It's been a year already... Almost everything that happened the year before were gone, almost without traces.

Ami is now in collage, taking a PhD and is fulfilling her dreams as a doctor. Her grades helped her get a scholarship and she is now taking a part time as an assistant to a local chiropractor named Tofu.

She had a long relationship with X, who asked him to call Rock. Although they were not meant to be wed because X is needed in the future, her skills on communicating with boys improved. She is much more open now, and she is treated with kindness from everyone.

It seems Usagi came on as well. She improved her studies and was able to pass the entrance exam for collage. Strangely enough, she attends the same collage Mamurou goes to. They spend more time together. It seems that his absence made Usagi miss him more. They were particularly talking about the future. Tux-boy seems to be serious now.

Rei quit school and concentrated on being a fire priestess. Her temper was cooled down, she could take more open insults without retaliating. She visits the Masaki temple annually.

After earning money from numerous Martial Arts Tournaments, Makoto opened a new business. Her training with Ranma went well and now she has a Baking and Flower shop to prove it. In due time, it would grow up to be a multinational company.

Minako became a teacher. Idolized by her students, she feels very alive when she is with them. Parents ask her opinions, and she always seems to have an answer to every question they ask. She later meets Ryouga Hibiki. He accidentally went in her class, and they went to a very romantic relationship. He has yet to show up again, but Minako expects him to show up after another month or two.

The Outers seem to do well [although between you and me, the three don't deserve it...].

Hotaru's is finishing Fourth Year and is now preparing for collage. She plans on being a doctor. She had a relationship with Zero which sadly ended when Zero went back to the future. But she changed a lot. She now has more self-confidence, and she began to be more open. It reached a point where everyone almost forgot why she was picked on.

Michiru is an international renowned violinist. She played in Carnegie Hall, and did almost two dozen pieces. She quit going back to Japan and embracing a quiet life.

Haruka won first place in the Japanese Dirt Track racing. She is now in the National Team.

Setsuna became an assistant to a design firm. Her drawings and ideas made her a valuable designer. She has yet to agree on the proposal to the firm to work as a Leading Designer.

The powers of the three Outer Senshis grew slowly. It didn't matter to Setsuna. She watched the time gates, but not as intently as before. She allowed changes to happen now, and Crystal Tokyo would still exist.

Tendo's residence was still the same, except that Ranma no longer was there. Genma still is the same baka panda...

Ukyou opened up a new Okonomiyaki store named 'Ucchan and Ranchan' in memory of her brother which she dearly loved. It became an international best seller.

Nodoka became very sad at the end of EVA-3. Shinji died in the hands of Misato because he shielded her from the Angel's attack. Misato killed the last Angel, and broke the news to Asuka, who was pregnant with Shinji's kid.

She also became very busy with her teachings in the dojo. Her students won many competitions and her style was renowned all over Japan. She mixed Juraian Sword style with Ranma's own style. It was to honor the memory of her dear dead son.

Tenchi continued training, and his relatively peaceful life was shattered when he finally meets Ayeka's father. He is now married to Ayeka and his second wife is Ryoko. The wedding was one of the weddings the Jurains will talk about in centuries [after all, about a dozen houses were destroyed... ^-^ What? Expecting a peaceful wedding?]

Sasami grew older to a beautiful young woman. Strangely enough, her looks were beginning to resemble Tsunami.

The Amazons lived in piece and harmony. The Musk kingdom has not fallen. There was still a survivor of the royal blood, and it was Herb's daughter.

The two Maverick hunters are quite busy in the future. Sure, Sigma was gone, but there was a new threat. It was the Nightmare Ranma, a computer generated program which uses the form of Ranma. In honor of Ranma's name, Zero uses Ranma's sword and X uses the Z-buster.

Somewhere, in the heavens, a phone rings...

"Hello?" said a voice, male, deep. "Yes... I'm quite aware of the events... Thank you," and he put down the phone. He picked it up again.

"Hello, connect me to Urd, Second Class Goddess, License Limited..."

Ring... Ring...

"Hello?" said a voice on the line. It was soft.

"Belldandy, please give the phone to Urd..." the man said.

"Yes, Kami-sama..."



"Urd... I have an assignment for you..." Kami-sama said. "It's about the Ranma in your universe..."

Urd, at the phone listened at Kami-sama and gasped. "He will? Okay... Yes sir. I will..."

She hanged the phone. She smiled. (Oh, this will be so cool! A Saiyan!)

Project: Zero Ranma ends. Kami-sama closes the folder, and takes a new one.

Project II: Saiyan Ranma begins. Kami-sama opens the file...

=Somewhere in China=

"Hey pop," said a boy with a pig tail. "you okay?"