Rated: PG-13/R

This is the result of extreme boredom and an entire week off school due to snow. Just to
clarify, in this story there is no Sailor Moon and Usagi and Mamoru have never met.

Chapter 1- An Unlikely Escape

He came to her in dreams. An unseen wind plastered her white dress against her body. Usagi
called his name. It echoed brokenly, lost in the tiding currents of the breeze. Almost before
the sound had started it stopped. Usagi choked, sinking to the black ground. Then, as if he
had appeared from thin air he was there.

He bent down his arms going around her. They stood together, holding one another. Usagi
buried her head against his broad chest. She could almost hear his heartbeat. She felt his
hand gently tilt her chin upwards. Their eyes met. She wanted to tell him something,
something very important, but she couldn't seem to remember what it was. The urgency
faded and Usagi concentrated only on his presence. His head lowered and she felt the brush of
his lips against her own. She ran her hand against the stubble of his chin, loving the feel of
him. The kiss deepened, his hand against the small of her back pulled her even closer. They
were so tightly bound together that her breasts were plastered against his chest.

She thought that maybe for that instant they were not two distinct individuals, but one whole
being. They were two pieces fitting together, belonging. She put her hand on his chest,
pushing him back so she could look into his eyes. He was mouthing something to her, but she
couldn't make out the words. She tried to tell him that she couldn't understand him but a loud
noise ripped through the dream.


Usagi jerked awake to the sound of a scream tearing through the white room. She put her
hands over her ears, but it didn't block the terrible noise. Still groggy from sleep, she sat up
the sheet falling from her body revealing the hideously tacky dress that was her only clothing
option. The scream stopped abruptly and Usagi felt her stomach wrench with concern for the
unseen victim. Guilt pressed down on her chest, constricting her breathing. Usagi forced her
thoughts to the task of her own survival. Quickly she searched for the small knife she had
managed to conceal. She had fished it out from inside her stocking and placed it in the sleeve
of her dress. She felt the fabric rip and tested it by moving her arm. The knife stayed. She
thought she could reach it more easily from there. With that immediate need settled Usagi

The dream was becoming increasingly vivid. It had been only one day since her capture, and
in the brief snatches of sleep she caught, she had dreamed of him, a mysterious dark-haired
stranger. She was at a loss to understand the meaning behind the strange dreams. She had
wondered if perhaps the man was coming to save her, but those thoughts were tempered by
doubts. In her more skeptical moments she wondered if he was the fragment of her own,
overly optimistic mind. The cold truth was that she was trapped here. She was trapped in a
colorless room with no windows, dependent on the will of a madman. Well, there were some
things that no madman could ever force her to do. She would slit her own throat first. She
fingered the hidden knife.

Catching a faint sound, Usagi tilted her head, listening. She heard footsteps. Startled, she
jerked her hand away from the knife and tried to compose herself. The door opened. Her
initial instinct was to turn her face away in revulsion and fear. But she forced herself to face
him. Cowering would not accomplish anything. He was dressed in a white cape and pants.
Perhaps if she closed her eyes he would disappear, blend into to the eternal white surrounding
her. She knew she couldn't give into these instincts. He stood confidently in the room,
assessing her. Usagi could almost feel his gaze on her body. She grabbed the low cut bodice
of her dress, in an effort to cover herself more.

"Serenity, how lovely to see you awake." Diamond's eely voice slid up her spine, making her
visibly shiver. He appeared pleased. If possible, Usagi became even more suspicious.

"How many times do I have to tell you? My name is Usagi not Serenity. I have no idea who
you are referring to." She set her jaw and looked squarely into his dark eyes.

"Serenity, I think you know. You know all to well who I am referring to." He let out a chuckle.
Strands of ash white hair, static with energy were sticking out around his head in a wild halo.
He started to cross the room, approaching Usagi. She couldn't help herself. She shrank
away, hoping with her entire soul that he wouldn't touch her.

Diamond noticed the motion and his face twisted in anger. He halted, glaring at her.
"Don't play that game with me, Serenity. You're in my realm. You belong to me now. I will
never let you go. Ever." He swept through the remainder of the space, grabbing her in a
sudden embrace. "He can't reach you here. He can't corrupt your mind against me." Diamond
muttered thickly against her hair.

Eyes wide, Usagi attempted to free herself, but the steel bands of his arms only tightened,
suffocating her. He continued to hold her for a moment, than finally released her.

"You don't understand what it's like, seeing you with him every day. He'll never love you, the
way I do." Diamond touched the side of her face gently, peering into her eyes as if he could
see into her very depths. Usagi's hand flickered to the hidden knife, but she stopped herself.
Now was not the time. The knife was her last resort.

"You're crazy. I'm not Serenity and I have no idea what other man you are talking about."
Usagi jerked back from his touch, but she was cornered against the foot of the bed.
Something flared in Diamond's eyes. Was it satisfaction she saw there? He stepped back.

"You're not ready yet. I see. Don't worry I am a patient man. I will wait." Diamond headed
for the door, giving her one last cryptic smile before he shut the door shut and she heard the
lock click in place.

She sighed in relief, sinking down to a sitting position in front of the bed. She had survived
another episode. He was insane. What man was he talking about? The one she kept
dreaming about? Usagi had a very limited experience with men and had never had a
particularly intimate relationship with one. She couldn't understand why this insane fool would
want to kidnap her off the street and demand she stay away from some man she had never
met. It didn't make any sense. But then nothing about Diamond seemed to make any sense.

She wasn't sure how much time she had left before Diamond did something drastic. He had
said he would wait, but for how long? What did he want from her? Usagi was pretty sure that
she didn't want to wait around and find out.

Resolve hardening, Usagi stood up shakily, to further assess her surroundings. The room was
large, adorned only in white. It had painted white walls, a white tiled floor, and white
bedding. The bed was the single piece of furniture in the room. The ceiling was high, a
considerable distance away from Usagi's rather short form. There was one large window, high
above on the ceiling, but it was covered with large iron bars. She vaulted on the bed
stretching her arms out, in a futile effort to reach the window. Even with her added height,
the window loomed at an impossible distance.

Next on her agenda, Usagi went to check the solidity of every wall. She realized that it was
probably also a fruitless gesture, but she had to try. When she had felt all the walls, she
pulled out her hidden knife and looked at the locked door.

The only lock Usagi had successfully picked before was her own bedroom door during a
scrabble with her brother. That lock hadn't been nearly as complicated as the one she was
facing now. All it had taken was a bendable coat hanger inserted into the lock. She wasn't
sure she even knew the exact mechanics for picking a lock this complex. She slid the tip of
the knife into the lock and began to work.

Three hours and one cut finger later, Usagi gave up. She slid her bleeding finger into her
mouth as her gaze went around the room. It was impenetrable. There was nothing in this
room that could facilitate her escape. She was simply trapped.