This is a story of excitement, action, sadness, a touch of humour and most of all the srongest bonds of all those of a man and his family.

Yadayada, I don't own the Thunderbirds, but if I did I wouldn't be on here I'd be off making a t-birds movie.

I love the Tracys! Ever since I was 6 about 11 years ago i've enjoyed the Thunderbirds, I have to admit I always love the under-dog and that's gotta be Gordon, all the times Jeff yells at the poor guy, but I am not one of those annoying people who will only write about him. I mean who's Gordon without the rest of the Tracys?

Most of my stories are happy endings but i have to confess their's nothing I love more than a cliff-hanger so I apologise in advance if that's not your thing and advise you to avoid my stories.

I also love to irritatingly leave everyone hanging with previews to the next chapters. I am not the first person to do this so feel free, fellow authors to do the same, they're great fun.

I love getting reviews as it makes all the writing worthwhile, criticism is always welcome in my review box too, as this is the only way to improve my writing. I hope to become an author or publisher one day so I will need the criticism just as much as praise.

Thankyou everyone for your comments on my other stories, I can't tell you how much i appreciate it, and I'd just like to say, the standard of writing on this page is brilliant, I haven't found a story I dislike yet, although the Mary-Sue's can drag a bit and I'm not too big on crossovers, but all you guys are brilliant authors and I hope to see more from all of you. Let's push the number of stories on here to 100, who's going to get the lucky 100?

Anyway I'm going to shut up now, as most of you who have read my other stories know I like to go on and on and on and on and on. Anyway I hope you enjoy this story, there are some unbelievable twists along the way that threaten to ruin our Tracy family. I hope you enjoy the darker edge I have applied to this story.

By the way incase you were wondering I am a girl!

Keep up the great work Charl xxxxxx