Minami could hardly believe that he was here.

Finally! Finally he was going on his first GPF!

It was like a dream come true!

But… what if he messed up? What If he embarrassed his coach? His coach that spent so much time teaching him everything he knew and more!

He could see his coach walking in front of him. Black, long jacket. Black trousers. Black, slick hair. In another person the clothes would look like he was a Grim Reaper, but somehow, his coach looked like a Hollywood star. He could only hope to be as cool as him someday.

"Stop biting your lip or you will rip it and dirty your clothes with blood!" the coach said, without turning around.

"Wow, coach! How did you know?" Minami asked, letting his lower lip go.

"You always do that when you are nervous." He said and then stopped and turned to look at his student. "You have nothing to be worried about. You have this competition in your hand."

"Coach Katsuki!" Minami gasped, covering his mouth to keep from squealing.

His coach, his idol telling him that, was way dreamier than being in the GPF! He had to stop himself from jumping up and down!

Yuuri had to suppress a chuckle at his student's reactions. The kid was way too energetic for his own good... He just wished he had been a bit more like Minami when he was his age… Well, he ended up reaching his own level of energy in the end…

When both of them turned to keep walking towards the rink, they found themselves face to face with two other men. One of them had a mop of silver hair stylishly combed and the other pale blonde hair in a ponytail.

"Sorry, but this competition is ours…" the silver-haired man said and the blonde one smiled.

"Coach Nikiforov! Yuri Plisetsky!" Minami gasped and bowed.

Yuuri coughed.

"Yeah, right!" he said.

"Well, let's see who is the best, Nikiforov…" Yuuri extended his hand.

"We will… Katsuki…" and Victor took his hand and shook it. Everyone around them was eyeing the group with shocked eyes.

"What the hell are they doing?" Leo de La Iglesia whispered to one of his fellow competitors and the other only shrugged his shoulders.

"Pichit! What is going on?" Guang-Hong Ji asked in a low voice and the Thai skater smiled softly, shaking his head.

When Yuuri and Minami passed Victor and Yuri, they heard a squeal in the distance that made everyone cover their ears and Yuuri had to stop and prepare himself for something he knew was coming. And when Victor jumped into his back and started rubbing his face in Yuuri's back, the Japanese skater sighed.

"Oh! You were so cool, Yuuri! I just can't stop myself! I love this star coach persona!" Victor squealed, and Yuuri smiled, while everyone around them sighed in relieve. So, it was another of their jokes… and here they were getting worried that the perfect couple had a fight…

"Honey… my back…" Yuuri whispered and Victor jumped immediately to the ground, massaging the other's shoulders in the process.

"Sorry, sorry!"

Yuri P. sighed and shook his head in despair. Only him to be surrounded by crazy, lovey-dovey people like those two guys.

"C'mon, Victor! We have to go! You can rub all you want on your husband after you go to the hotel, now stop fucking around!" Yuri yelled, grabbing Victor's jacket and pulling him away from Yuuri.

"But, my Yuuri…" Victor whined, stretching his hand in Yuuri's direction.

Yuuri waved at his husband, while smiling at the Russians' antics. Beside him, Minami was taking deep breaths.

"Don't worry, kiddo." Yuuri said, messing with his hair. "If you win, you can have dinner in my place when we go home."

Minami's expression was doubtful.

"Don't worry, I don't let Victor cook after he burned the kitchen the second time…" Yuuri said, and Minami smiled relieved.

"It was Yurio's fault!" both of them heard Victor yelling from a distance and Yuuri laughed.

"Sure, because it was Yurio that let a glove inside the oven…" Signaling to Minami to follow him, Yuuri restarted their march, watching with some pleasure the way the others competitors were eyeing them with fearful respect.