Summary: On his way to the market, Maurice saved a young woman from the dangers of the woods. Kagome trades her life for his when they are become prisoners in a castle by a monstrous beast. Planning her escape, Kagome befriends the castle's enchanted staff and starts to learn to look beyond the beast hideous exterior, allowing her to recognize the kind heart and soul of a person that has begun to grow inside.

Author's Note: I went and saw the new Beauty and the Beast and felt inspired. This is an expansion of 'The Enchanted Rose' with a mix of the new movie.


Snow White

Once upon a time, there was once a maiden that lived in the far east.

There she was loved by family and friends until one night stolen away by bandits. Unable to fight, she was sold from master to master until she escaped into a Dark Forest.


she began the journey home.

He was going in the wrong direction. The surrounding trees began to become less and less familiar. The winds grew more eerie and the moon was clouded by the clouds, giving off an illusion of mystery. Thunder clashed all around. "Lovely woods. I only wished I recognized them. Do you know where we are going Philippe because I don't." Phillipe, his horse turned around a bend and stopped, neighing. "Philippe. We have no time to stop."

His horse trotted his foot up and down refusing to move. Maurice groaned in frustration until he got off his wagon. "Boy, we have no time to-" There on the ground in front of him wa a body of a young woman. "Oh dear." He rushed to her side.

A young girl about his daughter's age with lips red as blood, skin pale as snow and hair black as night. She wore tattered and dirty clothing with blood stains along the cuts. This girl had been through hell. He could not leave her in this state. Someone dangerous could come along, taking advantage of her or worse, die from her wounds. "Come Philippe, let's get this girl on top of the cart. We better take her home with us and find out what happened."

He did just that. Maurice carried her body to the cart and settled her under some straw. Once they were in the village, he would call upon the town doctor to come by and take care of her. The ride home took no longer than expected, they were home by early sunrise.

"Belle! Girl!" He called to his daughter. Belle was a such good soul who would care for this injured young woman.

She came out the side of the house. "Papa. What's wrong?" Was he injured or something worse? He had come back from the market early. Her father was suppose to be gone for a few more days. He stood at the end of the wagon and moved some straw aside. There in the back was an injured young woman. "What happened?"

Maurice climbed into the cart to move the young girl to the edge. She had not awakened up yet but was alive. She mumbled in her sleep throughout the night after he turned around for the village. He would go to the market another time. This felt too important to leave right away. He had to find out if she would make it through the next day. "I found her in the woods like this. Belle, go fetch the town doctor straight away while I take her inside." Belle sprinted off into the village, heading towards the doctor's home in the center.

Maurice managed to carry the girl into the house to the small window bed. He set her down upon the fabric, not caring if they needed to watch the blood out of it later. He dusted himself off before heading out to get some fresh straw and blankets for a better bed next to the fire. He needed to warm her up and quickly.

The girl shivered as he placed her in front of the fireplace before rubbing his hands from the numbness. He placed some more blankets over her shivering cold body until Belle came back with the town doctor.

"What do we have here?" The town doctor was an older gentlemen new from Paris. He rubbed his hands on his black suit before kneeling down in front of the young lady. 'Where did you find her Maurice?"

Maurice pointed out the window towards the east forest. "Out in the East Forest towards the market place. I was deep within and she was in the middle of the road like this."

The doctor nodded as he unzipped his medical bag. "Mademoiselle Belle, give me some freshwater." belle went to the kitchen to get the good doctor some water and rags. She came back to both men removing the cloak from around her. "Belle, start washing her wounds so I may see what the damage is."

Belle went to the other side of the doctor ringing out the rag. She started to wash the blood from the girl's face and arms. Along her arms are fresh cuts and some healing. What kind of ordeal had this girl been through? "Belle, unlace her gown in the front so I can look at midsection." She looked at the doctor in horror who socfed at her. "Girl, do it quickly! If she had any infections in the front, it may prove to be fatal.

Belle pushed aside her shock and horror doing as the doctor commanded. Thankfully she wore a shift underneath for some modesty. Belle slid the unuseable gown off the girl and to the side. There would be no saving that dress. Belle would have to make her a gown from scratch.

The doctor's eyes widened in shock as he saw the horrible bruising on this poor young woman. She had been mistreated in the worst way possible. Thankfully, there were no cuts on her legs or midsection. She was very lucky that Maurice had found her before something else had happened. He turned to Belle,"She will most likely be feverish for a few days." Nodding, Belle took the doctor's directions to heart. This young lady would need her cuts washed every few hours and apply ointment after. "She should be fine within a few weeks." He packed up his bag. "Once she is awaken and well rested, call me again to check her progress."

The doctor left for his next call and Belle set to work on his instructions. She dig out her old shifts to re-change the girl into. She combed her hair and washed the dirt away to prevent infection. "Father, what will happen to her now?"

Maurice took a deep breathe before settling down at his desk. "We try to find her family. If nothing else, she may stay here until other arrangements are made."

Belle smiled at her father before stroking the girl's hair. She looked peaceful sleeping now. "You won't send her away?"

"No my pet, I will not send her away."

For days, the girl who they nicknamed Snow White slept as Belle continued to treat her wounds. Her fever broke on the third day and on the fourth day began to open her eyes.

Belle watched as she fluttered her blue eyes open. Unfocused the young girl began to move her hair out of her face. She was not in the forest anymore. She was in a small home with a fire going. She was clean and her wounds were dressed. She tried to move her arms more but felt some aching joints. Her last beating from that prick who bought her liked to beat his slaves when they didn't do what he wanted. He had tried to have his way with her. Luckily he was too drunk to do anything before she knocked him out with a rock.

Her eyes refocused as a woman her age was beside her. She gasped. "It's okay…" She had brown hair, she thought as she tried to get up. "It's okay. I won't hurt you." She could feel sincerity in the young woman's voice. She ached for human compassion. She took a leap of faith hoping she was right.

Her English was not the greatest but she tried. "Where am I?"

The girl with brown hair smiled. "My father found you in the forest near our village. He brought you here. That was four days ago. You had us worried there for a minute."

She tried to say something else but her throat was so dry. Belle understood and brought a cup of water to the girl's lips. Sehe tried to glup it down but Belle held her hand steady. "Not so fast… Can you tell me your name?"

The girl's blue eyes focused in concentration before she gasped out. "Kagome...my name is Kagome. More water please." Belle gave Kagome some more water. Kagome felt so much better after feeling the water rushing through her body. "Thank you so much for helping me."

Belle smiled. "Your welcome. My name is Belle. Please let me help you some more." Belle loved taking care of Kagome. For the next few weeks, she nursed Kagome back to health. Her bruises and cuts began to heal and fade away.

The doctor came to check on Kagome from time to time but after a while, he didn't need to come anymore.

Kagome watched as the girl named Belle left the room again to get more coffee and food. Her bed was next to the window where the sun was rising and the birds were singing. It sounded like a Disney movie or something, the sunrise was so beautiful.

She prompted herself up in the bed, she could go outside today if she was feeling well enough. The bruises on her face had disappeared but the ache and pains of her muscles were still healing. "I hope you are still hungry because I have some more food for you."

Kagome smiled at the sight of more breakfast and the familiar smell of coffee. She grew to love the stuff as a teenager when she needed to pull all-nighters to study for an upcoming test. "Thank you." She said as Belle put the tray on her lap. "You and your father are doing too much for me…."

"It's okay Kagome, we want to…" Belle took the leftovers and left Kagome to get some more rest. Her saviors were kind and helpful as the days past before Kagome could finally get out of that bed. They offered her food and shelter, yet Kagome wondered what would happen to her now? She couldn't stay here forever.

Kagome needed to find a way back home. She knew she was in France. Some of the dialect Belle spoke, Kagome understood some of it. Today, the doctor came over and pronounced that Kagome could go out into the village for a few hours. Yet, if she felt any soreness, she needed to go straight back to bed.

Kagome promised to be careful, yet as Belle clutched her side, she felt wonderful. It felt so good to be out of that bed and away from those four walls. Here, there was fresh air and a wide-open sky. "Here is the bakery," Belle stepped into a shop, the smell of baked bread filling her nostrils. "Bonjour Monsieur, the usual please." Belle greeted the Baker who gave her some of his baked bread.

The village people watched the two girls as they did their many errands around the town. Kagome felt as she was a fish through a looking glass, yet with Belle at her side, it felt as if she wasn't alone.

On their way back home, Kagome felt a twinge of magic in the air. Her blue eyes searched and one corner of the street, Kagome saw a woman asking, begging for something to eat. There was the magic, it felt so familiar to her, yet so unfamiliar.

As if the woman knew that Kagome was thinking about her, she glanced over from across the street. Both woman kept eye contact with each other as Kagome passed her, knowing who each other were. "Blessings child." The woman whispered, only Kagome could hear. "Come to me soon traveler and see."

"Kagome!" Belle exclaimed as Kagome ran into her back. "Didn't you see me stop?"

Kagome looked back, surprised to find the woman had vanished into thin air. "No, I'm sorry. I guess I saw something." She regained her composure, "Let's go. I'm starving." Both girls went inside to start dinner, Kagome never forgetting about the woman she met.

After Belle and Maurice fell asleep, Kagome pulled a black cloak on before setting off to the forest. She could sense the magic trail. It was like sensing the jewel shards, yet so different. She needed to find that mysterious woman, Kagome needed that hope.

The trail ended at a man-made home, made from the trees around them. There was the woman in the center of the camp, brewing something out of the cauldron. "You show up… Come child," She patted the seat next to her. "Sit, you must be cold."

Kagome lowered her hood as she stepped closer to the light. "Who are you?" Kagome asked as she sat down next to the woman who offered a smile.

The woman laughed. "I was like you a long time ago, young and not knowing what I was."

"I know who I am," Kagome countered in a childish manner.

The woman laughed offering Kagome a bowl of soup, "You know only a seed of what you are." She pointed to the stars above and the moon. "I know what you seek." Kagome's heart threatened to beat out of her chest. Hope. She felt hope for the first time in a long time. 'That way no longer exists, you will have to make a new way there."

Kagome felt a tear fall down her face as the fire cracked against the night sky. So, there was no way home after all. The portal that had bought her here would not take her home now. The woman put a comforting hand on Kagome's shoulder. "If you continue this path, you will find your way there, if you let someone guide you."

"Are you offering to teach me?" Kagome asked, wiping the stray tear.

"If you like." Her new teacher smiled, and yet knowing that it would take years before she saw her family again, there was hope. If she listened, Kagome would create a new way home.

"Teach me."