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Vader stepped into the room. Blue shocks were flying in every direction from the table. Vader looked upon the dark silver protocol droid. "That's enough Triple Zero." The droid turned around revealing his glowing red eyes and the almost unconscious prisoner behind him. "As you wish Master Vader." Triple Zero stepped to the side so Vader could interrogate the captive.

The captive struggled to look at Vader. His hands were bound behind him in his chair, and his legs were in cuffs on the ground. The prisoner had brown hair, and was wearing his orange pilot fatigue. "Some protocol droid you got there." he said slack-jawed. Vader reached out his hand and curled his fist. The rebel prisoner started choking and gasping for air. Vader spoke to the rebel. "Here's what we can do. You tell me what I need to know and you will die quickly and painlessly. Or you can resist and be the stupid hero. And you will sit here as you slowly asphyxiate. It's your choice." Darth Vader released the force choke. The rebel pilot head fell to his knees on the chair. He started coughing. "I know nothing of what you need. I am a simple pilot." Vader glanced at 0-0-0. "Do it." Triple Zero stuck out his hand. A electrical current passed through his mechanical fingers into the pilot's body. The prisoner started screaming and thrashing. "I'll tell you! Just stop!" Vader nodded at Triple Zero. The droid backed off.

"I am aware you know where he is. You were with him, and were going to assault the Death Star too, but your ship broke down before departure." Vader forced his head up so he was looking straight at him. "No you will tell me. Where is he?" The pilot stammered, "Nemia. He's on Nemia."

Vader looked at Triple Zero. "Finish this up." Vader turned around and left, leaving the screaming and soon-to-be dead man behind.

"You heard the orders. Set weapons to stun. As soon as he ignites the lightsaber, start firing. Any other resistance is shoot to kill. Any questions?" No one spoke. Commander Vill spoke once more. "Good. Initiate the mission. Target: Luke Skywalker."