In a silver spaceship that wasn't large enough to tower over huge cities such as Los Angeles or New York, but still big enough to tower over much smaller cities; two young boys around 10 years of age were running around a corner away from all the gun shots and the yelling that could be heard from behind them.

"Ajax they're catching up to us, what are we going to do" the one boy with the curly hair asked the brunette boy as they were running down some sort of hallway.

"We have to keep moving Tyler, there must be an exit somewhere" Ajax said as he kept a hold of Tyler's hand as they ran.

"COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BRATS" A voice screamed, which caused them to run even faster.

"Look a door, it has to be the exit" Tyler said pointing to a door just ahead that had a window view of the sunny day outside,

"Then let's get out of here" Ajax said quickly opening the door.

However much to their shock and horror the spaceship they were on, had to be at least 50 ft. above the ground.

"What are we going to do now, we can't possibly jump" Tyler said starting to panic even more than he already was as he looked continued to look down at the ground beneath them.

"You two can go back to your cells" a maniacal laugh said from behind causing both boys to turn around. It was the same guy who captured them earlier, while he looked completely human, he could transform into a horrible creature.

He quickly grabbed Ajax's arm and started to pull him away from the door, Tyler who was closer to the exit grabbed onto Ajax's other arm.

"NO LET HIM GO" Tyler screamed trying to pull his friend away.

"You two are never getting off this ship, why don't you just give up already" the man said rather irritated as he pulled Ajax closer.

Ajax was starting to realize no matter what one of them were not going to be able to leave this ship. He then knew what he had to do.

As Tyler was trying to pull Ajax free, he was wishing that his father was here to save him, he would know what to do after all he was an adult and adults always knew what to do in tough situations.

"Goodbye Tyler, tell my parents I love them" Ajax's voice said all sudden, which greatly confused him. What does he mean by goodbye, they were in this together no matter what. That's when he felt he was losing his grip on Ajax's arm due to Ajax trying to release himself from Tyler's grasp. Their captor took the opportunity to pull Ajax back, but with such a powerful force that knock both him and Ajax to wall, and caused Tyler to fall right out of the ship.

"AJAX" Tyler screamed as he was falling to the ground.

Tyler quickly looked down and saw the ground rushing to meet him. He quickly closed his eyes hoping he wouldn't feel a thing.

Tyler's bedroom (2016)

Tyler shot straight up from his bed gasping for breath as well sweating as though he were in a sweat sauna.

What on earth kind of dream was that, it felt almost surreal Tyler thought as he tried to relax and get his breathing down. That's when he noticed his energem starting to glow for a few seconds before it went back to normal.

"How Strange" Tyler said looking at his energem confusingly.

Author's Note

This is my first power rangers story and I hope you will enjoy this story. Just so you know this does take place after the finale of dino supercharged, but with some changes such as Koda and Ivan are still in the present. Prince Phillip, James, and Zenowing will play more prominent roles than they did in the T.V. Show. So please review and let me know what you think.