The Other Side

A/N: This is what's happening to the first twelve clones, who were supposed to fight the new ones.

            Amy, Number Eight closed her wallet, and sat down with her tray at the table.  Her school in Brooklyn was still in session, which she didn't really see the point of.  Everyone was too excited about their summer, which was starting in one week, to really care about their studies.  She remembered her last e-mail from Amy, Number Seven, who was already out of school.  Eight sighed, and shook her head, thinking about how badly Seven wanted her powers back.  At first, Eight had liked being normal, but now she was starting to rethink her position on this argument.  The Organization really couldn't have picked a worse time to take their powers, especially since finals were tomorrow, and Eight had, as usual, waited until the last minute, assuming that she had the textbooks memorized.

            When she finally got home, Eight sat down at her computer to look up her assignment for Algebra, when she received an instant message.

Amy 1- Hi, Eight!  Did you read the message from Mr. Devon?

            Eight quickly typed.  No.  Did he write us?

Amy 1- Yeah.  It's important.  It's about our powers.

Amy 12- Our powers?  We lost our powers; they're gone!  Get over it already!

            Eight looked at her Inbox, and found the e-mail that Amy One was referring to. 

From                                        Subject                                     Received               We need your help                   June 3

            Eight automatically knew that this message must be important, or else Mr. Devon wouldn't be writing to her.  She clicked on it, and received a message that she assumed had been the same for all of the Amys.

Dear Amy,

            I am regretful to announce that the Organization is under new management, but is back in power.  They have kidnapped Amy, Number Thirteen, and don't ask me how, or why, but Amy, Number Nine is alive.  We need the help of as many Amys as we can get, but we'd have to return your perfection, which can be done.  A cab will come to pick up any clones willing to help tomorrow morning at seven o'clock.  All expenses have been prepaid.

                                                                                                Mr. Devon

            Eight gasped.  Aly had been kidnapped?  She let the thought go through her mind a few times, but no plausible reason came to her.  Just to make sure that this wasn't a trick, Amy Eight picked up the phone, and decided to call Aly to find out for herself.

            "Hello.  Is this the police?  Where is Aly?" Mrs. Kendricks said.

            "Hi, this is Amy Sherman," she said, remembering that Aly's mom would rather call them by first and last, or first and middle names than by a number.  "Is Aly missing?"

            "She's been missing for two days," Mrs. Kendricks replied, as if in tears.  "Oh no! You mean only she is gone, not the rest of you Amys?"

            "It seems so," Amy Eight said regretfully.  "Well, some of the clones are getting together to try and rescue her, so hang in there," she said, more confidently than she felt.

            Mrs. Kendricks sighed.  "Please find her.  She's my only daughter."

            "We'll do what we can," Amy Eight assured her.

            The next morning, Amy Eight knew that her parents would not be much of a problem, since they always went to work before she got up for school, and luckily, Eight had a plan.  She picked up the phone, and dialed the attendance hotline for her school.  "Hello, you have reached Brooklyn High School's Attendance Hotline.  Please state your name, and your child's name, and reason for absence.  If you would like to request homework, please come get it at the front office."

            Amy Eight deepened her voice to imitate her mother's.  "Hello, this is Mrs. Sherman, I'm Amy Sherman's mother.  She's in the ninth grade at this school, and she had a very high fever.  I took her to the hospital yesterday, and the doctor has requested that she stay home for at least a few days.  I'll call you back when she's feeling better, but whenever that is, she will make up the finals.  Yes, she's really worried about that, and I'll have her study once she gets to feeling better.  Thank you, bye."

            Eight winced, since she hated lying, but she knew that she had to, or else Amy Thirteen could be cloned…and Nine would be more determined than ever to obtain world domination.

            Then, she heard a car's horn go off in the front yard, and Eight opened the door to the taxi, and slid into the black leather seat, making sure to slam the door shut behind her.  She had taken a backpack, filled with clothes and toiletries, and a cell-phone for later.

            "I need you to take me to…" Amy Eight began.

            "Kid, I know where you're going, just stay back there, and keep quiet," the driver said, not even turning his head to look at her.

            Eight looked at him in alarm.  "What's going on?  Why does it need to be quiet in here?"

            "Don't ask me questions, I have directions from my superior to keep listening for signals, or signs that someone is following us," the driver continued.

            "Mr. Devon is your superior, right?  Because he's the one who told me to be here," Eight said hopefully.

            "Um, yes.  Mr. Devon has called a cab for all of the clones, and you will have your perfection returned as soon as possible," he said.

            Amy Eight sighed.  "Fine, can I call someone?"

            "You have your own phone?" the cab driver asked.  "Because I don't want to waste my battery so that you can talk to one of your little friends."

            Amy Eight nodded.  "Yes, I brought my cell-phone."

            The driver sighed.  "Just don't talk for too long, or too loudly, I need to stay alert, so I can keep you safe."

Eight nodded, and pulled her cell phone out of her backpack, and pressed talk, and began to dial.  Although Eight knew that her best friend, Zoë, wouldn't be at school yet, and although it might have been rude to call early in the morning, she did anyway.

            "Hello?" Zoë asked in confusion.

            "Hi, this is Amy.  Could you please tell my mom that I'm staying over at your house if she calls?" Eight asked, her voice trembling nervously at the thought of lying once again.

            "This is about the Organization, isn't it?" Zoë asked, knowing her best friend all too well.

            Eight nodded, but then remembered that Zoë couldn't see her.  "Yeah.  One of my clones has been kidnapped, and that awful Nine I told you about is back."

            "Eight, you're not going after the Organization again," Zoë sighed.  "Those people are dangerous, one of these days if you keep on going on Mr. Devon's secret missions, they're going to find all the Amys.  Just because they're out of power now doesn't mean that they can't get themselves back up.  Anyone with a well formulated plan can kidnap someone, and use someone else, let's say Aly, as bait."

            "I have to do this," Eight said, more trying to convince herself than her friend.  "Mr. Devon said that he will return our perfection, and we'll be able to save her.  I want to be able to stop Nine as well; she's never going to give this power thing up.  Just please cover for me?  I owe you if you do!" Eight said. 

            "Okay," Zoë sighed.  "Just take care of yourself."

            "I'll be fine, don't worry," Eight said compassionately.

            "We have arrived," the cab driver announced.

            "Gotta go," Eight told Zoë.

"Bye, Eight."

Amy Eight looked at the library, and walked in a bit uneasily, not really looking forward to seeing herself everywhere again.  As she entered the big hallway, she put on her sunglasses, like Mr. Devon had asked, and she entered the library, and sat down at a table where three other Amys were waiting.

            "Hi," Eight said uneasily.  "Which ones are you?"

            "I'm Five," a girl with her hair braided said.  "And you?"

            "Eight," Amy Eight said.

            "Eleven," another Amy echoed.

            "Two," the third Amy said.

            "So, why are you guys here?" Eight asked lamely, trying to make conversation, and to make sure that they were all on the same page.

            "Because my Andy is supposed to meet me here," Two replied.

            Eight was taken aback.  "What?"

            "Well," Eleven said.  "I'm here because there's no school today, and I was going to do some research and find out why we aren't perfect anymore."

            A blonde Amy sat down at the table, and Eleven groaned.  "What are you all doing here?" she whined.  "I'm supposed to be the star of this show!  Where's my manager, he was supposed to be here by now!"

            "Ten, could you just shut up?" Eleven asked angrily.

            Two more Amys pulled up chairs to the table, and were clearly as confused as the Amys already there.  "Amys?" a girl asked.  "Have you come to listen to my choir?"

            Eight realized then that she had identified One, who had been one of her allies back on the island.

            "I don't care about your stupid choir!" Ten screeched.  "I'm going to fire my manager, this is ridiculous!"

            "You're ridiculous!" Eleven scoffed.

            "Your manager had nothing to do with this," Seven said, sitting down next to Ten.  "We've yet again, been kidnapped."

            All of the Amys were here by now, and one girl started to cry.  "But I'm not perfect anymore!  I can't do challenges and stuff like I did on the island!"

            Clearly, one Amy had to get her story straight.  "Ooh, are there Andys here this time too?" Six asked excitedly.

            "Forget the Andys!" Eight yelled.  "What I want to know is what are we doing here?  Are we really saving Aly, or not?"

            "Who, your defective friend from the island?" Twelve asked.  "Is she missing again or something?"

            "We're all defective now," Seven reminded her.  "I don't know, Eight, is Aly missing?"

            "Hey, you guys!  There's a door right there!  We can escape!"  Five said, yet again managing to take charge.

            "Thank you, Capitan Obvious," Amy Four said sarcastically, as she had been tugging at the door for the past few minutes.  "It's locked!"

            "Wait a minute," Eleven said.  "Why isn't there anyone here but us?"

            "There is," Four said, looking down a hallway.  "In there," she said, pointing to another door, leading to a room, not an exit.

            "How can you tell?" Twelve asked.  "We aren't perfect anymore, you couldn't have seen that far, could you?"

            But slowly, all the Amys perfect vision was coming back, and one by one, they were able to see the door, and see people inside.

            "Well, I'm going to find out who's in there, and tell them that if they keep ruining my career time and time again, my agent will kill them!"

            Four grabbed Ten's wrist before she could make it to the door.  "Are you insane?  That's the Organization in there!"

            "We're going to have to confront them sooner or later," Seven warned them.

            "Fine," Five said.  "If we all go together, we can take on however many there are."

            As the Amys crept down the hallway, everyone looked at Five, who was at the front of the line.  "Do you see anything?" One asked.

            Five turned around.  "I think it's safe to go in."

            "What makes you so sure of that?" Ten demanded.

            "Those are the Andys in there.  And as far as I can tell, they're alone," Five said, with a tremble in her voice.

            She opened the door, and one by one, each Amy made her way inside.  "Hey, girls!" an Andy said.  "What's up, have you come to hang out?"

            Another Andy came in front of him.  "What's going on?" he asked.  "I'm Nine.  Just ignore Four, he's a bit of a jerk."

            Amy Four let out a whine, in response to her Andy being that way, but no one was listening.  "I'm Amy Five," Five said. 

            "Are there any Organization members in here?" One asked cautiously, as if she were afraid that one might jump out and attack her.

            "There probably are," Seven said.  "Who else would lock us up in here?"

            "Six, you pushed me!" Ten shrieked.  "That better not leave a bruise, or…"

            "It looks like we're alone," an Andy said in a state of confusion.  "I haven't seen any Organization members anywhere!"

            "Alone?" Seven asked.  "That can't be!  Why would they go to all the trouble of bringing us here, and returning our powers just to leave us here?"

            "I suggest we look for them," Five said.  "They've got to be around here somewhere!"

            But they weren't.  In fact, the Organization was miles away, but with surveillance cameras, watching their every move.