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-Chapter 3-

Friday mornings, Raven had found to be quite tedious the majority of students wouldn't be paying attention cause of a mix of anticipation for the upcoming weekend and tiredness from the night before. Regardless the break she received from lessons after second period was still welcome despite having to traverse the packed hallways as other students were going about their business such as getting their books for their next class and socialising in the most obstructive way possible. There was also another faction of student activities occurring in the hallway that caught Raven's attention. A loud bang was heard as if something or someone had been thrown into a locker and Raven had decided to see what the commotion was. She peaked only her head around the corner so as not to attract any attention to herself and saw a poor kid getting pushed around by three other guys. A small kid in a green tracksuit one with glasses and an eye on his t-shirt and a larger student who was clearly the muscle of the group. Deciding it was none of her business she elected to reover herself from the situation so as not to get dragged into it. But as she turned around to walk away the short one said something to grab her attention again.

"so, Damian how do you like our new friend, he's a transfer student but he doesn't talk much so we just call him mammoth"

The mention of Damian's name caused Raver to peer around the corner again to confirm. Much to her dismay she caught sight of her new acquaintance, In the same gear he always wore, caught in the middle of the three bullies.

"really gizmo can't you find a better way to occupy your time than harassing me, I'm really getting tired of it"

"hear that Seymour the little demons tired of us, be careful he might go tell mommy"

"I've already told you, midget, don't talk about my mother"

"you know Gizmo I think that might be a sensitive subject for him, I mean it's hard for us to understand because we have mothers that love us but Damian isn't so lucky"

After this comment was made Damian snapped and lunged at Seymour only to be blocked by Mammoth and tossed like a ragdoll into the lockers. However, this didn't slow him down all that much as he got up to try again, only to be put down. This cycle went on for about five minutes until Damian was out of energy and badly bruised so he lay there in the foetal position.

"aww look we made the little demon cry"

"what's the matter does daddy's money not replace mommy's love"

Then Gizmo crouched down and leaned over. A grim look on his face and put his boot on Damian's fingers pressing down with significant weight. "now listen up demon boy, I hope you learned your lesson because the entire time we were making this commotion no one came to help you. See your alone and always will be. Your mother left you because you didn't deserve her love and eventually you're going to drive everyone away. You'll always be alone and I'll always be here to remind you of that". with those final words, Gizmo stood up purposely pressing down with force on Damian's fingers "come on guys I wanna get food before next period" the trio then left, behind the Damian hadn't moved until tears began streaming down his face. He went into the corner of the section he was in right next to the bin, curled up into a ball and began to cry. Raven feeling sympathy for the boy thought that it was about time she did something. Still feeling bad she didn't intervene she gathered her things and walked over to the crying teen.

"hey… Damian, I um was just walking past and saw you are you ok" she crouched down and tentatively touched her fingertips to the top of his hand

"what do you care. You never have before" he said without lifting his head from between his knees.

"well I just thought…"

"I'm fine I don't need your pity"

"well I mean I saw some of that and wanted…"

"I SAID IM FINE" this time he looked her dead in the eyes, his eyes still red and puffy. He then got up grabbed his backpack and pushed past her storming off and disappearing into the crowded hallway.

"great, good job Rachel just had to go be the healer" she began to no one in particular "now our study session is going to be so awkward" with that she also disappeared in the crowded hall.

-Chapter 3-

The pair were sat in the library. She had walked in to find him already here she had attempted to spark a conversation by saying hi as she sat down but only received an ignorant grunt in response. So, the two studied hell making notes in their respective books in complete silence. The only sounds that could be heard were the scribbling of pencils and the occasional stamping of books from the librarian. Then to Ravens amazement something astounding happened. Damian looked up and in a small almost breathless voice he said "sorry" then looked away shyly.

"what, why are you sorry" she said putting down her pen and resting her arms on the desk leaning forward slightly

"I shouldn't have snapped at you. You were only trying to help, so sorry" after saying this he looked back down at his paper and continued scribbling

"You know I've noticed you don't have many friends"

"gee thanks" he said with a blank stare

"you know I don't have many friends either" as she went on the ceiling seemed to become the most interesting thing in the world for Raven

"I've noticed" he said returning to his work

"I was just thinking maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have one friend" after saying this she seemed to peak Damian's interest as he had stopped what he was doing and was staring at her intently "I guess what I'm trying to say is. If you want. We could be friends" she said the last part of the sentence in almost a whisper

"um I guess that would be fine but I don't really know how to do that"

"yeah me neither. Wow that is really quite sad"

"definitely, what do friends do differently?"

"well I guess I could make time to study after school with my friend if the offer still stands" once again she hesitated on the last part of her sentence however Damian visibly perked up and trying to play it off he shrugged and looked back at his work however his leg was bouncing now.

"sounds good we should decide when a good time to meet up is and a place too"

"well in free most days after school until about 6 or 7, provided we start next week, as for a place we can't use my house but other than that I pretty much have free reign over the city"

"well I have training some days so how abut we go straight to my house after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, my chauffeur can drive us"

"sounds good, I look forward to it"

"indeed, I look forward to our joint business venture, also" Damian said in a slightly shy manner as Raven thought to herself.

"dear god we are bad at this"

-Chapter 3-

For Damian, the weekend couldn't come soon enough. As he had promised earlier on in the week his older brother Dick had planned to spend time with him. So when Saturday finally came around Damian was hardly able to contain his excitement. He almost jumped out of bed and went about his morning routine of brushing his teeth, taking a shower, getting changed and going downstairs to eat breakfast. Downstairs he was greeted at the table by Alfred ,who was stood beside Bruce holding a napkin, his father Bruce, who was reading a paper, and his brother Dick, who was absentmindedly enjoying his breakfast. Damian took his seat next to Dick and was served a plate of bacon, fried eggs, baked beans and French toast by Alfred. With an nod and a thank you Damian stuck into his meal promptly finishing it before turning to Dick.

"so brother what are we going to be doing today" his brother stared at him a blank expression on his face

"what?" he said a slight chuckle

"you had said we would do something"

"oh crap right, look Damian I'm sorry I was swamped with all the marking I need to do and I forgot but I promise I will make it up to.." before he could finish his plea Damian cut him off

"save it for your girlfriend, I don't even care" after saying this he excused himself and left the dining room

"If I might say master Dick, I don't believe that went very well" Alfred, who had come over to clear Damian's plate, said

"your telling me" he responded rubbing the back of his neck worriedly

Damian was sat alone in his living room idlily flicking through channels not looking for anything in particular. He was slouched so his head was resting in the crease between the couch cushion and the backrest and he wore a slight pout on his face.

"you know if you sit like that you're going to hurt your posture" came a voice from the doorway. When Damian looked over he saw his brother leaning against the doorframe smirking slightly

"I don't care"

"aww are you pouting mister grumpy but" he said in a mocking voice

"just leave me alone Dick go disappoint your girlfriend or something"

"ok I guess I will I'm sure she will be disappointed with these movie tickets to see protectors of the galaxy 2 in 3D with luxury seating at the biggest movie theatre in town" he smirked holding up two tickets. Damian was wide eyed and dashed over to his brother to check if he heard right

"but you said…" this time Dick cut him off

"what did you seriously think I would forget?" he said ruffling Damian's hair as tears welled up I Damian's eyes. He hugged his brothers waist tightly, in part to hide the fact he was crying "there's no need for that now is there?"

"I'm not crying. Shut up Dick." He said turning away

"ok fine. Now hurry go get changed or we'll miss it" as he said this Damian sprinted up to his room to put on some nicer clothes. Dick sighed shaking his head and put his hands on his hips. "What am I going to do with you"

-Chapter 3-

The movie had been a big hit with Damian who was ranting on to his brother about it and about how cool the main character is. Dick was just enjoying seeing his brother so happy. After what happened with Damian's mother Dick didn't really see him smile much.

"before we go home do you wanna get some food" Dick said cutting Damian off mid-sentence

"yeah!" Damian responded almost too quickly "I mean, sure whatever"

"alright hop in" the pair clambered into the car and Dick set off to their favourite fast food restaurant. They had found it on their last expedition into the city and had decided not to tell their father or Alfred about it. Once they arrived Damian ordered a large burger with fries and Dick ordered some nuggets. after collecting their food, they took a seat by the window and continued to talk over their meal.

"so what's going on between you and your mysterious 'friend' Raven?" Dick opened causing Damian to cough on his food

"nothing we are just working on a project together and agreed to come to a mutual understanding that one could consider calling friendship if you had limited vocabulary"

"oh so just friends then?"

"I suppose you could say that yes"

"what, so your more than friends then?" Dick smirked as he revelled in teasing his little brother

"what no we only just became friends"

"so you are considering becoming more in the future?"

"what? No! I" he stopped mid-sentence after seeing his brother smirking at him "shut up Dick"

"has dad got Alfred to have 'the talk with you yet'"

"Eww no"

"because you'll be sixteen soon Damian so I imagine you have allot of thoughts"

"please stop"

"you may find hair"

"NO! STOP I'M EATING" Dick laughed

"I'm just teasing"

The rest of the meal was spent talking about nothing and everything and soon darkness fell so the pair decided to return to the manor. On the car journey home Damian fell asleep in the seat next to Dick so upon arriving home Dick decided to carry him instead of waking him up. After putting Damian in his bed, he went downstairs to the kitchen to find Bruce at the counter.

"so, did you and Damian have a nice time"

"yeah, he really opened up, he seems almost happier than usual"

"maybe he's just glad his Brother is spending time with him"

"yeah, maybe" he leaned over the counter smiling to himself and gazing into space.

-Chapter 3-

In the Roth household Raven was sat alone in the dining room doing school work. Or at least pretending to. She was very nervous as her mother had gone to collect her father from the Jump City prison. So she was sat twiddling her thumbs nervously until she heard a car pull up outside and the door open.

"Raven honey guess who's home" came a masculine voice Raven shook a little as she really didn't want to see her father. She walked to the entrance of her small house to find a large bulky man with long white hair and almost red eyes. At least that was how she saw him. "what no hug for daddy" Raven turned away trying to find a way out of this situation "look, I know I have done some bad stuff, I hurt you and your mother but this is my chance to get it right. We can be a family again wouldn't you like that?" Raven looked back over her shoulder and nodded as she walked out the door. She didn't believe him. Old habits die hard.

-Chapter 3-

The next day at school Raven was in the corridor at her locker when two girls who she really didn't want to see came up to her and surrounded her.

"so rae rae I hear daddy's home how's that going for you?"

"great thanks" she said dryly

"really cos I hear that he got really drunk one and he..." a passer-by bumped into the girls shoulder "hey watch where you're going" the passer by stopped and turned to raven. He turned out to be Damian

"hey raven I had an idea for our project"

"do you mind?" the annoyed girl asked causing Damian to turn to her looking very sinister

"no. I don't" he said holding his glare causing her to retaliate in an attempt to slap him. He easily caught her hand without removing his glare "try that again and you'll find out I'm not like most guys. I'm not afraid to hit a girl" he let go of the girl's wrist and turned back to raven.

"come on Rose lets go" the two stormed off leaving Raven suitably baffled

"so rae rae?" Damian stared with one eyebrow raised

"just don't" she gave him an icy glare

-Chapter 3-

It was after school Tuesday and it was Rave and Damian's first study session so Damian waited at the school doors for his new friend to arrive. Soon Raven came and he led her in silence to his car where Alfred was waiting

"ah master Damian I see you have a friend with you today, tell me will the young lady be staying for dinner?"

"um no it's fine thank you…"

"Alfred, his name is Alfred"

"thank you, Alfred,"

"of course, young miss, if you two would it is rather cold out here" the pair entered the car in the back seat whilst Alfred made his way to the front and began the journey home "so, master Damian this must me the young lady you spoke of? Miss Raven was it?"

"oh that's right but you can drop the miss it's weird people talking to me like that."

"of course," the rest of the journey was spent in relative silence with the young pair not making eye contact for fear of the butlers noticing. However, this Alfred noticed more than he would if they had. "Master Damian and m… friend have arrived" the butler announced to the house as he opened the door for the pair Raven looked around in bewilderment at the huge manor, failing to notice the two men coming down the stairs towards her "ah, master Dick, master Bruce, this is Raven young Damian's friend"

"thank you, Alfred"

"of course, master Bruce" with that the butler left

"so, Raven it's nice to see my son interested in someone else for a change" came the deep voice of Bruce Wayne billionaire, genius, philanthropist. Raven could hardly believe she was talking to him

"Dad, please you'll freak her out" this shook Raven out of her trance and realising what the man had said she turned and blushed only to see one of her teachers. Dick Greyson the star athlete who wo medals and was offered a place in the Olympics which he turned down to do his degree

"hi Raven it's nice to see you"

"Mr Greyson what are you doing here?"

"aren't I allowed in my own house?"

"wait you're the big brother Damian told me about? aren't you a little old to live in your parents house?"

"yeah Dick aren't you a little old?" the older man turned to look at him with one eyebrow raised

"ah, well I would move out but Alfred would miss me too much" he responded chuckling nervously

"don't think you have to stay on my account sir" came a voice from the adjacent room "it will be hard but I assure you I will get over your departure" the sarcasm in Alfred's voice apparent

"I think we will study in my room" Damian finally spoke up and grabbing Ravens wrist rushed up the stairs.

The remaining men watched the two adolescents race up the stairs and Bruce turned to Dick

"why haven't you moved out yet?" Dick let out a second nervous chuckle.

-Chapter 3-

"so, if your whole family is famous and charming where are you from" the pair were in Damian's room sat at his desk doing work after retreating from the onslaught of questions from his father and brother.

"ha ha very funny" he said, his tongue dripping with sarcasm

"yeah I thought so… why are there only guys here are you allergic to women? Are you safe with me around?"

"you don't need to be so funny, women often come round like, my dad's various girlfriends or Barbra or miss Anders"

"wait miss Anders comes round, Why? Is she tutoring you?"

"no she and Dick are dating"

"oh right… who is Barbra?"

"are all these questions necessary?"

"I'm just curious"

"Barbra is commissioner Gordons daughter I've known her pretty much as long as I've lived here she's sorta like my big sister. What about you any siblings?"

"no just me and my mum. Until recently" she mumbled the last part but Damian's expertly trained ears caught it anyway

"what happened recently?" she gave him a dead stare "what I'm just curious"

"my dad got out on probation"

"oh well good for you" the room quietened down after this and an awkward silence hung in the air until out of the corner of his eye he noticed raven stretching his shoulders out "what's wrong?"

"what?" she asked with a quizzical look on her face

"your shoulders"

"oh its nothing don't worry about it"

"I can help if you want"

"what?" this time the look was more of a scowl

"I was taught massage as part of my martial arts training, this sort of thing is very big in kung fu"

"you want to give me. A. Massage?"

"sure why not?"

"well I mean its weird"

"I'm not going to do anything weird but if you keep rolling your shoulders like that its going to get distracting"

She let out a defeated sigh "fine but don't let your hands wander"

"you wish" he took up and took his stance behind her standing still. After a while Raven grew impatient


"I'm waiting for you to take your jacket off"

"oh, right, sorry" she took her jacket off revealing her bare shoulders. Damian had not expected raven to be wearing a tank top. He placed his hands on her shoulders and began to rub gently finding each knot and kneading it out slowly. To Raven she was very surprised to find he was so good at it and soon got lost in the sensation letting out satisfied sighs every so often.

"what did you do it looks like you were dragged around the city with your hands attached to the bumper of a four by four""

"shut up your spoiling it with your voice" Damian smirked and slyly located a pressure point next to her shoulder blade and as he was gently rubbing her shoulders he slowed down moving his hand to her back. She responded by resting her head on the desk to allow him access he began to explore her back with his hands applying pressure where it was needed. He found her skin to be wonderfully smooth and he was fond of its colour also. However, he would never tell her that. After he was sure she was comfortable and had a sense of security he quickly jammed his thumbs into the pressure points. The surprise attack caused Raven to arch her back although she didn't find it painful at all in fact it was the intense pleasure that caused her reaction after Damian was satisfied with her punishment he let her go.

"my voice doesn't seem so bad now does it" he smirked however she was panting on the desk too toned out to listen and to her surprise the pain in her shoulders had gone. She made a mental note to ask whenever she had muscle pains again.

-Chapter 3-

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