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Jack was walking through the corridors of Atlantis when his com badge came to life. -General O'Neill please come to the control room.-

"I'll be there shortly." He turned into another corridor and into the transporter there, it took him into the control tower and a short walk later he arrived in the control room. The control room was the normal mix of people working at the consoles, but it was one of the Travelers who waved for him.

"Captain Larrin has located another Wraith patrol fleet. She wishes to know if her fleet is allowed to engage," the Traveler said when Jack stood on the other side of the console.

"The Traveler fleets have standing orders to attack and harass the Wraith fleets in that sector if they can do so without risk of losing personnel or ships. Care to explain why you people ask me to come up here every time you want to launch an attack?"

"Tradition General. A Captain should always ask for confirmation before attacking. Our ships were not made for combat before, though we now have ships more than capable of engaging the Wraith we are still used to fleeing."

Jack took a piece of paper from a notepad, wrote 'yes' in big letters on it and placed it on the console. "Well here's my answer if they keep asking. Just check the note if you're not sure what I'll answer and do tell all of the Captains that there's no need to ask if they have orders to do so, they simply need to inform us that they have done so."

"Yes General."


Halfway across the galaxy Larrin was sitting in the Captain's chair of her cloaked Retributor and watched the two wraith cruisers leave hyperspace on the front display. There was absolutely nothing around them, no planets, stars or other celestial bodies, and still the Alterran sensors had predicted the Wraith fleet's course and dropout point on the spot. Each time they tracked the Wraith it had worked and each time she adjusted her tactics to make better use of it. Now her own ship just managed to avoid getting hit by one of the cruisers as it drifted past a few meters above. I front of her she saw the strategic hologram with the two Wraith cruisers and the four cloaked Retributors in her fleet, she watched as her ship and the other Retributor she was pairing up with matched the speed of the cruiser that was passing between the two ships. A few seconds later the other two Retributors did the same and matched the other cruiser.

Beneath the hull plating of the four Retributors the weapons moved around to position themselves to deal maximum damage on the first strike, the weapons locked onto the hyperdrives, sublight engines, weapons and life support systems inside the cruisers. When all four Retributors had locked onto the cruisers they turned green on the hologram.

Larrin let the wraith cruisers move a few seconds just to make sure everything was as it seemed and that the Alterran sensors had detected everything. When Larrin gave the order hull plating on the the four Retributors parted and the ship decloaked. The four strong plasma pulse weapons of each Retributor pounded the hull of the cruisers. The first strike took out the engines of the ships and the cruisers began to drift without guidance, the one Larrin was targeting angled downwards and scraped along the shield until she had a chance to correct their course. Meanwhile the weaker turrets waited for any darts to deploy. A few darts managed to escape the hangar before the cruisers were ripped apart. The darts swung around as soon as they could and dove towards the Retributors, but the turrets picked them of without problem.

In a matter of seconds Larrin could see the destruction they had caused, if felt good to finally strike back even if they had already destroyed a handful of hives and several dozen cruisers.

"Deploy the beacons," she ordered.

Someone confirmed the order and the four ships let out a small cloud of autonomous robots that would seek out and report the position of any technology among the debris, Larrin did not know why they needed to know the location of Wraith debris but Mokar had been adamant that they release the beacons.