[What would be worse? Where the machine becoming men, or men becoming machines?]

A scream can be heard in the local zoo, where a young boy was forced inside a cage of lions.

"No! Father, please stop this!" he screamed, as the lion tore on his body. Only his training kept him alive as he felt his life slowly drain out of him.

His idiot father just picked up a training manual that said to teach the ultimate technique, the Neko Ken. Trying it to starved cats, he was disappointed in the lack of progress. He took his already injured child to the zoo and tossed him over the cage of lions.

"Be quiet boy! A real martial artist..." but he never finished.

"What are you doing to the boy?" asked a voice behind him.

Genma turned around to face the figure. He had long blonde hair and red armor with blue eyes. "None of your damn business!"

"Torturing a poor boy like that makes it my business..." the figure said.

"My son is being trained as a martial artist! Get out or I'll make you!" and Genma charged at the figure. "You will not..." He was knocked unconscious by the figure when he punched him in the gut and when he woke up, his son was gone. He began to sweat bullets.

-Omega X Present-

-Ranma in: Project Zero Ranma-

-Prologue: Ranma Zero-

=Somewhere in the future=

A lone figure was waiting for the result of the boy he rescued from. He stood tall, wearing a red armor and had a long wavy blonde hair. He stood up when he saw the creator of X, a fellow Maverick Hunter and his friend, Dr. Light, who was one of smartest human alive. He was old, having white short curly white hair. His beard was also the same.

"How is he?" he asked to Dr. Light.

"He is in a critical condition, Zero. Only cybernation can help him..." the professor replied. "I started the process. He'd be ready in about two days..."

Zero sighed in relief. After being transported to the past to ridiculously collect some cotton feet covering [which Dr. Light refrained from using it's proper name, the sock], he spotted the boy being mauled by lions. He knocked the boy's 'attacker' and took the boy so easily without hurting the lions, and transported him out using the time crystal. The boy was in a bad shape, his arm and leg limb were gone, and the blood almost overwhelmed Zero. They were now in the future, a future run by machines, a place where human existence co-existed, either with the Reploids, or fought against the corrupted Mavericks.

"Zero, who did this to him?" Dr. Light asked.

"I don't know. There was just a guy there, not even helping, just watching," he replied. "He was being maimed by the lions..." and he shuddered. "He said he was training the boy in some martial arts technique."

"Hmm... It seems interesting that he survived as long as he did," Dr. Light said. "I never saw any other human to be able to survive such a predicament. He must be really special... Something about him makes me feel... nervous."

"Yes," Zero said. "I felt that too. I scanned him before I came here. He has an energy that humans used to call Ki, and it was more powerful than any other Mavericks I fought..."

"Yes, and all that raw power just needs a few refinements, and he'll be the most powerful individual known to Reploids..." Dr. Light. "Zero, if you want him to survive the world out there, you need to train him..."

"Yes, I'll do the best I can..." Zero replied.

=A week later=

Zero sighed and tried to hold his temper in. his new student, the new cybernetic human, who was stubborn. Not only did Ranma try to insult his skill [which was proven when he knocked Ranma out], but he also ignored Zero's teachings of the sword. Unarmed combat was all good, and Zero was knowledgeable in hand to hand combat, and Ranma readily agreed to learn, but when it came to learn the sword, Ranma wouldn't budge.

(This will take a long time...) Zero thought.

=After 8 years=

Ranma looked older now. His cybernation didn't end his body from ageing and going through puberty, but it did stop his body from aging after his sixteenth year. All the training he went through were put to good use. He helped his sensei against the Mavericks, and destroying Sigma once and for all.

He stood tall, about 6'2" and had his hair grown out. He had the armor just like Zero, but his was color black and red stripes. He had a gold colored orb in his chest and his hair was loosely tied, flowing from the end as it almost reached the floor. He looks exactly like Zero, except for the armor and hair color.

He was explaining why he wanted to go back to his timeline. After the Sigma Impact where most of humanity were wiped out, he wanted to visit his mom, live a peaceful life.

"So, that is why I want to go back," he explained to Zero and Dr. Light.

Both figures looked at each other and smiled.

"Sure," Zero said.

"Zero was expecting this ever since ever since when you first came to us," Dr. Light said. "He knew you would want to return home..."

Ranma smiled at his sensei. It seems that they planned this all along.

Dr. Light took out his time crystal, a new invention made from forging the unbreakable diamond with the gem that controlled time. It gave the ability of the wielder to travel back and forth in time. Ranma touched it and he absorbed the gem in him.

"Thank you," he said.

"Before you leave, I need to upgrade your system..." Dr. Light said.

"Why?" Ranma asked.

"Because the world you'll go to is not as technologically advanced as us," Zero replied. "It is what we call primitive, and you know that. Your cybernetic body needs energy, and the energy found there is not refined enough."

"That's why I was able to invent a system to give you the ability to ingest biomass materials, known to you as food, and use it as raw fuel," Dr. Light said. "I'm jealous, Ranma. Where you are going is full of food, not like pills that I resort in eating..."

Ranma nodded. Finally, he was able to go back home. He can meet his mother, and that no good father of his...

=Earth, present day, China in the mountain range near of Jusenkyo=

A flash of light came and Ranma appeared from view, his armor gone, and wearing a normal white shirt and black pants. He smiled and breathes the fresh air that he seemed to miss. Walking down the mountain, he went on his quest.

But, unfortunately, his entrance didn't go unnoticed as some people detected time energy being manipulated. One was the Elder of the Amazon tribe near Jusenkyo, another one was a child like alien, known as the greatest scientist in the universe, and finally, the Senshi of Time, Pluto.

(The energy was strong... Who could've done this?) the elder thought.

(Whoa, the readings are out of scale! Another gunea pig!) the scientist thought.

(The energy time flow was changed... The future is now uncertain. And only one individual caused this...) Pluto thought.

To be continued...


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