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Dear Uncle,

Thoughts on what you have said, as well as something that happened to me on the way to Ba Sing Se, have made up my mind. I can't continue like this.

I'm writing to tell you that I'm currently with the ASW, and they say they can get me to the avatar. I've heard that he needs a firebending teacher, and even if there's no strict deadline, the walls of the earth Kingdom's remaining cities are crumbling as we speak. I hope that he can accept me after all that I've done, at least as a teacher if not as a friend.

I am sorry, Uncle, but it looks like our meeting will have to wait for a while. I'm sure you understand.

Please, write back with all the details about your life back in the conquered city. The journey is going to be long and boring, and knowing that you are well would make me feel better.

I don't know what to do about my sister. My father is clearly unchangeable, but I don't want to fight her, even if I thought I could defeat her (which I do not. My pride has its limits). Azula and I may have a troubled past, but we have shared many good times together, and she is, in many ways, the person closest to me, aside from you, of course. (Which is kind of sad, if you think about it, but still).

I suspect it will become clear later.

Wow. That almost sounded like the type of advice you might give. You're rubbng off on me.

Either way, I wish you the best of luck,

Your nephew,