Jana POV

I woke up on the sofa, lying on top of Matei. Slowly I got up, so I wouldn't wake him and began to make us pancakes for breakfast. I was in the act of flipping the pancakes when the doorbell rang. I looked over to see that Matei hadn't stirred, probably still tired after last nights event in the forest. Quietly I answered the door. "Rhydian!! Maddy!!" I whisper yelled in delight. "Be quiet okay? My boyfriends asleep on the sofa." They nodded and followed me into the living room. We quickly caught up on each other's lives as Matei lay asleep on the sofa. Maddy looked at him and studied his face. "He looks like a nice guy." She commented smiling. I grinned at her "yeah he is."

"What ok earth happened yesterday to get him so tired?" Rhydian chuckled. I frowned remembering all that had happened in the past month. "Jana? What's going on?" Maddy asked leading m over to the sofa by Matei. I began to stoke his hair lightly. "After we exposed the secret, everyone was so understanding. Except this one organisation, which we don't know the name of. They kidnapped me, Matei, TJ, Selina and Emilia. Emilia is Matei's sister. Then my pack and they took us to this building has locked us in a cage overground-"

"Where you okay? I know how much you hate cages." Rhydian said quickly, a concerned look on his face. "Yeah I was fine, I was more angry then anything, like the rest of my pack. Then we saw Matei huddled in the corner because he was claustrophobic. Imagine how scared you would be getting locked in a cage. That's how Matei felt only 10 times worse. Then..."

"Yes?" Maddy promoted taking my hand. "The fire alarms when off and Matei had a panic attack. His parents died in a fire at his house and he and his sister where trapped inside. He managed to get them out through a window but Emilia has a burn all the way down her face and neck and he had a broken leg and burns all over his back. We finally got out but Matei had past out after inhaling to much smoke and he had sever burns on his back." To prove my point I gently pulled up Matei's top to reveal white scars on his back. Rhydian and Maddy gasped our load. It was only them I realised I was crying.

"A week later he was alright and to celebrate we spent the full moon in the wild. A man came, presumably a worker for the organisation and challenged me to a duel. A-and I said yes. So I went the next night and I won. But then I heard my pack howling so I used eolas to find then and Matei and TJ where passed out on the floor and Selina and Emilia had their heads on their laps. TJ had been hit in the head and Matei had had a rag placed over his nose and mouth which was filled with horrible fumes so they passed out. They woke up and we came home. Matei's been asleep ever since. And TJ-" I glanced down at my phone to see a text from Imara. "-is awake and fine. According to Imara. His mum." I started to stroke Matei's hair again whilst Maddy and Rhydian stared in shock.

Rhydian POV

I looked at Matei in disbelief. How could someone be okay after all of that? I thought. After loosing your parents in a fire aswell, pure hell for a wolfblood. As all that was running through my mind Matei began to stir. "Jana?" Matei said groggily, blinking, his eyes getting used to the darkness. "How you feeling?" Jana asked softly kneeling I front of him. "Headache, but I'm fine." He looked at me. "Care to introduce me?" Jana chuckled. "This is Rhydian-" she said pointing at me. "And this is Maddy." She said gesturing to my girlfriend. "Nice to meet you!" Me and Maddy said smiling wildly at him. "Nice to meet you." He said.

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