Questionable Identity

Ch. 1

            Summary:  Mulan isn't who she thinks she is.  The Emperor is missing a daughter.  Fa Li's family comes for her.  Shang can't decided his future.

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The Emperor looked out of his Kingdom.  He looked towards the tree the stood alone in his family's garden.  The tree was where he had last seen his daughter.


"Be careful Li Lan.  Please be careful," begged the Emperor to his daughter who was up in the orchid tree in the royal family's garden.

Li Lan (black orchid) looked down at her father.  "I will Ba-Ba."

Li Lan was a beautiful girl of fifteen.  She had long raven black hair, mahogany skin, and velvet black eyes.  Her silky hair was tied up in an eloquent bun on the top of her head.  Her face had been painted, giving her the appearance of a china doll.  Her blue skin dress had dirt on it and was torn at the hem.

"Li Lan, you are wrecking your dress!" cried her mother as she hurried down the steps.

The Emperor laughed while his First Wife scolded his favourite child.  He didn't have any sons and since Li Lan was his first child, she would inherit China when he died.

Li Lan pouted her ruby lips.  "But I have a million other dresses just as nice."

"But Prince Akhil left it for you.  What would he say if he saw you in this state?"

"Jia Ju, let her have fun," said the Emperor with a smile.

Jia Ju (beautiful chrysanthemum) sighed.  Her own daughter never listened to her if her father was around.  She looked up to see her daughter smile and felt her smile herself.

"I need to get back inside."  Jia Ju gave her husband a kiss, waved to her first daughter and walked into the Palace.

The Emperor called up to his daughter, "When do you think you will come down?"

"When Prince Akhil leaves."

"But why?" asked the Emperor.

"Because I don't want to be used as a treaty!"

"Daughter please come down."


The Emperor started to head back it.  "I love you my orchid," he said to her.

"I love you Ba-Ba!" she shouted to him from her tree.

The Emperor entered the Palace.

End of Flashback

He sighed.  He remembered that day perfectly.  He had gone inside and gone to his chambers.  The next morning a servant had come rushing in.


"Your Highness!" cried the servant.  "She's gone!"  The servant broke down into sobs.  "I'm so sorry.  I went to wake her and she was not there.  I searched her rooms and some of her clothes and other items were gone.  I went to the stables and her horse was gone.  I went to the kitchen and some food was gone."  The servant fell to the floor is a heap of sobs.

The Emperor looked at the servant.  She couldn't be more than thirteen.  She was probably born in the castle.  "Who?" was all he asked even though he had a good guess of who.

"Li Lan!  She left a note."  The girl handed him a piece of rice paper.  Written on it in haste was the following:


I have left because as Chao Chang said last night, I will never bring honour to the family.  I don't wish to be found but I promise on day I will return to you when I can bring my family honour.

Your Orchid,

Li Lan

The Emperor stared at the notes.  His orchid… his black orchid had left him.  He would do anything to have her back.  To hear her laugh and disobey him.

He looked at the servant again.  "It is not your fault," he whispered.  "Please… I have three requests of you."

The girl nodded.  "Bring Jia Ju here.  Get Choa Chang.  And last… please stay and help me find my daughter."

The girl wiped her tears away, bowed, and left.

End of Flashback

The Emperor had kept the note.  He had told Jia Ju who had locked herself in her room only letting her other daughter and some servants she her.  She had said she would not come out of her room until her daughter returned and she had stood by her word these 23 years.  He had had Choa Chang leave the palace.  He had kept Li Lan's room exactly how she had left it.

The Emperor looked out of his window again and saw that the tower which had been destroyed when Shan Yu died was beginning rebuilt.  He smiled.  Something about that girl was familiar.  It was probably the hug that she had given him.  Where had he received that hug before?  He had never met the girl.  He had met the father who had been one of his generals, but he had never met the mother of the girl.

He heard a knock at the door.  "Enter!" he called.

Slowly the door opened and Nuo Niu (graceful girl) entered.  She walked over to the table where the Emperor was seated.  She placed her tray on the table and poured some tea into the cup.

The Emperor watched her carefully.  Nuo Niu was now probably 36 years old and still was not married or with child.  Her lifted up her chin and said, "You have been so good to me.  Is there anything I can do for you?"

She sighed and looked down.  "How can you say that?  I lost Li Lan!"  She started sobbing.

"You didn't lose her.  She left.  But…"  The girl looked up.  "Maybe she'll come back."  He sighed and glanced out of the window again.  "Please," he whispered.  "There most be something you want."

She looked around the room to see if anyone was around.  She turned to the Emperor again with her blue eyes bright.  "There is one thing," she whispered.

"And what is that?" he asked just as quietly.

"There is a palace guard that loves me and wants to marry me.  I want to be his wife too, but… I am just a servant."

"Who is this man?"

"Wei Shui."

"Very well.  Bring him here when I get back."

"Where are you going?"

"To find my daughter."

Nuo Niu smiled a water smile.

"Nuo Niu, do you think you have an idea of what she would look like now?"

She nodded.  "I could probably draw a picture."

"Please do.  You will come with us."

"Of course your Highness."

Nuo Niu left the room leaving the Emperor to his own thoughts.


The doors slowly opened.  "I'm sorry your highness, but Jia Ju won't have any visitors."

"Tell her I might have news on her daughter."

The door closed.  Two minutes later there was a crash as something dropped to the floor.  Following that, there were to shrieks.

The large doors were thrown open as Jia Ju and her daughter Qing Lan (blue orchid) ran stepped out of Jia Ju's room.

"Ba-Ba!"  Qing Lan gave him a hug.  "It is true?  Do you know anything about Li Lan?"

Jia Ju looked at him.  "If you are lying Emperor then I will kill myself."

"I am not lying my beautiful wife.  I believe I know where she is and who she is."

"Then where is she?"

"We must leave at once if you want to see her.  She lives in a little village so I hear."

"Well, what are you waiting for?  I have packing to do.  Come Qing Lan."

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