It should've been an extremely hot August day, but it was a cold and foggy one instead. Grimmauld Place street was empty, except for a cloaked man walking down the street.

Harry Potter made his way to the house in question. He climbed the stares, and reached the door slowly, opened it, and entered.

"Who's there?" shouted a female voice that sounded familiar. Less than a second later, a woman stood in the opposite side of the corridor, facing Harry. She had a bushy hair, with slightly large front teeth, and a face full of little unnoticed scars. She looked stunned. Shocked to see who paid her a visit. "Stupefy" She raised her wand quickly, directed it at Harry, and shouted. He tried to dodge the curse, but the corridor was too narrow, and he fell stunned on the floor. Under regular circumstances, Hermione Granger wouldn't be able to defeat the great Harry Potter, the Dark Lord's right hand, the youngest minister ever. However, these were not regular circumstances.

Half an hour later, Harry woke up, and found himself tied up to a chair in the kitchen. In front of him was Hermione Granger, reading the Prophet. She put it down immediately once she realized that her guest was awake.

"How did you find out about this place and whom did you tell?" asked Hermione, pointing her wand directly to Harry's face.

"It's the portrait in the minister's office" Harry said, trying to get as far as he could from Hermione's wand tip, "It told me I'll find answers in here. I didn't tell anyone about this place, the portrait told me not to do so."

"What portrait?" asked Hermione, worried. She got up from the chair, and got out of the kitchen. Five minutes later, she reentered the kitchen. "There are no portraits in here, we've removed all of them, except for one that is covered." She pointed her wand at his face again "Don't lie to me! How did you find out about this place?" She asked again, intimidating.

"I swear I'm not lying!" said Harry, looking at Hermione's wand tip scared.

"There's only one way to discover..." Hermione said, and turned to the closets in the kitchen. She was searching for something, and she found it. One of the closets had a vial in it, this vial contained transparent liquid. "Veritaserum."

"What?" asked Harry, confused.

"Yes, Potter, two drops of this and you'll tell me everything I want to know" she smirked at him.

"Okay." Harry agreed. Hermione looked surprised. Harry Potter has just agreed to be investigated under Veritaserum, and by her.

She got closer, spilled the vial's content into Harry's mouth. She took few steps back, and Harry swallowed the truth serum.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Harry James Potter" he answered unknowingly. His mouth was out of his control now.

"How did you find out about this place?" she asked the same question she has been asking for the last ten minutes.

"The portrait in the minister's office told me about it, it said I'll find all the answers in here." Harry answered.

"Answers?" Hermione asked, confused.

"Yes." Harry simply answered.

"Answers for what?" Hermione asked again, her wand still directed toward Harry's face

"Everything" Harry unknowingly said. He needed answers for everything.

"Explain!" She demanded, and her wand got even closer to Harry's face.

"Something very mysterious has happened." Harry started, "Only yesterday I was still eleven years old. It was Christmas eve, I was in Gryffindor dormitories." Harry stopped, and remembered how good was that night, how good was that Christmas, and how he felt like it would last forever.

"Go on!" Hermione demanded, and Harry snapped out of his daydreaming.

"But today," he continued "I woke up somewhere else. I found myself in a weird huge mansion, next to a woman I don't know, and 14 years older."

Hermione lowered her wand slowly. "How old, you said, were you?" she asked.

"I was eleven, I mean, I am eleven! I'm still the same Harry from 14 years ago."

"and, Do you support You-Know-Who?" she asked another question, she was really confused. If Potter wasn't under Veritaserum, she wouldn't have believed him. His claims are unbelievable, but he can't lie under the effect of Veritaserum.

"No, I don't, and I know nothing about how Volde-" he started answering.

"Don't!" Hermione interrupted, "are you crazy? they'll be here in no time!" she said, looking around, as expecting someone, or something, to jump at her from somewhere.

"I know nothing about how You-Know-Who is powerful again, or how the ministry has become under his control" Harry finished his sentence.

Hermione was left speechless. She was too confused, too surprised to say anything. "I believe you" she heard herself saying. "I don't believe I'm saying that, but I believe you Potter"

"Thank you" he said gratefully

"If you weren't under the Veritaserum effect I wouldn't have believed you" she said, turning around, and returning the Veritaserum vial to the open closet behind her.

"But I'm telling the truth, I swe-" Harry started saying.

"I know" she interrupted, she turned around to face Harry again.

They looked each others in the eyes. Harry examining how his friend has grew older, and She is trying to understand the man in front of her.

"Can you answer my questions?" Harry interrupted the silence, but kept eye contact.

"Ask..." Hermione replied.