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The Biker Mice Meet Dog Boy

Chapter 1


Lawrence Limburger leaned purposefully over the book on his desk. To the casual observer it would look like the pompous, over weight, purple clad businessman were slacking off on the job. But of course, the casual observer would probably not be informed as to Limburger's true propose. For this was no ordinary businessman, in an ordinary office, reading an ordinary book. This man was in fact a Plutarkian, a race of smelly fish humanoids who seek to buy up other planets to steal their natural resources, having used up all of their own.

But what about the book, you ask. It is perfectly ordinary book. One might find it at a library. The title? Myths and Legends of Feudal Japan. The story in question? The Legend of Inu-Yasha and The Shikon no Tama (Jewel of Four-Souls). The Legend goes that once a Shinto priestess charged with guarding the Shikon no Tama and a half demon named Inu-Yasha fell in love. But they were betrayed. The priestess died and was cremated, taking the jewel with her to the next world. The half demon was pinned to a tree, sealed in an endless sleep, for 50 years. Then the Priestess' reincarnation appeared and with her came the Shikon no Tama. The girl released Inu-Yasha from his prison. Through a slight accident the precious jewel was shattered. The two then set out on a quest to collect all the fragments before they could fall into the wrong hands. Along the way a Kitsune (fox) demon cub, a monk, and a demon huntress joined them. After the final battle with the evil one the group is said to have simply disappeared. But what can a Chicago based planetary conquistador want with such a legend from the other side of the world? When you have the greatest technology in the universe at your disposal, anything is possible.

"Karbunkle!" Limburger snapped at his vidphone. The image of an insect-like scientist with a mop of red hair appeared on the screen before him.

"Yes your cream cheeseyness?" he asked in a very raspy subservient voice.

"Is it ready?"

"Yes sir. I am on my way to your office now."

"Good, Hurry up!" He turned towards the center of the room as the screen blinked off. He watched impatiently as a trap door opened in the floor of the office and Karbunkle and a strange ray gun like devise rose to fill the void.

"May I introduce," Karbunkle hissed with delight and lovingly pat the invention beside him, "my newest invention. It can bring any characters from any story to life."

"Good. I want to the five main characters from this story." He held up the open book to the demented doctor. He examined it for a moment.

"But…but these are the good guys. Wouldn't you prefer the evil one?"

"The evil one failed! Besides, my dear doctor," Limburger replied and leaned back into his chair, "the good are always so much easier to manipulate."

"Of course. I did not think of such things, but you your over ripeness are pure genius."

"I know. Now get on with it." The doctor gave an evil chuckle before lying the book on the ground and moving behind his ray gun. He began pushing buttons, twisting dials, and pulling levers. Then he pointed the ray gun at the book, stepped back, and pressed a large red button on one of his omnipresent remotes. There were several flashes of light. The first was red, then green, then purple, then pink, and finally silver. As the final flash cleared five new figures filled the office.

The first was the half dog demon Inu-Yasha. He looked to be about seventeen with thick silver white hair that reached the back of his knees. His bright golden eyes darted around the room and his hand instinctively went to the Katana at his hip. He was dressed in a red kimono like top with matching M. C. Hammer type pants, no shoes, and a rosary around his neck. The nails of his hands bore a strong resemblance to sharp claws. His most striking feature, however, where the two triangle shaped, white dog-ears atop his head. He had just enough time to choke out "What in seven hells is that smell?" before passing out.

Next to him, stood a rather modern looking girl named Kagome. She had raven hair that fell to the middle of her back and pretty blue eyes. She was dressed in a Japanese style school uniform with a green mini skirt and sailor back. She stood holding a bicycle and on her back was an enormous yellow backpack. She looked around in mild curiosity and confusion.

In the basket of the bicycle was an auburn haired child that looked to be about six years old though he was hardly bigger then a large baby. He had tiny fox paw shaped feet, a puffy foxtail, and pointy elf ears. His large green eyes surveyed the new surroundings with child like interest. The little one was dressed in a navy kimono with light blue leaf patterns over laid and a ginger colored vest. He was Shippou, the Kitsune demon cub. Just like Inu-Yasha, he quickly grabbed his nose and passed out.

Next to Kagome, stood the monk Miroku. A nineteen year old ebony haired boy who's short tresses were pulled back in a small pony tail and the base of his head. He held his Buddhist staff in a protective way as he looked around the room. He was dressed in classic robes of black and purple. Around his right hand and wrist was a piece of purple cloth wrapped in a rosary.

Next to him was the sixteen year old Sango. Her black hair was tied in a ponytail and her hand was holding a six-foot long boomerang in front of her. She was dressed in a black and pink leather cat suit like armor. Her blue eyes darted suspiciously about the room. At her side was a Katana. On her shoulder was a small two-tailed, red eyed, cream colored cat with black feet, tails tips, and ears; its name was Kirara.

"Ahhh, My friends." Limburger purred. The three still conscious members of the group jumped and looked at him. All three humans wrinkled up their noses as his unique smell reached their less sensitive noses.

"Who are you?" Miroku asked suspiciously, stepping forward to protect the two females.

"Why," Limburger cooed softly as he leaned on his desk, "I have a proposition for you. I have a trio of mice…*aham* demons that I am having trouble with. They reek havoc on this city and no matter what I do I can not get rid of them. I also believe them to posses a piece of the jewel you are searching for. I have no interest in the jewel and if you rid me of those meddlesome mice I will be happy to allow you to keep it." The group exchanged looks before dropping their guard.

"Oh." Kagome said stepping forward a friendly smile on her face, "My name is Kagome and we'll be happy to help. But could you give use some clue as to where we might locate these demons and for that matter, where we are?"

"Ahhh yes," Limburger said taking a file from his desk, "You are in Chicago, Illinois, USA. And the year is 2003. These," he handed the file to Kagome, "are your targets." Kagome opened the folder to reveal four pictures. The first was of a tan furred humanoid mouse with green reflective shades over his eyes and red antenna. He was dressed in a black leather vest, tight jeans, and boots. Under the picture was the word Throttle. The second was a gray furred mouse with and eye patch on his left eye, his right looked cat like, and he also had antenna. His right arm was made of metal. He was dressed in a red and blue chest plate, tight jeans, and black boots. The word Modo was printed under this picture. The third picture was of a white furred mouse with antenna and a metal mask covering his half of his face. He was also wearing tight jeans and boots, but only had two bandoleers crossing his chest. Vinnie was printed beneath this picture. The final picture was of a small motorcycle repair shop with three motorcycles, a black Harley, a purple/ blue fat-boy, and red racing bike parked just inside the garage. Miroku and Sango looked over her shoulder with about a thousand questions in their eyes.

"I'll explain later." Kagome sighed.


Inu-Yasha and Co. were sitting on the roof of a building over looking the Last Chance Garage, the two demons having returned from their stink induced faint.

"Let me get this straight Lady Kagome." Miroku began, "We are in your time, but did not pass through the well. And this Mo-toe-sigh-kill re-pear shop is where the fragment is."

"Yeah…" Kagome started to answer.

"What's a Mo-toe-sigh-kill?" Shippou asked from Kagome's lap.

"It's like my bicycle only it moves without peddling." Kagome answered.



"Feh!" Inu-Yasha snorted, "I don't see why we don't just go grab the shard."

"That's just it Inu-Yasha, I don't sense any shards. Not in that building or in this whole city." Kagome said with a frown. Inu-Yasha gave her a surprised look.

"But Kagome-chan," Sango interjected, "Why would that man tell us there was a shard here if it was not true?" Kagome's frown deepened.

"I don't know. But I don't trust that man."


"Damn, those mice." Charlene 'Charley' Davidson, the owner of The Last Chance garage, grumbled. She was an auburn-haired, green-eyed women dressed in black jeans, boots, and a sky blue button up shirt. "Always leaving me with all the work." She was hunched over a very advanced looking piece weaponry.

"Excuse me?" a timid female voice called from behind her, making Charley jump. She turned to see Kagome standing in the doorway of the garage. She was pushing her bike; the chain was hanging free. "I was wondering if you could help me?" Charley smiled and quickly covered her work.

"Of course." Five minutes later Kagome's bike was repaired and the two females were deep in conversation.

"You know this isn't the best part of town to be wandering around. What brings you here?"

"Well…" Kagome began when the sounds of motorcycle engines and hard rock music drowned her out. Kagome didn't need to turn to know who had just arrived. Charley did her best to give her a calming look. Very slowly Kagome looked over her shoulder and turned to face the three rather surprised looking mice. She gulped and took a step back. She vaguely registered Charley saying something about them being friends and not hurting her. For and instant in Kagome's brain instinct warred with reason. Somehow she knew Charley was right, but it is not everyday that one sees six-foot tall motorcycle riding mice, and Kagome was attacked by demons on a regular basis. Instinct won out. Kagome screamed.


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