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Sally's POV:

It had been nearly 8 months, maybe more since Sally had seen Percy. She missed him terribly. Percy had sent a message to her about a month ago. Sally still kicked herself for not answering the phone.

Annabeth left to find Percy and still hasn't come back with him. The thought made Sally shiver, she hoped that nothing had happened to poor Annabeth, she loved that girl, she brought out the best in Percy.


Sally sat down on the couch and tried to relax, Tried reading books, Tried watching T.V., she even tried baking. She couldn't calm herself She hears a knock at the door and doesn't even get up. She figures that it couldn't be that important. Then she hears the voice, "Mom? Are you home?"

Her eyes widen and Sally rushes to the door. Standing there is Percy, her son.

He's gotten taller, more muscular, he looks like he hasn't eaten in a week, and his eyes are sunken and hollow.

In that moment, Sally hugged her son like tomorrow wouldn't arrive, because when your the mother of a demigod, Tomorrow isn't always a given.

Percy wraps his arms around Sally and whispers, "I'm sorry Mom-I'm so sorry."

She looks up at him and touches a hand to his face, "Percy Jackson, If you ever take an 8 month vacation to California again without my permission I will personally ground you."

He chuckles and that's when she spots Annabeth, standing in the hallway. She, too, looks like she hasn't eaten in a week and her eyes are sunken just the same.

"Annabeth, thank you." Sally says pulling her inside to give her a hug. She tenses when Sally gives her the hug and then relaxes once inside her arms.

When she pulls away from the hug, she reaches for Percy's hand and intertwines their fingers.

Sally looks between the two of them and then her eyes rest on Percy's arm.

"Perseus Jackson, you got a tattoo! Without my permission!" Sally exclaims. Percy and Annabeth laugh at this but don't say anything more.

Sally reaches out to touch the SPQR on his arm but Percy flinches before her finger even reaches his skin.

Sally looks up at him and he grins. "Percy?" Sally asks.

"Yeah Mom?"

"You know what I'm going to ask."

"No I don't."



"What happened?"

Percy and Annabeth share a glance and then their eyes flick to Sally before they have a silent argument. In the end Percy Huffs and says, "Leo's gone."

Sally knew that wasn't all of it, maybe a little more but right now she was just happy that her son was back where he belonged. She was glad that he was in her apartment. Sally was glad that her son was alive.


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