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The Biker Mice Meet Dog Boy

Chapter 8

Heading Home

"So can you work it Rimfire?" Stoker asked. The two groups had returned to the garage. Rimfire was busy examining the ray gun. The other mice where standing around the garage watching while Charley was working on Vinnie's bike, attaching the weapon she had been working on, and the kids from the feudal era looked on in various states of interest.

"Well…" Rimfire said turning to gun over to look at it more closely, "I think. But I'd like to try bringing something else out of the book first. Then all I'd have to do was reverse the effect."

"This must be the one they came out of." Throttle, who had been flipping through the book they had taken from Limburger, announced and held it up for everyone to see. Kagome took the book from him and looked at it. The others peered over her shoulder.

"Hey, why does Dog-turd get his name in the title?" Kouga snorted.

"Because I'm the most important." Inu-Yasha replied cockily.

"More importantly Lady Kagome," Miroku said over the beginnings of a snarling match, "Since this is your time and our story is in the past, would this book not tell us the out come of our quest?" The whole group fell silent. Hurriedly Kagome flipped through the story.

"Nothing." She reported. "It has the quest up to the point we were pulled out, then the pages are blank."

"That's probably because you aren't there to have the story written." Rimfire offered as he took the book. "That's why we need to get you back in. Otherwise the events of the past could remain unaltered and the future could be changed." The group of feudal era just blinked at him.

"Feh! Whatever." Inu-Yasha snorted. Rimfire just shook his head and laid the book open on the table.

"Now let's see… who can I bring out of here that won't cause too much trouble…" He flipped the pages and frowned, "How about I say a name and you guys tell me if they would work."

"Ok." Kagome said with a smile.

"Naraku?" Rimfire started.

"That's a good first choice." Shippou snorted, "Let's bring everyone's worst enemy who wants to destroy the world."

"Ok" Rimfire said with a shrug. He flipped around a little more. "Here how about Jakotsu." Inu-Yasha, Kouga, and Miroku gave a collective shudder.

"What's wrong with him?" Vinnie asked quizzically.

"He called all of them sexy." Shippou informed him. The mice all shuddered.

"Ok…Hiten and Manten?" Shippou bolted into Kagome's arms with a high pitched squeal of fear. He huddled into a tiny ball.

"No no no no no no no!" he whimpered

"You ok lil' fella?" Modo asked.

"Hiten and Manten killed his parents." Kagome said softly. The mice all made a silent 'oh'.

"Oi brat." Inu-Yasha said leaning down to him, "I killed them once, I can kill them again." Shippou sniffled and sat up, rubbing his eyes with his tiny hands. He looked up, nodded, and gave Inu-Yasha a weak smile. Kagome gave him a lollypop.

"Kikyo?" Rimfire offered.

"Yeah, bring dog-turd's old girlfriend here. That way me and my woman can…" Kouga was unable to finish the statement because Inu-Yasha knocked him into the opposite wall.

"She is not your women!" Inu-Yasha roared.

"Inu-Yasha sit." (Crash! "Bitch!") Kagome sighed, "Kouga, I'm going to pretend you didn't just suggest bringing in that walking corpse that wants to kill me and steal my soul." The mice just stared at them.

"O…K…" Stoker said after a minute.

"Some one named Hojo is mentioned in passing" Rimfire said trying to change the subject.

"I don't want to clean up the blood." Kagome said with a sigh.

"Dare I ask?" Charley said looking up from her work.

"No, Hojo isn't dangerous. He's a boy that goes to my school, he keeps trying to get me to go on a date with him." Kagome answered.

"What's a date?" Shippou asked.

"I guess you would think of it as courting." Kagome answered.

"WHAT!" Inu-Yasha yelled.

"But…you…" Kouga stammered. "What's so great about him?"

"Hojo happens to be every modern girl's dream. He's handsome, sweet, sensitive, caring, noble, gallant, and chivalrous." The two demons looked like their eyes might be coming out of their heads at any moment, "Unfortunately he's also boring, dense, and I spend all my time in the feudal era. I don't even like him." She finished.

"So why can't we bring him?" Throttle asked.

"Because, as soon as one of these two said something rude or treated me like a possession, Hojo would challenge them to a fight for my honor."

"And I'd rip his fucking head off!" Inu-Yasha said with a crack of his knuckles.

"Ok, let's try a different method." Rimfire said with a sigh, "Do any of you have any family or friends?" The kids looked between themselves.

"Well, I only knew my father." Miroku began, "But he was sucked into his own air rip when I was still very young."

"Kagome is my only family now." Shippou said softly, pausing to stare at his lollypop.

"Naraku killed my pack." Kouga said looking to the side.

"Naraku had my whole village destroyed and is using a Shikon shard to manipulate my dead brother's body." Sango said looking at her lap.

"My Family is all in modern Tokyo." Kagome replied, "And I doubt they are in that book."

"I have a half-brother…" Inu-Yasha began.

"Thank God!" Rimfire said, "What's his name?"

"But bringing Sesshoumaru would be a bad idea." The dog demon finished.

"Come on, He's your brother." Modo prompted.

"He's my half-brother and that's one half too many!" Inu-Yasha snapped back

"Uh…" Kagome laughed softly, "Inu-Yasha and his brother have a rather… homicidal relationship." The mice's eyes all went big.

"Ho… homicidal?" Rimfire stuttered, "It really can't be that bad."

"It is." Inu-Yasha confirmed, "And he's missing the arm to prove it." He added with an arrogant smirk.

"Ya cut off your own brother's arm!?" Modo asked wide-eyed.

"Yeah so? He was trying to kill me and Kagome." Inu-Yasha snorted, "He put out my eye and put a hole through my stomach. So we're even."

"Umm…you're not missing an eye and a hole in your stomach would be fatal." Stoker pointed out.

"Feh! Maybe to you, but I healed." Inu-Yasha shrugged. Stoker and Rimfire both looked at him like he was crazy. The other three mice just shook their heads in dismay.

"Miss Charley ma'am, do you have a library card?" Rimfire asked.

"Sure." Charley replied going to retrieve her purse, "Why?"

"I'm going to go get a safer book. Like something by Stephen King, or Silence of the Lambs." Rimfire replied.


"All right I think I've got this thing figured out." Rimfire said laying the book on the garage floor and opening it to the first blank page. "Just stand over the book and I can zap you all in at once." Inu-Yasha and Co. shrugged and crowded around the book. Rimfire pointed the gun at them and adjusted a few dials.

"Bye everyone." Kagome waved and smiled. The mice and Charley waved back.

"Thank you for the candy." Shippou called and waved.

"See ya kids." Stoker said. "If you ever change your minds about joining the Freedom Fighters, just say the word."

"Ready?" Rimfire asked. They all nodded and Rimfire pushed a button. The group was incased in a bright light that seemed to be sucked into the book on the floor. When the light had faded completely Throttle stepped up and retrieved the book. Carefully he flipped the pages. All the pages had words on them; he smiled.

"Looks like they made it." He announced.

"Good." Modo said and put his fist through the ray gun.

"So…What now?" Vinnie asked.

"Any body up for some hotdogs and root beer?" Stoker asked.

"Sure," Rimfire replied, "As long as they aren't part demon."