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Note: ok guys here is Belle's new pregancy time line as i relized i stuffed up a bit. he title comes from a Celine Dion song called I love you goodbye from her self-title album Celine Dion.

in this story Belle is 10 weeks pregant in the begining meaning she Conceived Gideon on october 3rd 2014

S&S: hey so this is my 1st ever Once upon a time fan fic I have only ever seen part of the pilot episode of once upon a time and kept missing the rest of the show luckily for me there is YouTube so I've seen bits and pieces of each season and fell in love with rumbelle my heart broke when I found the ending to season 4 ep 11 where belle banishes rumple and I know of belle's pregnancy In season 5 anyway this is just a little idea involving the ending of S4 ep 11 but massively Different as I've had this little idea in my head for weeks yes the beginning part of the dialog is from the end of season 4 ep 11 heroes and villains.

Title: I love you, goodbye

Author: Suns and Stars

Pairings: Belle/ Rumple

Genre: Angst

Warnings: tissues for my fellow rumbelle fans

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I do not own OUAT if I did snow charming and Emma as well as the rest of the Hero's would be getting all the angst and heartbreak that the show has been dealing out to Rumbelle

Intro: Belle is at the town line about to banish her husband from the town yet she can't bring herself to banish him instead she moves out and back into the Library

***14th December 2014****

In a puff of Magenta smoke the Golds appear at the town line, Rumple stands before his wife and true love, who holds HIS dagger in front of him.

"Belle what are you doing?" Rumple asks his voice trembled with fear, as he stared at his darling Belle.

Belle doesn't say anything only urges him towards the town line.

"I'm finally facing the truth," she tells him.

"No please put the dagger down and let me explain" he told her worriedly.

For he knew with the dagger in his wife's hand she could command him to do anything and by the look of where they were standing he was most defiantly not liking what she may make him do.

"No, it's my turn to talk" she tells him.

"Do you remember the first time you saved my life. You traded for me I…. I thought I saw something in you, something good, well I found the gault today, and that is when I finally realized that all the signs I've been seeing are correct. You would never give up power for me Rumple you never have" she says brokenly.

"You… you don't understand" Rumple said quickly.

However, when he took a step towards her she quickly held his dagger between them making him step back

He looked behind him worriedly.

"No you told me that gault could lead you to someone's weakness, to the thing they loved the most well you know where it led me Rumple to the REAL dagger" she could feel the anger inside of her but also she could feel her own heart breaking.

"Your true love is your power" her voice broke on the last word, Rumple could hear the PAIN he had coursed his wife with his betrayal, the tone of in her voice.

"I like the power but there is nothing wrong with power" he told her.

Still his face wore the worried look.

"Not when it means that I…."

He saw the hard look on Belles face and backtracked.

"…. That that we could have it all,"

Belle at that moment wanted to break as she told him.

"I just wanted you, I wanted to be chosen I tried to be everything for you Rumple but I wasn't"

Tears gathered in her eyes and her voice shook.

"and I, I lost my way trying to help you find yourself, not anymore

Rumple's voice shook as he says.

"Please Belle I'll make it up to you I've changed once before I can to it again"

Belle looks at him sadly and shook her head.

"You've never changed."

"Please" he says softly.

While reaching out to her.

Belles voice grew strong then

"No" she tells him.

Lifting his dagger between them making Rumple back away from it.

"It's too late, once I saw the man behind the beast, now there is only a beast."

Rumple looks at her a broken look on his face.

She closes her eyes for a brief second before opening them again and rising the dagger high and says.

"Rumpelstiltskin I command you to leave storybook"

"Belle no" Rumple begs her.

"I won't be able to come back" he tells her.

At that moment the hand holding the dagger shook and Belle closes her eyes.

I can't do this not to him not now she thought brokenly.

To Rumple's shock. Belle lowers the dagger, he goes to comfort her once again but Belle stops by holding up her free hand

"Don't Rumple"

Rumple watches as his wife flees from him.

Belle ran up the road and though the deserted Town after running for who knows how long she finally comes upon their house.

No his house she thought

Letting herself in she runs up the stairs and into the master bedroom, entering the room she looks around and her eyes land on their bed memories come flooding back to her of their time together so many good and bad things happened with in this room. It was here she helped him get over the trama of being held hostage for a year by Zelena this bed was also where they made love after the long separation. It was also here she held him when his nightmares from that time woke him with screams and it was in this very bed that she helped him heal from that unspeakable time.

Shaking her head and whipping her eyes Belle turns and pulls out a suitcase sits it on the bed opens it and begins to pack her cloths and belongings.

"Belle what…. What are you doing"

Belle turns around to see a stricken Rumple in the door way.

She turns back around, packs up the last of her belongings and snaps the lid of the suitcase closed she grabs the handle and turns to face her husband with tears in her eyes she tells him.

"I can't stay here anymore Rumple"

Before walking past him and out of their bedroom Rumple follows desperately trying to not let her leave.

"Please, please sweetheart don't go" he begs her with tears in his eyes.

Belle with her free hand on the door knob turns to face her husband placing her hand on his cheek she leans in and give him a kiss that's salty from both their tears pulling back she rest her forehead against his.

"I love you, goodbye" she whispers

Pulling back belle turn and opens the door and walks out closing the door on her life with her husband.

Rumple drops to his knees broken and begging his wife to return.

"No" he cries out in anguish.

"Belle, please" he whispered.

Then louder and stronger.


Yet the door remand closed.

Belle left her home and made her way back towards the inner part of town and made her way over to the Library, a Library her husband had given her when after 28 years of separation they were reunited and began living together however it did not work out and he had given her the Library as a way to give her, her independence in this new world.

Taking the key from her bag she unlocked the door and entered the place she loved most in this town Her Library.

After closing and locking the door she makes her way through the Library and heads for the back staircase that would lead to her former and now current apartment, stepping off the last step Belle made her way over to the door of her new home taking out her apartment Key Belle unlocks the door and walks inside.

Closing and locking the door she makes her way to her old bedroom slowly making her way inside Belle sets the suitcase down and drags her feet over to the bed slowly setting herself down her the once she held back since walking out on Rumple came flowing down her face as she looks at her wedding ring she reaches into her bedside table and take out a photo more tears cascade down her face as she curls herself into a ball and cries herself to sleep.

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