Questionable Identity

Ch. 10

Summary: Mulan isn't who she thinks she is. The Emperor is missing a daughter. Fa Li's family comes for her. Shang can't decide his future.

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Last chapter

"Interesting name," said a voice from behind her.

Mulan turned around and gasped.


(Royal Stables)

"Yao! Ling! Chien Po! What are you guys doing here?" She quickly hugged her three friends.

Yao grinned up at her. "What, we can't visit the future Empress? And you still haven't let go of that sword, have you?" he asked, eye the sword the Emperor had given her so many months ago that hung loosely in her left hand.

Mulan laughed. "Of course not. And I met your bride Yao. Nice girl."

Yao blushed while Ling and Chien Po laughed.

Mulan looked to Chien Po. "How have you been doing?"

Chien Po looked down at his large hands before looking at her with a grin. "Good. My wife is pregnant."

"Wife? Wife? When?" was all Mulan could sputter.

"Since a few months ago. She was waiting for me when I returned for the war."


A gong rang loudly from somewhere inside the palace and Mulan blushed.

"I'm really sorry guys, but that was for me. Are you staying for a while?"

The three men looked at each other before group hugging their favourite soldier.

"Of course. Your grandmother invited us to stay until your wedding to the General," said Ling as they followed Mulan out of the stables and towards one of the place entrances.

(Royal Palace, South Wing)

"Is this really necessary?" asked the General as he watched the red silk that was being sown for him to wear in a few days at his wedding.

The seamstress didn't answer except for a huff and she continued with her work.

"Okay, never mind."

(Royal Palace, Mulan's Rooms)

She looked shocked at all the material that had appeared in her room. "And they say that you can't get rid of red," she muttered under her breath.

No matter how different the shade was, red was red and Mulan had seen enough of it for a life time.

(Royal Palace, Gardens)

Okay, so being nervous is natural on a day like today. Everyone said I would be nervous but really, couldn't I have married Shang and then found out I was next in line for this empire? Couldn't I at least have that joy in my life? Oh why ancestors, have you been so cruel to me?

Mulan stared at the tea she was cautiously pouring. She was not going to mess up this time. She was going to be perfect. Once that was done and her new family had accepted their tea by taking it behind the screen that also shielded her from her parents and grandparents, Mulan sat back on her legs and watched under a lowered head as her husband-to-be poured his tea to his family.

(Royal Palace, Newlywed's Rooms)

Mulan, though nervous, stared with steely eyes at the figure of her husband that stood only a foot from her. The man was tall; taller than she had first thought. He was also definitely strong. If need be, he could over power her and there would be nothing she could do about it. She was married now and though the future Empress, she was still her husband's wife.

From under the silk a large hand emerged and removed the red cover over her face. She could hear the slightly chuckle that came from the man though she couldn't recognize the sound, it muffled by the fabric. With hands that begged to shake with nerves, Mulan lifted the material in front of her husband's face slowly with her eyes closed. She knew who she wanted it to be but that likelihood of that…

She opened her eyes and her mouth fell open in shock. Instead of a smile – though usually nervous from the wife – Mulan's husband received a punch in the arm and mutters of threads for giving the woman a heart attack. And all he could do was chuckle and gather the fireball in his arms.

She was finally his and no one would take her away from him. Especially not the other General. It would take for that a grave for someone else to lay a hand on his cherry blossom. In this life time he would be the only on to touch her and that filled him with such pleasure that he gave her another smile and led them over to the bed, red material falling to the ground and being thrown over various pieces of furniture in the room.

(Royal Palace, Newlywed's Rooms, a time later)

Mulan turned in her husband's arms and glared at the man. "If you ever do something like that again, I will kill you."

The General chuckled, tightened his grip on his new bride, and after pulling the soft covers over their quickly cooling bodies, kissed her forehead. "Of course darling, you keep telling yourself that."

Mulan snorted. "You know I could kill you."

The General rolled his eyes and knew that this would be a common part of fun in their relationship. "I don't doubt you're ability to kill, love. I just doubt your ability to kill me." He pulled her against him.

"Don't tempt me."

"I'm not. I'm just stating facts."

"Then what use are you?" Mulan cried.

"A baby-making and sex-pleasing machine?"

Mulan finally grinned at her husband. "You mean my machine."

"Well, we certainly know who the dominant one in this relationship is," the General muttered sarcastically.

Mulan rolled her eyes and smacked her husband chest. "And don't you forget it."

The General rolled his eyes and kissed her passionately on the lips, pressing her naked body back against his. "I love you, Mulan."

"And I love you." She rolled him onto his back and sat on his stomach, letting the blankets pool at her waist. They had a few days to themselves as a present from her grandparents and Mulan planned on spending every minute of it with her General.

The General laughed. She loved to prove his points it seemed. "And since I am the baby-making machine…"

Mulan stopped his words with a kiss before making her own comment. "The healer gave me some herbs before our wedding. Why don't we wait a few years before little yous and mes are running around these rooms, huh?"

The General could only laugh as he flipped them over and pressed her into the mattress with his weight. "Whatever you want, cherry blossom."

She smirked at her husband. "You're learning fast Shang."



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