Issei watched as his world burned around him, his family and loved ones were all dead before him. Was this all that he was meant for, his life turned to ruin? On his left arm was the remains of his [Boost Gear], the once gleaming crimson sacred gear now was black and warped, Ddraig the Welsh Red Dragon's life force had given out. The green gem that Ddraig had resided in now was a cold and lifeless grey, like the rest of him.

The final straw was seeing Rias' broken and dead body impaled on a cross; her blood red hair moved in the slight breeze, her face was cold and lifeless, like the rest of the world. Issei fell to his knees, a scream caught in his throat, unable to get free. His back hit the destroyed ground, his strength giving out as blackness clawed at the edges of his vision.

The image of Rias entered his mind as a tear fell down his face, alone and forgotten in the burnt world. One final thought came to him, "I'm so sorry, Rias. Your precious pawn failed you!"

With that thought, Issei Hyoudou let the darkness consume him completely, death had won. The Great Red Dragon Emperor lay in the broken world, his death forgotten in the sands of time.

Elsewhere, something watched and waited, ready to strike. It had been waiting for so long and now here was its' chance! It struck hard and quick...

[Time: Night of Issei's death, 9:56 PM]

Red, his vision was completely red as her hair. That red changed to a golden light that flashed on his right arm, golden scales glinted in the moonlight. The blood started flowing back into his body as he grabbed the light spear and pulled, grunting in pain as he slowly pulled the spear out. Golden light surrounded the spear as he pulled; he started feeling light-headed as he finally pulled it out. He stood up, the light spear floating only a foot in front of him. It was surrounded by a gold luster that was connected to the palm of his gauntlet glove; the line of gold light looked like a lightning bolt that swished and moved in the air like it was in water.

Blackness crawled around the edges of his vision as he looked at Yuuma, he heard a voice speaking but it was all a blur until he heard "{BALANCE BEAKER}!"

His world then finally went black; he heard Yuuma scream in terror as whatever balance beaker was attacked her.

Issei woke up in his bed, alone as usual. He clearly remembered the screams of the winged Yuuma as he blacked out but then it was blank from then on. Getting out of bed, Issei got into the bathroom and turned on the hot water before undressing and stepping in it. The warm water soothed his aching body somewhat, what he was wandering was how he got into his bed all the way from the park.

Turning the water off, Issei got out and dried himself before returning to his room and getting into the Kuoh Academy uniform before heading downstairs for breakfast. His mother was awake and his father was at work, nothing too different. Issei ate his food in silence before putting his dish in the sink, grabbed his bag, kissed his mom on the cheek and headed for school. The walk to the school was quiet, something that made Issei uncomfortable. He felt oppressed and unwanted went it was silent like this in the morning, but he just had to get to school and the feeling vanished into nothing.

"Hey, ISSEI!"

Issei turned and saw the leader of the girls swimming team jog up to him and smile. Her stunning good looks combined with a perfect figure made any man fall over with hearts in their eyes, all except him, he was not a pervert. Every girl in the school knew this for a fact, he was the perfect gentleman to the fairer sex and never saw them as anything but what they were, human beings.

Issei blushed at the gorgeous swim team leader as he said "Morning Janet."

Janet was his first friend when he started Kuoh Academy; both were in the same year and class. Janet also taught Issei how to swim and Issei taught Janet how to play chess in return, though Issei felt that was not a fair trade but Janet insisted on learning the fine art of the game.

Janet placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, "Issei, the swim team is meeting after school today."

Issei nodded, he was a part of the swimming team, thanks to Janet's persistent and hard work to help him. Being the team's only male member, he felt out of place until he entered the water and showed his skills, several years of practice with his friend really paid off in the end and earned him his place on the team. The women of the team had been suspicious of him at first but Issei had treated them like they were family and that had endeared them to him, helping him whenever they could.

"I'll be there, Janet." Issei said with a nod before smiling, today was starting to look up now.

Rias watched the boy named Issei throughout the entire school day, he had gotten stronger than last time she had seen him. He definitely had a sacred gear in him, but something was different about it. His aura had been crimson red like her hair, now it was a bright gold that shone like the noon day sun. The boy didn't realize that his gear was probably awake, if at all!

Shaking her head, Rias turned and walked away. If she had any way of getting Issei into her peerage then she would figure it out.

The swimming team meeting finished as everyone but Janet and Issei went home. Janet was treading water as Issei was sitting at the edge of the deep end of the pool with his legs in the water.

"Issei, what's wrong? You seem out of it today." Janet asked as she moved towards Issei's legs, concern in eyes.

"It's nothing, just something stupid." Issei said flatly but that only made Janet pull herself out of the pool and sit next to him.

"Issei, I've been your friend since the start of Kuoh Academy, I know when you are feeling down. So, tell me what's wrong." Janet said as she used her hand to make Issei look into her bright blue-grey eyes.

Issei sighed before telling Janet about his 'date' with Yuuma, she listened through the entire thing before moving his head into her lap. Her long fingers brushed through his brown hair, calming Issei as she hummed softly.

"Issei, do you know my full name?" Janet asked.

"No, not that I remember, sorry, Janet" Issei said apologetically.

"I never told you my full name, Issei, its Janet Buné of the house of Buné, one of the 72 pillars of the underworld." Janet said before eight leathery bat-like wings appeared from her back.

"Wait, aren't devils supposed to have horns and tails?" Issei asked in confusion, Janet however shook her head at that.

"No, those are demons. Devils came before demons and are different. Anyway, I am the last survivor of my house and the only way to rebuild it is to make a peerage or get married to another pillar." Janet sighed, Issei was stunned.

"What, you having to marry to save your house? That's insane!"

She nodded "Yes, that's why I want to make a peerage instead. But the problem is that I have to start somewhere and well…"

"How does this peerage work exactly?" Issei asked if he could help his childhood friend in anyway then he would do it.

"Well if you've played chess, I would be the [King] piece. Each piece has different abilities, [Rook] has immense strength and defense, [Knight] has speed and stamina, [Bishop] gives the person a massive boost in magical power. [Pawn] may be the weakest but if they enter enemy territory, they can promote themselves into more powerful pieces. And finally, the [Queen] has all of the attributes of the [Rook], [Knight], and [Bishop]." She explained as though she had done it all her life.

"So if you wanted to start a peerage, you would start with the [Queen]?" Issei asked and got an affirmative in return.

"Well then" He said, getting up "Then I'll become your [Queen] piece!"

Janet was shocked "Issei! You can't just say you want to join like that!"

Issei gave her a determined look "I want to help you in any way I can, Janet! You've helped me through so much and now it's my turn to help you!"

She stopped before nodding, motioning for him to lie down on the ground. "Ise, what you're doing is final, once done it can't be reversed."

"My choice, my life" Issei said with a smile that got his friend to grin.

Janet pulled out a glowing queen chess piece, gasping in surprise. "It's a mutant piece, making you twice as powerful…"

Issei waited, Janet coughed before placing the piece on his chest and spoke clearly "I, Janet Buné, make you, Issei Hyoudou, my [Queen] and eternal servant! Welcome to your new life that I have given you!"

Issei felt the strangest sensation that his chest was made of jelly before it vanished and he felt normal again. Janet was worried but Issei sat up and hugged her, calming her worries quickly.

"We should get home, its getting late." He said and she nodded.

The two started walking home when Issei was skewered by a pole of metal. He only had to look down before his senses started to dull.

"ISSEI!" Janet screamed, but Issei could only feel pain in him abdomen.

Falling to his hands and knees, Issei coughed up blood onto the ground. Janet was screaming, the person who had attacked them was laughing as he said something that Issei couldn't hear. That only added to the fact that he was dying, again.

"Why do I even bother putting up with you?" Issei heard a voice in his head, great he was hallucinating now.

"GET UP AND FIGHT, YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN!" Issei jumped up at the voices' command.

He felt something weight down his right arm slightly but he ignored it and yanked the pole out. Looking around he saw Janet in the air being held by a man with goat legs, devil wings and three fingered hands. He threw the metal at the creature and it connected, right in its face. It screamed, letting Janet drop to the ground below, Issei somehow was able to run over and catch Janet in his arms.

Issei then put her down before raising his right air, letting his instincts guide him, feeling something pull at his gut before the beast dropped out of the air like a ton of bricks. He clenched his fist before punching the demon in the throat; it gagged before fainting from blood loss.

"I'm not feeling so good now." Issei wheezed as he felt drained.

"That was a stray…" Janet said weakly, looking at the unconscious form of said stray.

"Want me to get rid of it so it doesn't hurt anyone else?" Issei asked weakly, Janet shook her head.

"You can't in your state, I'll do it." Janet said but stopped when a red glowing circle with a crest in the center of it appeared.

"That's the Gremory house crest…" Janet gasped in surprise, Issei raised an eyebrow.

"Wait, so that means that Rias Gremory is a devil in disguise?" He asked no wonder she was so good looking then she was a she-devil.

"Yes, she is and the devil whose territory is all of Kuoh." Janet gritted her teeth in disgust; Issei had seen both Janet and Rias get into very heated arguments that never ended well for both sides.

With a flash of light, Rias appeared with several other people, two girls and a boy. Issei groaned as he face palmed, it was Akeno, Koneko, and Kiba. Out of all of the people it could have been, it had to be those three.

"Janet" Rias said, none too kindly.

"It's Janet Buné to you, Gremory." Janet spat, Issei quickly intervened before the two could start up another argument.

"Fufufu, someone beat us to the stray." Akeno smiled, Issei gave her a 'please, don't make the situation worse' look.

"Wait, how is the house of Buné still alive? It was destroyed in the great war." Kiba asked, confused.

"Easy, suspended animation and some luck." Janet grinned proudly, Kiba still looked unconvinced.

"You have a sacred gear." Koneko said pointedly in her monotone voice, pointing at his right arm.

Issei looked at said arm and saw a golden gauntlet with three red spherical crystals on the top, each of the clawed fingers were black with bone colored armor over them. Flipping it over, Issei noticed that the bottom of the gauntlet had dark golden designs going from his wrist and ending where the gauntlet ended. The designs themselves looked like three dragons heads that twisted around each other, the opened maws were curled into creepy toothy grins.

"I've never seen this sacred gear before…" Rias said as she studied it from where she stood.

Issei suddenly felt a chill go up his spin as he turned, the stray was standing, blood gushing out of the wound from the metal pole. It yanked the pole out before leaping at Issei. The golden gauntlet started getting very hot, causing Issei to wince in pain.

"You'll pay for that devil!" The stray roared.

Issei instinctively raised his gauntlet before the heat vanished, the energy condensing into a glowing ball of golden light in his palm. Issei pulled his arm back, made a fist before punching the sphere. As soon as his fist connected with the golden ball, the air got heavier as a bolt of golden lightning shot out and blasted the stray's arm off. The second gravity bolt connected with the devil's lower half, vaporizing it completely.

The stray crawled towards Issei with its one remaining arm, hissing "You will die!"

Issei gave the stray a disgusted look before grabbing the energy ball and crushing it in his hand. Walking up to the stray, Issei brought his fist into the devil's skull. The devil's skull was smashed but then started glowing before exploding into golden dust; the dust then flowed towards the gauntlet and was absorbed by it. The gauntlet dimly glowed red before it returned to a normal state. For the briefest of moments, Issei felt stronger before that strength vanished.

"So…much…so…tired." Issei groaned before he passed out from over doing it.