The Missing Weasley Twin

The 'Peace' Treaty

Most of the Wizarding World knew that there never was a Pureblood child to have been forced to resign with another family, much the less, a family who was on the wrong side of the war.

That was what the Malfoy and Weasley families thought, never have they ever realized that two people would soon change the course of how the Wizarding world would react to, what the two people called, the 'Peace' Treaty.

One woman, Molly Ann Weasley, for one, who quickly and quietly walked around the corner of St. Mungo's Hospital, it wasn't that she didn't like doing this, for was only keeping her and her family safe, but then, another part of her, a small voice in the back of her head, reminded her that she was helping another woman, by giving the woman a child to call her own.

As for the other woman, Narcissa Druella Malfoy, she waited in the darkness of an ally, near the back of the Hospital, but still making sure that no one saw what was about to take place there, she surely didn't want to have everyone suspicious about the switch, nor did the Weasley woman, both of them had to do this before anyone saw the exchange.

Molly stopped short, clearly making sure to keep in check, just to make sure that no one was following her, once the coast was clear, she silently made her way near a dark corner of the ally, sensing another woman standing there.

Once she was close enough, she abruptly stopped, taking out her wand, knowing that the other woman already had her own wand out, together they both made sure that their magic couldn't be traced, both fearing for their family name.

Once the concealment charms were put in place, Narcissa removed her mask of indifference, hinting a bit of curiosity and friendliness in her pale face as she watched the other woman pull out from under her cloak, a sleeping red headed, watery bright blue eyed baby.

Molly removed the sleeping baby from underneath her cloak, it broke her heart, knowing that this was the first and last time she'd ever be with her little Rodgric, who was truely like the splitting image of his twin, Ron Weasley.

She sighed, looking up at the other woman, who had been watching her, and she said, her voice held no emotion, "Keep an eye on him, don't let anything or anyone harm or threaten him in any way or form."

Narcissa said, her voice full of confidence, "I promise, Molly, don't worry about him, helll be safe. I'll make sure of it."

Molly gave Narcissa a suspicious look, as if she doubted the other woman, finally, after looking down at her son, who slowly opened his eyes, she dreaded this part, but knowing that she had to do this to keep the feud between the two families somewhat at bay, then she would do it, even if it meant putting him in danger.

Finally she said, "For the safety of our children."

Narcissa said calmly, watching as Molly waved her wand over the cute baby, muttering in Latin under her breath, "For the safety of our children."

Molly pocked her wand, slipping it up her dress, and she said as she handed the baby over to Narcissa, who in turned made sure that the spells were up in place, "The blood and hatred potions will be removed a week before his sixteenth birthday, however, the glamour charms won't be removed until the night of his sixteenth birthday, from there, he will wake up at the Burrow."

Narcissa asked, "What is his name?"

Molly said, "Rodgric Weasley, twin brother of Ron Weasley."

Narcissa said, "Thank you for him, Molly."

Molly said, walking away, "Don't thank me just yet, thank me when I have all my sons back."

But neither one knew about what was about to come their way.