An au where there are no superpowers so the adults are all their alter egos e.g Bruce Wayne is just Bruce Wayne not batman and Clark Kent isn't superman ect this story follows the school life of Raven and Damian cause they're a cute couple hope you like in this story the two of them are around 15-16

-Chapter 1-

It was October in jump city the city's schools were well into their year now and everybody had settled down from their summer holiday. Jump city academy is a school that has a diverse population of students and teacher's. half way into their first semester all the students have settled into their work and understand their workload they need to do. Some students however do far more work than others those students sit at the top of their respective classes but are often quite odd and lack a social life.

Raven was sitting in her econ class taking notes diligently until the class is set work to do until the class is over. She of course finishes the work in 5 minutes but with 15 minutes before class is over she begins to look around the class to see what her class mates are doing. In the back row there is Jaime Reyes a student who only started jump city academy this year but seems to be settling in well. "He seems to have made more friends in the month and a half he's been here then I have my entire life" raven ponders to herself. Jaime is sat next to his friends one of whom is the popular Garfield Logan raven would never admit it but she has a huge crush on him. He's kind, loyal, funny just everything she believes she wants. Unfortunately for raven he has a girlfriend. Raven continues to scan the room to find Tara Markov. A hot blonde who runs with the popular crowd. She's not intentionally mean to raven but has been known to laugh at the poor girl misfortune and shy personality. She is also the girlfriend of Garfield. Raven scans the room once more until her gaze lands on Damian Wayne. The boy is cocky rich obnoxious and thinks he's better then everyone. To raven it's no surprise he has no friends. Pretty much everyone hates him. Even raven who takes pride on not judging a book by its cover doesn't really like him. She sees him rocking on his chair with his hands behind his head his work laid finished in front of him. It annoyed her that even though he was a bad person he was just as good as her at his studies and could finish the work just as fast. Whilst looking around raven failed to notice the time pass and before she knew it her lesson was over. The entire day raven had been worried about this moment she had been trying to talk to people and had decided to try talking to Garfield. She walked over to the boy who was packing up his things. "um… hi Garfield"

"hu what, oh hi there… you"

"it's raven, well actually that's a nick name my mother gave me see she said…"

"raven was it"


"look I'm sorry but I'm really busy my girl is waiting for me to go to lunch but I'll see you later"

"oh, right bye" Garfield proceeded to walk away leaving raven stood there slightly embarrassed two girls walk over one of the two had pink hair tied up in twin pig tails and wore a navy long sleeved blouse the other had white hair and wore a black t-shirt tight to her skin

"you know that was just sad" the first girl said, "I almost feel bad for you" raven turned away and tried to walk out the door only to be obstructed by the second girl

"if I were you I would be so embarrassed I'd just want to go into a corner and stay there the rest of my life"

"ugh look jinx, rose as much as I love talking to you I have other things to do so just leave me alone" with that raven pushed past the two and rushed out the door

-Chapter 1-

Damian was sat in his econ class something he found incomprehensibly boring as he had already learned all the business know how he would ever need from his father and was already an excellent mathematician. So he sat there lazily rocking on his chair and playing with his pencil until a worksheet was handed out. He finished the sheet in 5 minutes and so continued to laze around until he felt a gaze from across the room he looked around and found only a few people he recognised as he didn't really pay attention to people he noticed Garfield, someone who annoyed Damian as he was everything Damian wasn't. he was popular, funny, everybody liked him. Not to mention the fact that he would often torment Damian. Well that was a stretch it wasn't really Garfield but he didn't do anything about it which to Damian was just as bad. He continued to look around and found the source of the gaze was a girl. Raven. He knew this girl as she was the only person in the school to rival his grades and that really bugged was also beginning to annoy him that she was looking at him but the bell soon went and Damian escaped the classroom avoiding her gaze any further. He found himself in the corridor blocked by a unusually short boy wearing all green and a boy with large glasses wearing a white shirt with an eye on it "oh great what do you two want".

"what we just wanted to talk to the wealthy pretty boy" the shorter one said "or are you too goodto talk to us peasants"

"yeah lets go with that now move" Damian responded

"you know Gizmo I think we might be getting to the devil child"

"what have I said about calling me that" Damian began to get angry now

"I think your right Seymour the little demon looks stressed" at this Damian just growled

"you know no wonder his mother…." Before Gizmo could continue his sentence he was kicked in the gut and a still growling Damian stepped over his collapsed figure as he lay clutching his stomach.

"don't talk about my mother"

-Chapter 1-

The day is over. For Raven it wasn't her best but it also wasn't her worst so she doesn't really care she walks up to the front door of her house and lets out a long exasperated sigh before walking in. "mom, I'm home" she yells out before putting her bags down and getting out the days homework she sat alone in the dark run down living room doing all the homework she got at record speed finishing in just under an hour. "mom I'm gonna make dinner now what would you like" there Is no reply "ok there's some chicken in the fridge I'm just gonna fry it is that ok for you" there is still no reply so Raven gets to work she puts on her apron starts boiling some rice and begins to fry the chicken after it is all cooked she serves it onto two plates just as a tall dark haired woman walks into the room

"oh my darling" she begins picking up her food "my sweet little raven, I'm so sorry you had to do this again please understand it's just really hard to keep up with my work"

"it's fine mom I don't mind doing this"

"your such a good girl working so hard. I know things are difficult with your father gone but things are going to get better I promise"

"I know mom if you don't mind after this I think I'll go to bed"

"that's fine just don't forget the dishes"

"yes mother"

-Chapter 1-

Damian was just leaving school to be greeted by his butler Alfred "ah master Damian I trust you had a good day at school"

"very much Alfred thank you" Damian lied. he got in the car as Alfred closed the door and walked to the other side he looked out the window his head resting in his hand. The drive to the Wayne manor wasn't long but it wasn't particularly short either once they had arrived Alfred once again opened the door for the boy

"your father wanted me to remind you to do your work before dinner the menu for tonight is chicken breast basted in a medley of herbs and served with roast potatoes cooked in butter an old recipe from Britain I trust you will enjoy until then enjoy your evening master Damian"

"thank you, Alfred," Damian went straight to his room where he got out his work and finished it quickly in compliance with his father's orders. After which he went downstairs to the living room and turned on the TV until he was called for dinner. Sat at the table was his father Bruce Wayne, his adopted older brother Dick Greyson and himself conversation was unexciting at the large table mostly small talk questions about how his day has been and stories about Dicks students. Dick Greyson was a Teacher at jump city academy however he taught younger years was still however kept in the loop about Damian's school work and any trouble he got in. the dinner was finished quickly and each party went to their respective rooms.

There was a knock on Damian's door and Dick walked in "hey Damian how's things"

"oh you know pretty ordinary really nothing special"

"really because Kory tells me you kicked someone in the gut today"

"fine but it wasn't my fault the kid had it coming "

"you know Damian you can't keep doing this miss Anders is worried about you"

"well tell your girlfriend to mind her own business"

"look Damian we all just want to help we are worried you haven't made any friends"

"I have plenty of friends"

"really, like who"

"um… there's you"

"yeah ok but what about friends your own age"

"I don't need them"

"Damian I think you would benefit greatly from having at least one other friend. Please promise me you will try you don't even have to make friends right away just try be more civil with people once they learn more about you, you will have friends in no time can you do that"

"ok" Damian let out a sigh after saying this

"thank you and I'll tell you what this weekend me and you will hang out just the two of us that sound good"

"yeah that sounds great, thanks Dick" Damian now perked up and was visibly exited as Dick left the room shortly after Damian fell asleep

-Chapter 1-

The next day in history class taught by Mr Harper their current projects were based around mythology in history something raven was already well versed in so she was only half paying attention until she heard the words partner then the teacher became the most interesting person on the planet

"ok students your going to do a project in pairs of two it can be of your choosing but will go towards your final grade all it has to be is a project on a myth and its interpretations in various cultures. You can use these lessons from now on to work on your project and will only be required to show up for roll call so partner up".

This news shocked both Damian and Raven as the teacher had never shown any incentive to do this kind of thing before as the two looked around for a partner they began to realise that everyone already had partners and they were both alone they eventually looked at each other causing Damian to shake his head cross his arms and slouch in his chair

"so does everyone have partners"

a unanimous yes is heard from the class

"wait what about you two where are your partners" they both stare at the teacher unable to think of an excuse "well if neither of you have partners go together problem solved, class dismissed"

The teacher began packing up his things as the students shuffled out however Damian and Raven both went straight to the teacher

"sir please I can't work with her"
"sir please I can't work with him"

The two looked at each other annoyed

"well why not" the teacher looked at the two of them also slightly annoyed

"well she's weird and judgey"

"he's rude and arrogant"

"it sounds to me like the two of you would go well together"

"please sir we both know I am more than capable of doing it by myself so surely I could just do that"

"it's not just about the work, its also about team building and learning to work together"

"sir I can also do it on my own, see we agree on something working together please let us do it on our own" raven pleaded

"no and that's final and since you both seem so able to do it that you could do it alone why don't you present it to the class" the teacher then walked out of the class room leaving the two standing there is disbelief

"well this is just great" Raven began after the teacher had completely left the room

"look purple I'm not too happy about this either however I intend to do well in this so don't drag me down" after saying this Damian grabbed his things and stormed out the class leaving raven there alone

"well this is just great" raven repeated in a whisper

-Chapter 1-

That is the first chapter I intend to release the first 3 chapters quickly and then slow down to see how well the story takes so review if you want more. Til next time.