Daphne knew he didn't want her. It was a strange feeling. She knew, without a doubt she was the beautiful girl in the school, her sister was a close second. Men fell over their feet trying to get a date with her. Three hundred and Twenty-eight men had approached her to see if they matched.

She knew it was none of them, but she'd let them try. She'd known the minute he'd walked in the doors that it was to be him. She hadn't expected the complication. He'd been in a relationship when news broke, he was waiting for her seventeenth. She wondered if he knew, knew like she did. Is that why he wouldn't look at her? Was it easier, to be in denial, if he didn't meet her eyes?

Pansy was furious on her behalf, but Daphne was patient. It was only a few days after all. She hated being anyone's second choice. It was humbling.

The morning of Ginny Weasley's seventeenth birthday had taken forever and no time at all. She knew today was the day the Fever would end, at least for her it would. By the end of today, she'll have had Harry Potter in her bed. The saviour. He was meant for her.

Daphne avoids looking at him all through breakfast. She can't help watching out of the corner of her eye, or listening in, when Weasley appears. She lets out a sigh of relief when nothing happens. She knew it wouldn't but still…

She smirked when Ginny slapped him on her behalf. Vindication from the girl she envied. In that moment, she knew that the girl could be a friend.

Harry approaches her. He drops to the bench beside her.

"Come for a walk with me?" he asks her. She blushes, stand up and strides out of the hall, she can hear him following her.

Daphne walks to the main doors throwing it open and storming out. She can hear him trying to catch up, to get her attention without touching her.

She starts walking along by the lake, stopping in the shade of a large tree. She stands with her back to him, waiting for him to say something.

"I'm sorry," He mumbles behind her. That's definitely not good enough.

"What exactly is it you're sorry for?" she asks whirling to face him.

"I'm sorry for putting you through that. I knew. You knew. It was unfair. Would the alternative have been better? That we touch before I had a chance to completely end things with Ginny. She would have been a shadow over our relationship. A constant what if. This way, I think was better. I'm sorry it hurt you, but I didn't trust myself enough to approach you," Harry replies.

"Because there is no other forms of communication than talking. You could have spoken to Pansy, or one of the boys, or got Granger to tell me, or sent me a letter, or anything other than pretend I didn't exist. You made me feel unwanted. I never feel unwanted. I've had men lining up to try to match with me and yet you ignore me. There were other ways Harry, better ways. I know you wanted her and whatever happens between us, I was your second choice," Daphne says tears forming in her eyes. She'd promised herself she wouldn't cry.

Harry stares at her stunned. He hadn't considered that. Just like in his second year, when the barrier to the platform had closed against him, he hadn't considered alternatives. He reaches out to comfort her but she flinches away.

"I want you," Harry implores. "Every time I've wanked since this Fever started, my thoughts go to you. You're so beautiful that everytime I look at you, it takes my breath away. Right now, I want to touch you, I want to kiss you, I'm hard for you."

"Show me, strip," Daphne orders.

"What?" he asks dumbly, taken by surprise.

"You want to make it up to me? This is what I want; do as I say and strip, show me how hard you are," she purrs.

Harry glances around over his shoulder. This is one of the most exposed spots on the grounds. Anyone looking outside will see them. He looks at Daphne, she smirking at him with her arms crossed. He kicks off his shoes and pulls his shirt over his head. Harry chucks his shirt at her, she catches it and sniffs it, holding it against her chest. He hesitates with his hands on the waistband of his shorts.

"You really want me to do this, don't you? Here, this exposed?"

"Yes, this is what I want," she grins at him, her eyes trail appreciatively across his chest.

Harry sighs, glancing around once more, he pushes the shorts to the ground leaving him bare before her. His hand instinctively wraps around his hard prick.

Harry stares into her eyes as he works his hand over his cock. She's torn between watching his hand and meeting his eyes.

"Stop," she orders when he's getting close. He whines but drops his hands to his sides.

Daphne pulls her shirt over her head, drops her skirt to the floor, she watches Harry's prick twitch as she undoes her bra letting that fall too. She smiles at him as she approaches in only her knickers.

They are both forced to their knees by the wave that comes from the castle. The heat fades as clouds start to roll in, darkening the sky.

Daphne reaches out a hand to touch Harry. She knew though, that the Fever had left already. It ended, they missed it.

It was all over.

She feels the cool rain touch her skin, as she stares at him, her palm spread on his chest. Her heart sinks. She missed her chance, by seconds. Tears fill her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Harry asks wiping away her tears.

"We missed it. We were too late. We missed the Fever."

"So?" he shrugs. "Does that mean you don't want me anymore?" he asks flushing.

"Of course I do but…"

"Then what does it matter? We already know the Fever matched us."

"But what about the two days of hot sex?" she pouts.

"That can be arranged," Harry says pulling her towards him. She slides onto his lap straddling him as they kiss. Despite the Fever having left them, the kiss doesn't lack heat.

Harry's hands are all over her, touching and caressing, showing her how much he wants her, he takes her hand, guiding it to his erection.

"This is how much I want you. No Fever, just us, and I'm this hard for you," He whispers as she strokes him. He pushes aside her knickers, testing her, making sure she's ready.

The rain starts to pour. Neither of them cares, Harry's vision is obscured by sheets of rain. The mud underneath him becomes slick as he thrusts into her from below. She clings tightly to him as the cold rain makes their hair stick to their faces. Harry has to push wet strands of hair away to kiss her as he moves.

The contrast between the cold rain and their heated touches, bring them closer to coming undone. Her cries of pleasure as she comes undone are lost to the first roll of thunder; moments later Harry pulses inside her as lightning fills the sky.

"I think we need to leave," Daphne shouts above the noise of the storm. They gather their things and dash naked to the Apparition point. Harry takes them to his room in Grimmauld Place.

Harry leads her to the bathroom, dropping their wet clothes in a pile on the floor, Daphne finally discards her knickers, letting them fall to the top of the pile. They shower quickly to remove the mud they acquired during their romp in the grounds. Harry runs them a bath in the large tub; they sink together into the warm water, chasing away the chill they'd began to feel. Harry pulls Daphne back against his chest wrapping his arms around her.

"I never meant to hurt you," Harry says between kisses placed on her neck.

"I know," she says quietly, relaxing into his body. "We missed it, the Fever."

"We did. Does it matter? We both know it had chosen for us to be together. No one has to know, if you don't want. That we weren't bonded under the Fever. I want to be with you, do you want to be with me?"

"Yes. Yes, I do. Let's not tell people. We'll let them think it was the Fever," Daphne gasps. Harry's hands have began a thorough exploration of her body. Light caresses combined with quick pinches to her nipples send shocks of pleasure to the pool of heat between her thighs. She writhes against him, feeling his hard cock seeping against her back. His fingers trail down her body. She lifts her legs over the side of the bath to give him better access.

He slides his fingers inside her, stroking her inner wall in a circular motion, slowly over that sweet spot. He turns her face towards him, capturing her lips swallowing her noises as she writhes in the tub, splashing water all over the floor. Daphne shudders in his arms as she cums.

Harry wraps his arms around her as her body relaxes, "In a couple of days, when 'the Fever' is gone, I'll take you out on a proper date. Anything you want, we'll do whatever you want, go anywhere, I'm yours to command."

"That sounds promising," she giggles. "Mine to command?"

"Yep, anything you want," He whispers.

"Starting when?"

"Starting now," He says kissing the back of her neck.

Daphne turns in the bath, she straddles his thighs stroking his cock, "What I want right now, is to feel you cum inside me. I don't want to cum too, I don't want to be so lost in sensations that I miss it. I want to see you come undone, to feel you filling me without being lost myself."

Harry can only groan in response, she leans forward wrapping her lips around his swollen head. She drags her lips off him, taking the pre-cum that had been oozing from him. Daphne dips her mouth back down over him, getting him as close as she can. When his hips start to thrust upwards, she moves her mouth off him.

She moves back up his body, sinking down onto his cock. With her hands either side of his face, she stares, watching his expressions as she moves. The shallow water that remains begins to move in waves, splashing around them, and over the edge onto the floor as they move. A quick glance shows her there is more water on the floor than left in the tub.

She holds back her moans, trying not to lose herself in the sensation of him being inside her. He struggles to keep his eyes open but he does, she appreciates the effort.

She watches the spasm of pleasure across his face as he tenses. She feels him go rigid as he pumps his hot spunk inside her. Daphne shudders, needing more; Harry's fingers are there, teasing her clit. She collapses bonelessly against him as pleasure washes through her.

"I'll do everything I can to make you happy," Harry whispers into her ear. She believes him.