Originally this was going to be just a one-shot, but seeing the positive feedback convinced me to add another chapter. Thank you everyone for the positive response. I hope you enjoy it!

For any couple a trip to a tropical paradise like Hawaii was a gift from the heavens. Many a young and old couple had dreamed of going there for any number of reasons, all of them romantic. For Akira and Sadayo they considered themselves lucky they would have the chance to go to Hawaii, except there would be some…complications. Make no mistake, the two had been quite happy in their two months of being together, but this trip to the U.S. would prove to be a new hurdle in their relationship. For starters, it was going to be a school trip, meaning their friends and peers would be with them every step of the way, and two…they were a student and a teacher respectively.

"Look at it this way, I could probably pass for a college student; that might lessen things." Akira offered as they waited for the light to change allowing them to cross the street. "Nothing wrong with a college student and a high school teacher together is there?"

"Sure that'll work, right up until they spot you in the same uniform as a bunch of other high schoolers." Sadayo snidely shot back.

"That won't be a problem if we're both out of uniform." The younger of the two grinned watching the hot blush spread across her face.

Sadayo both loved and hated that little smirk of his, it was practically daring her to make a move or say something only to have him refute her. Damn him and that stupid charm of his, "And if someone asks why a young man like you is walking arm in arm with a grown woman? What then?"

Upon crossing the street Akira's arm coiled around Sadayo's waist bringing her closer to him. As usually she didn't resist it, in fact she welcomed it. A slight blush covered her cheeks but not enough for any bystanders to notice if they kept walking. "You're going to tell me I'm overthinking this aren't I?" She started only getting a shrug for an answer. Maybe…maybe he's right. Besides, it's not like there's going to be anyone calling for my attention while we're there. Even if something does come up I'm sure Akira will know how to slip away, he's managed to evade the Tokyo Police for over five months already. With that thought came a little bit of dark pride causing her to smile a little. Thanks to you I really don't have to do much to keep us a secret. "Have you ever thought of going outside the country? Any place you wanted to see?"

"Of course, whenever I was showed a picture book of something outside my sleepy little town I wanted to go there." The bespectacled teen laughed. "Hawaii though, truthfully I've dreamed of going but I always dismissed it as a pipe dream. Now I'm not only going there, but I'll have a beautiful woman in my arms throughout the trip."

"Maybe not the entire trip but I'll definitely see what I can do about finding some time to see you." She laughed. "I'm just hoping no one does anything stupid so I have to waste my pseudo-vacation time yelling at a bunch of immature kids."

"What's with that look? You know by know Ryuji's more responsible than he looks."

"Exactly, but Sakamoto-kun is still, well, ya' know." The brunette stated. "Just watch out for him, make sure he doesn't get into trouble. I know you know how his temper can get him into trouble, especially if he sees something that sets him off."

He knew it wasn't her intention to offend or bad mouth his best friend. On the contrary Sadayo had actually grown a healthy respect for the blond delinquent he called his best friend and right-hand man, it had just taken some time to warm up to him. Though Ryuji was loud he wasn't the worst of the students that would be crossing the Pacific to visit the United States. Like his girlfriend he too had a mental list of those likely to cause trouble, rather than personally deal with them he'd have to leave the situation to Makoto and the Shujin staff. The trip was going to be their personal time, he wasn't going to let anything change that. "So have you picked out something to wear? I wouldn't mind seeing that daisy-colored-" Akira asked with a cheeky grin.

"We're in public Akira!" She shouted wishing she could slap that grin off his face.

"No one seems to mind too much Sadayo." Hardly a person on the street seemed to pay the two of them any mind which only added to Sadayo's frustration and his amusement. That was one things he liked about the streets of Yongen-Jaya, how life moved on regardless of who or what you were. He found comfort in walking these streets without aim or direction when he first arrived in Tokyo, now he could walk them with his teacher turned maid turned girlfriend in his arms. All with the sweet bonus of knowing the metropolitan police were racking their brains trying to figure out who the Phantom Thieves were. "So are you going to answer my question…or will you save it as a surprise for later?"

"I think it'll be better if I keep you in the dark on that." The brunette giggled leaning her head against Akira's shoulder. Sadayo was aware of the possibility that this would be the last time she and her lover would have physical contact for a while. While the thought annoyed her greatly she remembered the next time they got together it would be the sunny shores of Hawaii, it was consolation prize she could live with. "Having spent a few months here how do you feel about heading to the beach? You've lived in a small town most of your and now you've had a taste of city life, how's the beach looking?"

"This will be my first time ever going to beach honestly." He answered looking up at the darkening sky. His earliest memories were faint and barely decipherable, one thing he was sure of was that he'd never known the feeling of walking on sand and feeling of waves crash against his legs. Come to think of it neither of his parents had ever seemed to like water, his father especially. "Since you're more in the loop can you tell me what we won't be allowed to do?"

"Don't do anything stupid." She immediately stated.

"Can you define stupid for me, my definition is lacking Sensei."

Playfully slapping his arm she chose to forgo repeating everything the principal had laid out on his list of what not to do. That had been an incredibly long and boring meeting that left her wanting to bash her head against the wall. Within the first ten minutes Sadayo already knew half the students would violate the established rules just for the hell of it.

They didn't talk anymore after that, they simply continued down the street enjoying the cool fall air. It was a nice departure from the blistering heat of July and August though it was inevitable a prelude what many were guessing was going to be a cold winter. Oddly enough Sadayo found she was actually looking forwards to winter, maybe because she'd actually have free time and someone to spend it with. The closer they got to her apartment complex the more people she began to recognize; none of them said much seeing her with a teenager, if anything she caught a few slight grins being shot her way. She wondered if this was the kind of reception they would get when they went on the trip. With her boyfriend's body still comfortable pressed against her she allowed her imagination to wonder off to the future.

Akira took pleasure in seeing the dreamy expression on the brunette's face. Since they'd gotten together she'd been free to do a lot more of that lately, or maybe now she had something to day dream about. Being a guy he silently let his own imagination run wild though he was better at concealing it unlike his girlfriend. As they drew closer to the block she lived on he prepared himself his mind wondered to the promised trip wondering what would happen once they landed. I won't be a Phantom Thief and she won't be a maid, but we'll still be seen as student and teacher by the school. Sighing he realized as stellar as his luck was it always had to come up short somewhere. "I guess this is goodbye for the night." He chuckled as they stood before the door to her home, a relatively decent-sized building he'd yet to have the pleasure of entering. One day maybe he would, preferable soon.

"Y-Yeah, I had a great time this evening so thank you for that." She responded with a hot blush coloring her cheeks. Akira still had her wrapped in his arms leaving their faces unfathomably close to each other. She was sure he could feel her heated breath tickling his neck, and Sadayo could definitely feel his fingers gently rubbing against her sides. Matching his smile with one of her own she placed both hands against his chest and leaned in. The second their lips met the older woman felt all her restraint go out the window, peering eyes of neighbors be damned. Opening her mouth a little she happily invited his tongue in and he did so as well allowing a union that fanned the flames of desire in both of them. Sadayo had come to enjoy being warmed by this fire, it was unlike anything she'd ever experienced in any of her past relationships.

Taking advantage of her lust-induced paralysis Akira gently pushed his girlfriend up against the door frame sandwiching her between it and his body. Every time he heard her moan or felt her shudder in pleasure a rush of pride swelled up inside of him further feeding his desire. Each shudder that ran through her body he felt as well, the brief times they pulled away to catch their breath all they could do was stare at the other before locking lips again. There was definitely a hint of pleading in their actions, both aware they weren't going to be able to do this for a while. Akira was tempted to move his hands lower, down to a place that would have colored her cheeks a scarlet red as well as earned him a slap on the arm; if he did it would totally be worth it though.

Sadayo wanted this moment to last longer, hell, a part of her mind was silently pleading for Akira to take things a step further. To fish out the key and stumble their way into her bedroom and then…then…N-N-N-No! W-W-We already agreed that we won't do it on a school night! The teacher's rational mind thundered at her more indecent thoughts. Violently grabbing the controls her teacher-side forced her to gently push her younger lover away, much to the dismay of the other side of her mind. She really did hate the feeling of removing herself from him, but she knew it was for the best. Sadayo knew for a fact her lips were still red from the passionate make out session as she spoke, "S-S-S-So I-I'll see you tomorrow. M-M-Make sure to pack appropriately and g-get a good meal in before we depart for ai-airport."

"Yeah…sure." He laughed pulling out of her arms and beginning down the walkway. Just as he reached the nine-foot mark he craned his head back and with a completely fearless smile asked, "By the way, can I expect yellow or green? Personally I think you look better in yellow." For an answer he got an explosion of red and one hell of a shell shocked expression, one that could put even Ryuji and Ann's shocked faces to shame. "You're right, it'd be better as a surprise. See you tomorrow Sadayo!" Not looking back he carried the Cheshire grin all the way down the street somewhat unnerving onlookers who caught sight of his impossibly wide smile.

"Ohhhh, that kid!" The thirty-two year old woman growled falling on top her bed with a glass of sake sitting on the nightstand. How many times had he done this to her?! How many times had she been left completely disarmed at the hands of a high schooler just half her age? Who also happened to be a wanted criminal? Not for the first time she wondered how the hell she'd even ended up in this situation. Not that she'd come to regret any of it. Still, he had brought up a rather…interesting question.

Walking over to her closest she fished out what little swimwear she had, truthfully Sadayo had never been much of a water person. Since trips to the beach were few and far between she only had two pairs of swimwear, when she learned of the school trip she'd gone out and bought herself a brand new bikini. Shameful as it was the only thought in her mind as she paid for the sexy clothing was Akira's grinning face which nearly made her break out in a blush at the register.

It wasn't exactly green, but she felt she could pull off blue just as well as she could yellow which was her favorite color. She found it rather humorous when Akira told her his favorite color happened to be red, given what she knew about him she found it fitting. This would be the first time he'd ever let him see her in such a skimpy outfit baring her maid uniform. "If I could leave him speechless as a maid then I can definitely do it wearing a bikini!" The brunette resolved with determination in her brown orbs.

This…could have been way better. Akira though staring at the dark ceiling of the hotel room he was now sharing with his best friend, the Phantom's PR manager, and now Ann. Where did things go wrong? It started out decent when they landed, but then they found out just how restrictive traveling was when you're high school student. In other words, it sucked balls. From the minute they stepped off the plane and had to decide who they were going to be rooming with he felt the air leaving his sails fairly quickly. The first day of sight-seeing was fun, but after that he had to listen to Mishima continue on about the Phan-Site all night. More than once Akira had to tell him to take it easy since they were supposed to be on vacation; that set him right back into gotta-get-a-girlfriend mode in a heartbeat. At least he had a few minutes to himself while the shorter male was on his doomed quest to get himself a girlfriend. Akira almost felt sorry for reminding Mishima of his single-man status. The following day not even Yusuke's surprise appearance had been enough to completely salvage the trip.

Since the trip started he hadn't been able talk to his girlfriend, or more importantly she hadn't been able to talk to him. He knew such a thing was inevitable given her position as a teacher, but reality had been a little harsher than what he'd been expecting. And then Ryuji and Ann had immigrated to his room due to their roommates bringing their respective lovers to their rooms and locking them out. Akira felt like some cosmic deity was laughing at him, if there was then he wanted a word with that deity. In a roundabout way though he supposed he was lucky Mishima didn't have a girlfriend of his own or else he would have been in the same boat as his teammates; that left him the issue of trying to sleep while sharing space with three people for the night. Adding to the pile the Phantoms' PR manager dropped the news they'd finally made their world-wide debut.

We were looking forwards to this trip so we could get away from our lives as the Phantom Thieves, that's why we call it a vacation. He mentally grunted. Still, hearing how they'd gotten the attention of the entire world had done good things to his ego, it never hurt to have it stroked every now and then.

"What about you Akira?"


"Spacing out huh? I asked you what kind of girl you're in to. We already know all she needs is a nice body and Ryuji's sold." Ann stated while Ryuji promptly called her out. "Maybe I know a girl you like and I can hook you up if you're interested."

That'd be great, if I weren't already in a relationship Ann. This was another aspect of their relationship Akira had to deal with, the secrecy from his own teammates. In the short time they'd known each other he'd come to trust them all, especially Ryuji and Ann. Regardless, he couldn't let them know he was dating their homeroom teacher. "For starters I'll admit there are certain physical qualifications she'd have to pass, not that I wouldn't accept her for who she is. I guess for me what draws me to a woman is her mind."

"Seriously dude?" Ryuji began. "You want an egghead?"

"Yeah actually, I want someone I can have intelligent conversations with." The dark-haired teen mused. "It doesn't matter to me if she's smarter than me or not, I guess what I want is someone who knows what they're talking about when they start talking."

"What about personality wise?" Ann pressed even more interested. "Don't tell me, you're into shy girls. Don't look at me like that, you come off as one of those guys who'd totally go for a girl who's too shy to approach you then treat her like a total princess."

"Oh, so you're saying I'm some chivalrous knight with glasses?"

"In cool black leather armor and packing knives instead of swords." The male blond laughed. "I mean just look at the way you chewed out those bastards in Mementos, the ones who were exploiting Kawakami-Sensei, dude, I've never seen you so pissed off before. I hear chicks dig that kind of stuff."

"Not all of them Ryuji." He countered letting his smile fall a little. If only his best friend knew where his chivalry had landed him. "I don't think I would mind being called chivalrous, or having a pet name to be called by. Anyways, back to Ann's original question, my type of girl is the mature kind."

He hadn't given them anything to piece together, absolutely nothing that could lead back to his relationship with Sadayo. Still, watching the mystery on their faces was pretty enjoyable.

"Wait, with that kind of description are you talking about…" Something came across his mind and the Phantoms' muscle shut his mouth and turned to Ann. Akira made a mental note to probe Ryuji for his thoughts later on, maybe on the trip back home. "We answered honestly, so now it's your turn Ann. What kind of guy do you-"


All three of the teenagers went silent at the ghost-like voice. They looked around the room at first unable to decipher where it had come from.

Shaking the voice off Ryuji started again, "So, what kind of guy do you-"

The flush of the toilet interrupted the male blonde's question as well as answered the trio's previous question. "M-My stomach…Hrgh…."

"That doesn't sound good." Ann remarked sitting up as did Ryuji.

"Y'know, wasn't he drinkin' the tape water earlier? That's like the one thing you're not supposed to do when you're outta the country."

Akira immediately face-palmed. God damn it Mishima! Bad enough I can't see my girlfriend on this trip, but now I have to spend all night listening to you deface a hotel toilet! He was beginning to see why Sadayo sounded so drained and worried when she talked about looking after the kids while they were on the trip.

It may not have been Japan, but teenagers were still teenagers, the flower of stupidity was in full bloom.

When he saw the texts Akira knew he was going to be subjecting his two male friends to a long and cold afternoon of loneliness and boredom.

He'd make it up to them someday.

One of her messages had mentioned how she could use some de-stressing, Akira was good when it came to 'de-stressing' his maid-turned girlfriend. Instantly he'd replied that he'd be right there as soon as possible. "So I finally get to find out rather it's yellow or green." The teen grinned as he unzipped his suitcase and searched for his swim trunks. Again, he'd make it up to Ryuji and Mishima, one day in the far future.

Finding her wasn't too hard to do once he left the hotel. They'd decided to meet at the bench area right in front of the hotel where many of the students had gathered and met up with each other. It was incredibly easy for him to spot her, he'd recognize that mess of brown hair in a heartbeat. What he was not expected was a fairly thin t-shirt to obscure her upper body from view while a pair of incredibly sexy yellow and blue striped bikinis covered her lower region. If Akira had to guess beneath the t-shirt he'd find a matching set.

Her deep brown eyes fell on his near-dark gray orbs, Akira smirked while she blushed a little. This was their first time seeing each other so scantily clad.

"Sorry if I made you wait." The teenager offered walking up to her.

"No, it's no trouble. I gotta say though, it's nice to finally have some 'me' time since I've been so busy lately." She knew there was going to be a fair amount of work to balance out the vacation, what she hadn't expected was for the work part to over cede the vacation part. Now that her boyfriend was finally here she felt the vacation part could actually begin. "Hey," Sadayo started when she noticed Akira's gaze was locked on her and her alone. To have those eyes stare her down when she was so thinly clade made her feel, well, embarrassed. "What are you staring at?"

"Your swimsuit." He answered with a charming smirk.


"What, I'm not allowed to stare at my girlfriend when she's standing before me in a hot swimsuit?" The dark-haired boy added watching her cheeks heat up in enjoyment.

"Th-Thanks, I appreciate your honesty." Sadayo responded happy she'd caught her boyfriend's attention. Though she'd been complimented on her swimsuit there was only one person whose praise she really wanted, and he'd just given it to her. "Hey, do you wanna go for a walk?"

"I thought you'd never ask." He chuckled pushing up his glasses before taking her hand and guiding her down the sandy streets.

To have her hand held firmly in his made all of the teacher's worries instantly melt away. Likewise with his beloved at his side Akira felt he could finally start enjoying the trip.

"You look like this trip's been just as much of a drain on you as it's been for me." Sadayo noted as they strolled through the sand with the sound of the waves and the people blaring from both sides.

"Let's just say this is the first real time I've been able to relax since we landed."

"Since you weren't rooming with Sakamoto-kun I thought you'd at least be able to get a good night sleep. I can see the bags under your eyes."

She was good, Akira had to give her that. "Let's just say…certain things kept me up all last night and by the time I fell asleep dawn was less than half an hour away." He grumbled out.

"I see," The former maid nodded looking over to the sandbar where countless other people had carved out a little corner of the beach for themselves. "You know, if you want we could find a nice little tree and you could take a nap."

He knew that voice, it made his blood boil and lit his teenage hormones ablaze. "Will this nap come with a free message?"

Locking eyes Sadayo immediately put on her most innocent expression and leaned in to the point she was practically being held in Akira's arms. "Do you really have to ask me that question Master? Haven't I always been a good maid to you?"

He couldn't resist just a quick peck on the lips as he heard those words. Spying a remote tree that offered decent enough shading. For him it seemed like in a few short steps they'd claimed the spot as their own and he was releasing a much needed yawn. "Ya' know, a nap on the beach may be just want I need."

Lying back against the palm tree the teacher offered the student her lap as a pillow, all too eagerly he took it. Sadayo remembered the evening they'd decided to begin their relationship, how it really started with her offering him a chance to use her lap as a pillow. It's hard to believe that was barely two months ago, and now look at where we are. Looking out over the Hawaiian shore it made Sadayo feel incredibly happy she'd had the fortune of meeting Akira. Who would have thought I'd be sitting on a Hawaiian beach with one of my students sleeping in my lap? It was times like this she was happy for the curveballs life threw at her. Softly tending to his hair she engraved the image of Akira looking so at peace into her mind. He looked so innocent, a far cry from the charming young man who moonlit the streets of Tokyo as a Phantom Thief. She'd noticed whenever he was around her, when it was just the two of them, he seemed to relax just a little bit more. Sadayo knew what to look for because she was the same way when it came to her double life as a teacher and a maid. With that thought in mind Sadayo realized they made an odd yet reasonable fit for each other.

Here so far away from the bustling city of Tokyo they weren't anything but a couple enjoying the sun. No one who passed at them or winked knew who they were, just as they'd both hoped. Lost in his sleep Akira was completely oblivious to the various winks and chuckles they received, at least she'd have something to tease him about when he awoke.

Fifteen minutes later and the Phantom Thieves' leader awoke to soft strokes along his forehead. As usual his vision was hazy upon awaking only coming into clarity as he attempted to sit up. A soft hand gently pushed him back down, in an instant he remembered who the hand belonged to and where he was. "Thank you." He smiled.

"That's what a girlfriend is for." She giggled. "Did you enjoy your nap Master?"

"Very much so." He answered sitting up against the tree trunk and wrapping his arm around her waist. "I owe you something for that."

"I'll think of something." Akira's body was soft yet at the same time surprisingly firm. He had a lean figure that caste him as more of an acrobat or a runner than big boned or a brawler like some of his classmates. She supposed he worked to maintain that handsome physique out of both pride and as a part of his duties as a Phantom Thief. Running a lazy figure across his chest she noted the complete absence of any scars. At least I know you're keeping out danger, or at least danger hasn't left its mark on you. Her fear of what he was going through sometimes kept her up at night, what danger he might be facing sneaking into God knows where and facing God knew who, some knights she woke up with a shiver, one knight she awoke with a scream. Her tracing with a single finger eventually turned into her entire palm softly stroking his well-defined body, Akira remained perfectly silent as she lost herself in her actions. How long will you be able to keep this up? Am I going to pull your shirt up one day to find you have some scar on your chest? Or am I going to call roll in class and you won't be there? Sadayo tried not to think about the possibility of such a thing happening, it was just too scary to imagine. Just as she opened her mouth to speak she felt an undeniable rumble come from her boyfriend's stomach. Looking up she saw him giving her a rather flustered smile. "Seems like someone's hungry."

"Y-Yeah, it's been a couple of hours since breakfast so I guess we should go get some lunch." He explained standing up. "Let's see what we can find."

Finding something wasn't so much a problem as actually picking something out. To say the beach was littered with food stands and trucks would have been an understatement. For Akira the myriad of smells just made his stomach howl even louder much to his annoyance; it screamed at him to pick anything that would satisfy it. The problem was Akira could only recognize half of what was being sold at the stands. He was a minute from randomly picking something when his girlfriend beat him to the punch.

"Oooh, look! Garlic shrimp!"

I guess I know what it is we'll be having for lunch. "This'll be a first."

"You've seriously never had garlic shrimp before?" His girlfriend asked genuinely puzzled. "Tasting local delicacies such as this is an absolute must on a vacation don't you think? Come on!"

"I guess this really is going to be a day of firsts for me." The high schooler chuckled jumping in line. Truthfully he was willing to eat anything just as long as it filled his stomach. Besides that based his lover's excitement he was going to wage garlic shrimp had to have had some taste to it.

Not too long afterwards and they were searching for a table, or rather she was searching for a table while he placed two plates of steaming hot garlic shrimp in two hands. He was hoping like hell she found a table soon because he really wanted to eat. Akira let out a sigh of relief when Sadayo finally spotted and table and they could began eating.

"The only thing missing here is a nice cold beer." Sadayo mused downing another delicious bite. "How come drinking on the beach has to be forbidden in Hawaii? It's not fair."

"Probably to prevent a lot of drunk idiots from stumbling around ogling women in bikinis." He slyly countered. "You weren't kidding about the garlic shrimp, it's pretty damn good."

"See? Told you you'd enjoy it!"

"You don't get food like this back home, have you eaten foreign food before?"

"Actually yeah, I have. You see my parents own a restaurant in Nagoya, when they were younger they used to take me on a few of their traveling trips. You wouldn't believe all the food I got to try."

"Lucky you. If that's the case why didn't you choose cooking? I can personally attest to the fact you're an excellent cook."

"Still tryin' to sweet talk me huh? I guess I decided I loved teaching more than I did cooking, besides for me it always seemed more a hobby than a calling."

"That's a shame, I would have enjoyed Chief Kawakami," his face-splitting grin might as well have been a felony. "But it doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Kawakami-Sensei, and I wouldn't be able to you call you my loyal servant."

Even though his voice was low enough all she could hear it his words still ignited a firestorm within her cheeks. Damn it Akira! Even when we're eating do you have to keep flirting with me! Well, actually, I guess I should be happy we're eating shrimp and not something a little more…suggestive.

By the time their plates were empty both the student and teacher had full stomachs and satisfied smiles on their faces. The garlic shrimp had been a true delicacy as Sadayo had predicted. It was all enjoyable until their server asked them one rather innocent question that caught the higher schooler and instructor completely off guard.

"By the way, are you two honeymoonin' here? From the way you acted you sounded like a pair of newlyweds."



Even if it was just met as a joke the sheer surprise left the two of them speechless. If Sadayo could regain any composure she would have enjoyed seeing Akira just as flustered as her. On his end the Phantom Thief was spinning out of control with no apparent end in sight. The phrase honeymoon had sent his mind into something of a miniature shutdown, and after that something of an unneeded walk down memory lane.

"N-Nope, j-just another couple here on vacation." Sadayo answered grabbing her boyfriend's hand then dragging him away.

It wasn't until she stopped to look back to see he was smiling at her, not seductively or with charm. Just a simple smile of happiness. Stopping for a moment she leaned in planting a quick kiss on his lips. "Thanks for the meal Akira-kun."

"Anytime Saya-chan."

The teenager and adult always found something rather charming about the sunset, perhaps because it meant something to the both of them. For Akira it meant the end of another long day of work, preparation, training, and dungeon-crawling in Mementos. For Sadayo it meant work was over and hopefully she could go straight home and relax. Thanks to Akira she had been able to do such a thing for the past month without any worries. Now the sunset they were looking at symbolizing something entirely new: unity and peace.

Waikiki Beach had been every bit as extravagant as it had been made out to be. It sharp contrast to Tokyo everywhere they looked there was color and people, all carefree or too engrossed in their own pleasure to notice them. Out on the water were dozens of people, swimmers, surfers, and so forth. Sadayo attempted to bait her boyfriend into renting a board and testing his skills on the wave only to have her challenge coolly denied. Apparently the great Joker didn't do surfing, give him legions of dangerous Shadows and human scumbags, but not even his impressive skill set covered battling Neptune's dominion. She giggled when he told her how his 'guts' just weren't high enough to try something like surfing, but she was more than welcome to five it a try.

Just because surfing was out didn't mean they didn't get themselves wet. Wading waist-deep into the water then getting into a childish splash fight was more than enough fun for both of them. Following one lucky shot Akira was graced with an image of his girlfriend's soaked upper body allowing him to clearly see the breast-hugging bikini top underneath. He was so busy staring he completely failed to notice the torrent until he was tasting seawater in his mouth.

"Lucky shot." Akira mumbled wiping his eyes.

"Don't play that game with me, here I thought you were above such petty antics." She playfully huffed turning away.

"That's funny coming from the same person who couldn't take her eyes off me once I showed up shirtless."

Their splashing match ended in a draw with a promised rematch someday in the future. Passing the Beach and Spa Resort gave them a glimpse of some of the beach's more wealthy occupants leaving them daydreaming about what it would be liked to spend an evening at a spa resort. Sadayo in particular seemed to relish the idea of someone tending to her relaxation after her three years of forced servitude. Stopping short at the Honolulu Zoo did they realized if they kept going they wouldn't be able to make it back before night fall.

"You know, I actually would have liked to go to the zoo."

"Anything of interest you wanted to see?"

"Nothing much, it's just…something I've always wanted to do. My dad promised to take me once, but…well, some stuff came up and we never went."

Sadayo knew when her lover was keeping something from her. More than his life as a Phantom Thief there was his home life, something she knew even less about. "In that case one day we'll just have to come back here ourselves." She resolved creasing his face with a smile he returned.

"I gotta say, my first time out of country, turned out to be a whole lot cooler than I thought it would be." Akira admitted as they watched the last quarter of the sun begin to dip beneath the horizon.

"It's been years since I've seen something so beautiful like this." Sadayo said in regards to the sunset. Silently Akira agreed with her, beach sunsets truly were a beauty to behold. "I was having so much fun I forgot to be on the lookout for anyone who might recognize us."

"I'm sure no one cared even if they did see us. We saw at least half the guys out on the surf, watching them get swallowed up by the sea then go back for another try."

"Even so…if someone did say anything I wouldn't back down if they confronted us about it." She elaborated with a confident smile. "To tell you the truth, I'm worried you're lonely because of the position I'm in. We finally got to spend time together, but this was the last real day of vacation time we had before we have to head back. Akira-kun, I…I wanted to spend more time with you than this. I'm sorry things turned out this way."

Silently reaching over he caressed her cheek with the softness of a feather. It was beautifully smooth and soft, a feeling he'd grown accustomed to. At the second of his touch her expression went from saddened to happy. "I do want to see more of you, but I'm happy I got to spend at least one day with you here. One day, that's all that counts."

Placing her hand over his she leaned into his touch. How many times am I going to have to be the one to rely on you? "I'm happy to hear that. What do you say we come back to Hawaii sometime? Just the two of us?"

"I'm definitely up for that." The student grinned.

"Here, take this." Pulling his hand away from her face she dropped a tiny object into the palm of his head. His face morphed into a surprised expression once he realized what it was. "I give you the power of a paycheck!"

"A Hawaiian ring? With our initials?" He started looking it over with great interest. "This definitely had to have taken an entire paycheck."

"It was worth it to commemorate today." The older woman sheepishly replied. "I…wanted something that would remind us of today. Do you like it?"

Slipping it onto his finger he leaned over and peeked Sadayo on the cheek. "I love it."

Blushing she looked back towards the sun, down almost completely disappeared beneath the horizon. The bright colors it had created were turning darker and darker. "It's gonna be dark soon. Do you wanna head back?"

Snaking his head around her lower waist he leaned back into the beach, that seductive smile plastered over his face. "I'd rather spend a little more time with you here if that's okay with you, Sensei."

Returning the seductive smile with one of her own she laced her fingers with his and leaned on his shoulder. "If you say so, Master."

It may not have turned out how they planned it, but their vacation had been enjoyable. Amidst the dying light of the Hawaiian sun they made a promise to one day meet her again, perhaps on that day they'd no longer have to carry the labels of teacher and student, simply boyfriend and girlfriend. They'd await that day no matter long it took, as this had showed them, sometimes the reward was well worth the trouble.

As darkness fell the beach slowly began to depopulate, a great majority of families and teenagers leaving the area half as crowded as before. Ironically as the young left the old began to slowly trickle in, these were people who weren't limited to things like curfew or parental guidance. Naturally on their way back they encountered few Shujin students, the students after all were a curfew the young couple were coming close to missing. Not that Akira was worried, or Sadayo.

"I'm beginning to think you're starting to rub off on me." The teacher noted as they passed another tree line on their way to the hotel.

"Would that such a bad thing?" They'd gotten so good at hiding themselves and sneaking around to avoid detection. For Akira it was child's play, for Sadayo, well, she was a quick learner. The stars above them were brighter than they were in Tokyo. "The stars here on beautiful."

"I agree, but there's one thing here that I find more stunning."

"And that would be?"

The thirty-two year old cupped both sides of Akira's face with her tender hands. With her so close her hot, lustfully breath tickled his skin and fired his nerves. On instinct Akira wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her in.

"You in those swim trunks." Sadayo whispered seconds before smashing her lips against his with a little more force than he was expecting.

Akira took in the number of things conveyed in that kiss: lust, hunger, and fulfillment, and he returned them with equal force. Sadayo's legs hiked up leaving him to hold her up. "You've been waiting for this haven't you Saya-chan?" He breathed out pushing her against the nearest tree so her breasts were squished against his chest. She didn't verbally answer him, only give him a pleading look that begged him to continue. The dark-haired youth did so, the teacher opened her mouth allowing his tongue to explore every inch of her mouth while at the same time furiously duel with her own tongue. New desire fueled his soft massaging of her hips, her throaty moans in had only one place to go while her hands entangled themselves in his dark locks.


Her shirt was so thin he could have torn it apart if he wanted to, and there was a part of him that really wanted to. Restraining the carnal urge he pulled the barely-see through t-shirt over her head revealing her sizable breasts covered by the matching bikini top. Briefly breaking off from her mouth he nipped into her neck electing a sharp, lust-filled cry from the older woman. Her legs tightened around his waist and the feeling of lust inside of her became almost too much to bear. Hell, Akira was fighting the urge to undo the strings holding her swimsuit together and take her right there behind the hotel.

"You'll be wearing this next time we come here right?" He softly asked breathing onto her skin while reaching up to grope one of her breasts with his right hand.

"D-Depends on i-i-if it still fits." She replied barely able to think straight. "I-I don't want to be walking around the beach with a-a-"

"Who said anything about walking on the beach?" He whispered pressing his lips against hers again resulting in a lustful moan followed by her instinctively grinding her body against his. "I think after this your master deserves a private show don't you think?"

The longer they kissed and grinded against each other the greater the fire inside of them grew. If they didn't stop then they knew it would consume both of them.

"I-I…I want to…"

"I know, believe me…I know." The younger male responded gripping her buttocks rather possessively. Pulling away to find her lips red, her eyes wide and pleading, and her hair even more disheveled he very much felt the desire to give in to temptation. "But we can't, not here, where anyone could see or hear us. Once we get back home though…" smirking he dipping one finger beneath the fabric of her bikini. "Can you be a good girl until then?"

"Only if Master rewards me." She pouted.

"Don't I always reward you my dear servant?"

The secret couple shared one last passionate kiss before breaking apart. Sadayo put her shirt back on while Akira readjusted his glasses. They had to take a minute to regain their composure as well as put back on their respective masks of civility before they could head out into the public. Not to mention they'd need some time to explain the…markings they'd left on each other.

"I guess now I've got one more thing to look forwards to after graduation." Akira grinned.

"Then I can expect you to give it your best effort for the remainder of the school year." Sadayo added looking rather proud at having 'motivated' her student.

"Come one Saya-chan, aren't I always a model student?"

For some of the students the trip was a bust, for others it was everything they'd been preparing for. For Akira and Sadayo, they were amongst the latter group. Not only had they made memories in the sandy beaches of Hawaii but they'd promised to return one day when they weren't restricted. Akira felt that wish burn strongly in his chest when he remembered once they arrived back in Tokyo he'd be Joker, leader of the Phantom Thieves of Heart. His future was dark, but he was used to darkness, he thrived in it. Now things were different, he had a light to strive for.

When we come back…

We'll go all the way.

"See ya."

"See you back home."

As the two went their separate ways each may a silent resolution in their hearts looking back towards the beach where they'd seen the majestic sun set. One day they'd watch it rise above the crystal blue waters, together. Until that day came they'd push onwards through anything and everything that came their way.

I seriously felt tempted to turn this story into a lemon writing that last part, alas, I vowed to keep this story T-rated at the most. Of course, one day, maybe before the end of May I will do a Akira/Sadayo lemon, the plot bunny is definitely there. The pairing certainly leaves a lot of creative room to explore as do many of Persona 5's possibly couples. Until next time guys!