Btw guys in my story Emilia is a city wolf just so the ur not confused to why she is here

Jana POV

'NO!!!!' I screamed as the guards walked away leaving me and my pack trapped in a small cage in secrete underground room. If help was coming it wouldn't come soon. I kicked the bars angrily, I couldn't believe they did that. I looked around the small cage staring at the angry faces of my pack. TJ, Emilia, Selina, Matei. Wait...I couldn't see matei. 'Matei?' I said, it was dark in the cage so I could hardly see anything. TJ whipped out his iPhone and turned the flash light on. As soon as I saw Matei me and the rest of my pack ran to him anxiously. He was hugging his knees to his chest and his head was buried in his knees, as if doing so but pull him out of the reality he was living. As I sat next to him I realised he was breathing faster then he normally should, and his heart rate was easily the fasted in the room. 'Matei? What's the matter' Emilia said quietly. 'I hate cages...' Matei whispered 'Too small... too crowed...' Shit. I forgot Matei was claustrophobic, I led the others to the back of the cage. It wasn't that far away but hopefully I would make Matei feel abit better. 'Matei, your okay, where okay, your fine nothing can hurt you while I'm here, I won't let them hurt you, im your Alfa, and your girlfriend and I'll protect you against anything.' I put my hand on his knee in a hope to comfort him.

Matei POV

As Jana put her hand on my knee I felt comforted and safe. I began to believe we where going to get out of here. Suddenly I could smell someone, no. Not someone...something. Then I heard alarms ringing above us, fire!!! I thought. My mind then went back to that dreaded night in our family home...

I was downstairs reading when alarms starting ringing around the house. I ran upstairs to see my fathers study and my parents room covered in smoke, I ran in, my eyes blazing with worry and fear. Through the smoke I could see my parents lying there, there chest not moving. Crying, I ran to my sisters bedroom. When I got there I saw that it was half engulfed in bright flames. I ran to the other end, the fire burning my back and arms, Emilia was lying there unconscious from the fumes. With no hesitation a grabbed her and jumped out the window landing painfully on my leg. I cried out in anguish, looking up I saw a fire engine pulling up. My eyes began to close as I heard an ambulance pulling up and a man talking to me. 'Hello? Boy? Try and stay awake for me yeah?'

' my sister.' I said weekly before letting darkness take over me

Emilia POV

I saw the exact moment Matei was thrown into a panic attack. Jana quickly stood up terrified at what was happening to him, I ran forward pushing Jana out of the way. 'W-what's happening to him?' She said clutching onto to TJ's arm. 'Panic attack.' I said not taking my eyes of Matei who was hyperventilating and blindly clutching at my arm. 'After the fire... he used to get them, they haven't happened in a while... but with the alarms going off...' I trailed off knowing there was nothing I could do except wait for the flashback to end.

Matei POV

I came crashing back down to earth, alarms where still sounding and Emilia was staring a me. Her face broke into a smile 'You okay now?' She asked rubbing my leg. I drew in a shaky breath before answering 'I-I think so...' I looked around see my all the worried faces looking at me. Still, I was scared though, the fire was above us, it wouldn't comes down...would it???

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