A/N this is a side fic to 'The Fever' as each of the side pairings paired off we cut away. This is their what happened next.

After the announcement, George had been on edge. Not that he wasn't normally anyway but the thought of having to return there, to go in that Hall. No. He couldn't do it. He couldn't go back to the place his life broke apart.

They were standing on the lawn together. The DA. The war had brought them even closer it made him miss him even more.

Unlike those around him, he'd barely noticed the heat. He felt cold. All the time. Grief stealing his ability to feel much more.

As the sun sets though, he feels it. The Burning rushes through him, stealing his breath, sending him crashing to his knees.

"Are you alright?" a voice asks above him. Her hand touches his shoulder to comfort him.

The Fever is followed quickly by something more intense. He doesn't even have a moment to savour the relief, of not having to go back to the castle. All he's aware of is hands pushing him backwards as the girl climbs into his lap.

She straddles him, grinding against him as he pulls back from her a little when he hears noise around them.

He reaches for his wand as he simultaneously comes to two realisations; that they're still in public and his match is Luna Lovegood. His fingers close around the hard wood of his wand, hers move his shirt to touch his skin. He takes a deep breath and Apparates them away.

He's taken them to his bedroom in the flat above the shop. They'd had separate rooms here. He hasn't been here in months. A fine layer of dust covers everything. He casts a cleaning spell on the bed as he maneuvers them onto it.

She reaches around his neck to pull him down to kiss her as her other hand pulls at his shirt. Her legs are wrapped around his waist, holding them together as she thrusts her hips over his contained erection.

"Luna," He breathes pulling away from her kisses. "Are you sure you want this?"

The question seems redundant at this point but he has to ask.

"Please?" she begs thrusting her hips against him again. He meets her eyes as they open to look at him. The dreamy, faraway look is gone. This is the Luna who's determined to get what she wants.

George tugs down the shorts she's wearing, bringing the underwear below with them. Luna pulls her shirt over her head. Leaving her bare below him.

His eyes brush over her lithe frame, small pert breasts and the bush of blonde hair between her legs. A blush spreads from her cheeks covering her chest as he looks at her.

"I know I'm not very womanly," she shifts a little uneasy.

"You're perfect," He replies kissing her as his hands work loose his own shorts. Her small wraps around his cock as it springs free. "You're like a little wood nymph."

He kicks away his shorts as she rolls them over. She sinks down onto him as she uses his hands gripped in hers to steady herself.

Luna throws her head back as she shudders above him, feeling his wide cock stretch her as though splitting her in two. She circles her hips, feeling him stroke her inner walls. He begins to thrust up from underneath her, they quickly find a rhythm together that works for them both. He sits up to claim her lips again, changing the angle.

"I need more. I need harder," she whines as his mouth works along her neck. He spins her around so she facing away from him, her back flush against his chest, spreading her legs out wide so they fall either side of their bodies. With her unable to move, he sets up a punishing pace as his hands explore her body. Her hands pull at his hair, as his fingers dance across her clit bringing her to a screaming climax.

George isn't there yet, he pushes her sweat covering shuddering body onto her knees taking up position behind her. He slips back inside her, using her body to work away his frustrations. A violent pace of slapping flesh as his hands tangle into her hair making her back arch. She cums for a second time, mewling his name, as he ruts his last few thrusts, groaning as he fills her with his hot seed.

He collapses on the bed beside her breathing hard. She crawls to him curling up against his chest.

"I'm glad it was you," she says simply. "You're very handsome and excellent at pleasuring a woman."

He starts to grin, it feels foreign on his face. Laughter starts in his belly, erupting out of his mouth. To him, it sounds strange, slightly off. Then he realises it's because it's not echoed by another. His laughter subsides into sobs as he gathers her close. Burying his face in her neck as he finally lets go of the pent up emotions he was keeping locked away.

Luna straddles his chest as he tries to contain his outpouring. She leans forward placing gentle kisses under his eyes.

"It's okay to not be okay," she smiles at him. "being sad because someone you love is gone just shows how much they mattered to you."

George pulls her against his chest, feeling her bare skin against his, the thump of her heart matching his own as they lay still.

Luna starts placing little kisses against his chest moving down his body. Her hand wraps around him as her tongue flicks across his nipple. As his flesh starts to firm in her hand she moves down again.

"You don't need to…" George breaks off groaning.

"I want to. I like doing this. I want to watch as you have your happy moment," she smiles she hovers over him stroking him slowly, waiting. He nods.

She lowers her lips to give an open mouth kiss to the tip, before pulling back wetting her lips. She begins to focus her attention on his penis. Licking, sucking and nibbling until he's writhing beneath her. As she feels him getting close, she starts bobbing her head up and down his length faster and faster until he grip her head, holding it in place as he thrusts into her throat. She keeps her eyes on his as tears leak from the corners. Her hand works her saliva along the part of him her mouth can't reach.

George's eyes roll up into his head as he spasms down her throat. A small amount dribbles down her chin as he pulls his softening penis from her lips. She wipes her chin with her fingers before licking them off.

"You taste delicious but I think we might need to stop to get some food," she says as his stomach growls making her giggle.

He smiles at the sound. He's always loved laughter. So involuntary, people are at their most free when they laugh.

George looks to the door to the rest of the flat, not sure he can do it. He's sat on the edge of the bed staring at the door as her hand slips into his. She pulls him to his feet as he obeys the light pressure automatically. He focuses on her as she walks them to the door, the cascade of blonde hair that trails down her back, stopping just below her firm, high arse.

He flinches at the click of the door handle.

"Someone's been here cleaning," Luna's musical voice calls out making him look up. She's right. The dust that was in his room is absent from the rest of the flat. One door he leaves closed. He can't open it yet.

Inspecting the kitchen they find food in the cupboard and fridge. It's fresh. When George closes the door he sees a note taped there.

George dear,

I've been keeping the place tidy, ready for when you wished to return. I brought you plenty of food which should keep you going for a few days.

I'm very much looking forward to meeting Luna properly when you're ready to bring her home.

Love Mum x

George is torn between affection that his mother thought to do all this and the horror that she probably heard Luna and him having sex.

The urge to touch her hasn't left him yet. He lifts her up placing her on the dining table.

"Have you decided what you want to eat?" she asks as he stands between her legs.

"Yes," He says dropping into a chair. His hands spread her legs wide as his mouth descends on her creamy centre. He licks away the building wetness as well his cum that's dripping from her. Their earlier activities had left her a sticky mess between her thighs, which he diligently cleans away. He wonders if those passing in the street below can hear her moans of pleasure that he coaxes from her.

He carries her over to one of the large windows overlooking Diagon Alley. He presses her face first against the window as he slips into her from behind. As he works to bring them both closer to bliss, he looks down at the street. He sees people walking past oblivious to their activities.

That is until one older woman glances up. She's sees them her jaw falls open, watching as the two young people continue uncaring of their audience. Luna's screams of pleasure alert more people below. As she collapses against the window, breath fogging it up, George cums hard within her. Some of the people in the street applaud as George pulls Luna into his arms stepping them back.

"I enjoyed that very much," Luna tells him turning in his arms to kiss him. After a lengthy shower, in which George takes her again against the wall under the cascading water, they fall naked into the bed curling up against each other. The intentions was to sleep but instead, wrapped each other's arms, they talk. They talk for hours about creatures, the joke shop, their childhoods. Their hands are constantly roaming each others bodies, George pulls her back against his chest, lifting one of her legs as he pushes inside her again. His mouth claims her nipple as he works slowly this time to bring her to climax.

Afterwards, he holds her close as they fall asleep still joined at the groin. The next thirty-six hours are a blur of sex, snuggles, chats and naps. As the time moves on the need to touch lessens. He still wants to but he doesn't feel compelled to touch her all the time.

"I think we should go to visit your mother today," Luna says stroking his nose as they lay side by side.

"Can't be avoided forever, I suppose," He yawns stretching. He gets up to locate some clothing before grabbing Luna for another shared shower.

They decide to go to her place first to meet her dad. She only has her clothes from Saturday. She hadn't wanted or needed any others until now.

Meeting Xenophilius Lovegood was an interesting experience. He hasn't been expecting Luna's father to ask Luna if George had been capable of giving her a satisfactory orgasm. Apparently, sex was openly discussed here, much to George's discomfort.

The time with Molly hadn't been much better. She'd fawned over Luna. He'd yet to witness his mother trying to be excessively nice to anyone, he hadn't been expecting this. Ginny had been his saviour. He knew they were friends at school. His sister had featured quite heavily in Luna's stories from school.

George tried to be worried about how quickly he'd become attached to the girl. She was his sunshine. A brightness that never dimmed. She made him feel warm and safe just with a smile. He was quickly learning that what he thought before was unintentional humour wasn't always so.

His little wood nymph made him smile, she made him laugh, she made him feel not quite so broken. She moved in instantly. Losing her mother at a young age meant she was sensitive to the little things about death that hurt.

The big things he braced himself for. The first time he entered the shop, or Fred's room. The little things were the hardest. Fred's favorite cup sat on the side. One day he accidently made a cup of tea for Fred. He stared at the full cup for a whole minute before it hit him there was no one there to drink it. Luna held him while he cried before suggesting they visit Fred's grave to give him the cup of tea.

George shook as he poured the drink into the grass. Somehow, it was easier than pouring it down the sink. Luna had left him to have a moment alone. When she came back it was with a handful of wildflowers she arranged into the teacup. Leaving it perched by the headstone. Luna was like that. A smile and thoughtful gesture while facing his pain head on.

"I have nothing I can offer you," He said one morning.

"Yes you do," she smiles snuggling into him. She didn't elaborate. She rarely did.