in his lap, which seemed to do wonders for his bad mood. The possessive way he wrapped his arms around her waist said volumes.

"She's mine, so keep your paws off or else."

"Fon is Kyouya's grandfather on his mother's side."

Fon blinked and really looked at the irritable Cloud.

"Of course if I hadn't met him, I never would have meet Fon-sensei," she continued. She smirked at Renato and the others. "You can blame him for why I was able to take you all out so easily. He's the one who taught me how to hide my Flames and Chi while playing hide and seek."

Seeing the looks the others were giving him, Fon gave them all a serene smile while internally laughing his ass off.

If this girl really was to be his future granddaughter-in-law then he wouldn't mind that at all. She had a delightful sense of humor and showed the appropriate amount of dedication to the dying art of Bojutsu.

Besides, she was positively adorable and being around her made him feel relaxed and at ease.