*Please be aware that this section of the story is rated for Mature.


Chapter 15


Jack reached upward feeling for the soft leaf that had blown onto his neck. It was tickling his chin. He guessed it had fallen from the forest canopy while he slept. He brushed at it lightly and it shifted to his shoulder. That was OK now. But he didn't remember his bedroll being so soft. But he supposed his body was tired after such a hard ride.

His fuzzy mind remembered helping with the arrest of the gang that harassed and stole in the area near Lethbridge. He'd been so worried. The commissioner had wanted him to stay and all he knew was that he had to get back home. He had to get…


Suddenly, his mind instantly knocked the cobwebs of sleep away to give him a crystal clear realization of exactly where he was.

He tried to crack his eye open to see the hazy first light of day lighting the cabin's rough wood walls. And he held something very soft very close to him. And he realized that 'leaf' he'd felt was really Elizabeth's soft hair tickling his face. She was spooned up against him and she felt perfect in the circle of his arms.

He blinked the last remnants of sleep from his eyes to open them wider and take in the beautiful picture Elizabeth made as she slept so close to him.

His wife.

He could hardly believe that it was real…that they were really married…that last night…and all that they had done together…had really happened.

He gently propped himself up on his elbow and stared down at her as she rested on her side. She breathed softly as the blanket loosely covered her nakedness. Unable to resist, he leaned in toward that soft hair at her neck and breathed her scent in. She smelled fresh and warm. He let his fingertips trail just up her arm until it reached her uncovered shoulder.

She was gloriously beautiful this way. If he'd thought her stunning before, a nude Elizabeth Thatcher had brought him to his knees. He felt himself stir as he looked at her in the soft light of morning. Desire shot instantly and powerfully through him. He hardened in want of her and while he knew he should let her get some surely much needed rest, he gave into a latent temptation that that had been chasing him since the day she'd first sassed him in that saloon as they'd made introductions.

He leaned down to her neck and lifted the soft hair tendrils there and kissed her softly. She stirred. He leaned back as she wiggled and then turned on her back, the blanket falling from her body as she did so.

Her breasts were fully revealed to him and like they had in the candlelight the evening before, the fullness and soft beauty of them took his breath. Elizabeth was not small. He'd tried his best to never dwell on that fact before they were married though in truth, he always recognized it. But seeing just what her modest dresses and tightly bound corsets had hidden so well for so long made his blood run hot. He had the sudden, rather filthy urge to crawl atop her and plunge into her as fast as he could.

He knew it wasn't a proper thought and not at all fair to her but he felt the powerful need pulse through him just the same. He shook his head as if to dismiss the thought. Elizabeth would be terrified if she had any idea just what all he did want to do with her. Then, he let out a breath he wasn't aware he'd been holding as his eyes wouldn't leave her gorgeous form.


His eyes shot suddenly upward when he heard her breathy, uneven voice.

Blue eyes collided with his guilty dark ones as she watched him admiring her body.

She instantly reached for the sheet to cover her nudity.

"Jack…why are you looking at me… like…like…that?" Her face was aflame with no small amount of embarrassment and even a bit of fear.

Her voice now sounded a bit frightened and nervous and he knew that his aggressive, lusty thoughts must be showing in his eyes and on his face. He breathed through his nose and did his best to school his face into a smile before attempting to answer.

"I was just admiring your…knees."

She opened her mouth and closed it, a bit shocked at what he didn't admit to. "My…knees?"

He winked at her innocently and offered a teasing smile. "They are every bit as pretty as I remembered."

It took just a moment of delay before the memory registered with her. And then, her blush heightened and she rolled her eyes and chuckled, turning her flaming face into his shoulder.

They laughed together and the dangerous, out of control moment passed for him.

Go slow…Don't scare her Jack.

He had to keep reminding himself.

Because even as her passion last night had surprised them both, he knew how new and unsettling this must be for her. If she were half as stunned at the pleasure they'd made together as he was, then the heightened intimacy between them was going to take a bit of getting used to-for both of them.

They both fell quiet for a long moment.

Jack knew he should say something else. Perhaps excuse himself from the bed so she could get up but he found himself unable to tear himself away from where he was.

So he remained still even as she kept her head leaned over on his chest.

Touch me.

The unbidden thought struck Elizabeth as she took in the scent of her husband.

She didn't want to move but knew she should. It would be shameless to ask him to do what her undisciplined body seemed to be wishing for.

She was sore. She could feel the evidence of their previous evening's activity in strange places but yet…



She surely didn't want such again so soon. That wasn't the way this worked.

Was it?

She felt woefully inadequate to handle this morning after the first night with her husband situation.

She felt her chin being raised from it's resting point on Jack's chest. She looked up into her new husband's eyes. Though she'd expected them to be teasing, they were soft and tender.

"I can hear you thinking."

She gave him a tiny smile.

"Stop fretting…everything between us is…" He stopped as if searching for something. "It's all good…very, very good."

He leaned in to softly kiss her nose.

Elizabeth could only nod at his words, trying to offer something of her own.

"Um, Jack…it's just…I'm not sure…I mean…"

He put a finger over her lips.

"There you go thinking." He shook his head and tapped her lips with his finger. "Why don't you just let me get up first and get the fire going again and I'll put some water on to warm? We'll both wash up and then…we'll go for a walk if you'd like."

Elizabeth felt her heart instantly warm at his words.

She gave his finger a small kiss. "I'd love that Jack."


Jack brought an armful of wood into the cabin and headed straight for the fireplace. Behind him, he could hear Elizabeth rustling around behind the screen.

Trying not to think about her dressing, he put the wood down and pushed some of the previous night's ashes aside. He hadn't wanted any embarrassment or discomfort between them and he thought they were OK but one look at Elizabeth's face this morning as he'd studied her had reminded him just how innocent she was.

Had been.

They could work on that.

The idea made him smile and he began to hum as he started the fire. He'd let it burn long enough to warm the room a bit while they ate some breakfast.

He made his way over to the stove then where the cast iron pan full of water was now bubbling on the stove.

"Elizabeth, sweetheart, your water is warm."

He waited a beat, not sure if she heard him.

Finally, he heard her voice answer.

"Just pour it in the basin there at the end of the bed and I'll bring it back here in a few minutes."

Jack grabbed a thick rag from the small shelf beside the stove and lifted the heavy full pan over toward the screen, being careful not to drop it. Slowly, he poured it into the basin.

He reached onto the table for a neatly folded washing cloth and lifted the basin and took a step toward the screen.

He stopped himself and stared at it. Wouldn't a kind husband lift and bring it to his wife?

He took another uneasy step and eased his head toward the edge of the screen. "Um, Elizabeth, I have it here. May put it beside you?"

Elizabeth heard Jack's request and realized how very close he was. She sat in a single wooden chair and wore a floral silk housecoat as she brushed out her hair.

She looked up, feeling her heart jump at his voice, so husky and manly and her thoughts scattered into a thousand pieces as she had a brief flash of the way he'd sounded when he'd entered her the night before.

"Um, yes, thank you Jack. That is sweet of you."

Jack eased around the screen making instantly aware of how small the area was.

He smiled at her and then eased the basin of water to a resting spot near her feet.

"I'll warm us both enough water for a real bath later if you want. There's a big washtub out on the back porch."

She returned his smile. "I'd like that."

He stood but said nothing for a moment and she felt a bit of that awkwardness between them returning.

Jack cleared his throat and she watched him tightly swallow as he looked at her. Something flashed in his eyes until he looked away and then back at her.

Was he…Did he…"

"I, um, put a washcloth on the basin for you and slipped some soap into the water."

He glanced at her again.

He did…Jack seemed to want to touch her again."

She wondered why he didn't. Surely she wasn't giving him the impression that she would reject his advances.

She reached over to take his hand in hers and lightly squeezed it.

"Thank you Jack…for…doing such nice things for me…for…everything."

The words between them held extra meaning and they both seemed to know it.

He squeezed her hand back and brought it to his lips to kiss it as he held her eyes.

"You are worth any extra effort sweetheart." The firm statement was quiet yet full of emotion between them.

Their eyes held for another long moment until Jack took a measured step back as he released a deep breath.

"Well…um, I'll just let you finish up here and I'll see what I can find in our food stores for breakfast."

Elizabeth released his hand as he did so and nodded. "I'll be dressed in a few minutes."

He eased around the screen and Elizabeth felt oddly like she'd just missed an opportunity.


"Breakfast was so good Jack. Thank you for preparing it."

Behind her, Jack sat sipping on the coffee he'd made and just watched her move about the small kitchen as he enjoyed the view. Her figure in just a simple skirt and blouse was enough to get his blood pumping again. He had to control the urge to reach for her and pull her into his lap and kiss the daylights out of her.

Romance Jack. This is your honeymoon. Women like romance.

He couldn't even remember who'd given him that advice-maybe Ed from the barbershop? All the voices in his head had begun to run together.

So, he shoved his instinctive reaction to grab her to him aside and took another slow sip of his coffee and just shrugged. "It was just oatmeal with honey. I'm sure you can do much better."

Elizabeth tossed him a look over her shoulder. "I'm not used to preparing much breakfast honestly. I eat just a small amount in the morning-usually a muffin or crackers but I'm sure I'll adapt."

"I love breakfast."

She eased by him again as she reached for the bowls on the table and he was instantly aware of her incredible, fresh, clean, floral scent.

And he instantly wanted to touch her again...feel her around him…again.

He had to touch her. He couldn't help himself. As she placed the bowls in the small sink, he quietly rose up from the chair and reached forward to put both of his arms around her from behind. He leaned over near her ear and opened his mouth around it.

"Do you have any idea how wonderful you smell this morning?"

His breath was hot on her ear and Elizabeth felt a shiver across her skin as he tightened his hold. His arms felt wonderful and possessive.

She leaned back against him. "No." Her voice was breathy and shaken and he loved how he affected her.

He kissed her neck lightly. "Well, you do."

Her neck instantly fell forward to give him better access. His lips felt soft and wet on her skin.

"Jack…" Her voice dropped even lower and neither of them could tell if she was warning or welcoming.

Her tone, the low sultry sound of his name in her throat affected his control further and his hands tightened at her abdomen, his fingers spreading outward. "Did I tell you how much I loved hearing you say my name last night?"

Elizabeth couldn't answer that. She closed her eyes to the instant memories that flooded over her.

He nearly growled as he turned her and drove his lips down into hers.

She didn't resist him. Couldn't.

He used his teeth to pry open her mouth and she gave a small whimper and let him inside. His tongue bathed her own and then stroked along her lips as he tugged at hers and kissed her the way he'd longed to for…forever.

He leaned his forehead on hers and smiled down at her. "I love kissing you Mrs. Thornton."

She nodded and smiled at his use of her new title. It sounded odd but right to her ears.

"I love you kissing me Mr. Thornton."

He took another short kiss.

"That's 'Constable Thornton' to you madam."

She chuckled and tilted her chin in a teasing manner to match his. "I think now that I'm your wife that I may call you what I wish."

Jack rubbed his nose against hers. "Oh, is that so?"

She nodded firmly. "It is."

Jack eased his hands, which had rested at her waist downward until they rested at the base of her buttocks.

Her eyes widened in shock and she instantly gasped at the unfamiliar and intimate contact.

He allowed himself a moment to feel her soft flesh beneath his hands and then let his face break into a teasing grin of his own.

"Now madam…what do you wish to call me?"

Elizabeth felt herself growing warm as the desire for him to pull her into him, against his hardness overwhelmed her senses. Yet, she couldn't seem to verbalize such need.

Was it even appropriate? She felt herself blush at the realization of her want of him.


Jack pulled her slightly closer. "I…um…?" Jack's grin widened, his eyes dancing.

"I don't believe that I can answer to that Madam."

Elizabeth put her hands between them and rested them on his chest trying to create a bit of space but he refused to budge.

She felt…cornered…and yet…in power. It thrilled and terrified her. She dropped her head slightly and took in some air and tried again.

"I…um…expect a gentleman…And…As such…um…You promised me a walk I believe?"

Jack dropped his chin to his chest and smiled. He knew he was pushing her. He nodded slowly and looked back up at her. She bit her lip and averted her eyes.

He forced his hands away from her shapely bottom and gave into her resistance...for now.

"I believe I did Mrs. Thornton."

He let her pull away from him and after a small moment of regret, he followed.


"Jack! Look! Another rabbit!"

Jack followed her finger as she pointed toward the edge of the small meadow that led to the edge of the creek.

He watched the furry creature as he scurried away into some brush.

"I'm pretty sure I saw some snares out on the cabin's back porch. When we get back, I will set a few out and with any luck, we can fix up some rabbit stew while we're here."

Elizabeth said nothing but just watched the small animal bounce away. The day was so very beautiful. She turned her face toward the sun's bright rays, feeling such a wonderful sense of peace.

She was here with the man she loved in this quiet, special place and all was right with the world.

She stood still for another minute until Jack's warm hand brushed her cheek. Opening her eyes, she smiled at him.

"When I was here before, I walked down to the creek here. There's a nice thicket of birch trees where we can spread out and eat some lunch."

He reached for her hand and she joined her fingers with his. "I have worked up quite the appetite with all this walking. It's just…so beautiful here…no matter where you go."

Jack nodded. "It really is." He led her to the edge of the meadow where she could see the swiftly moving creek.

Elizabeth let go of his hand and walked to the creek's edge. Dipping her hand in the cold water, she scooped up some in her hand to drink.

Behind her, Jack was unfolding their blanket and small satchel of supplies near the base of a large birch. He glanced over toward her, appreciating her form as she bent over.

"Careful you don't fall in madam. Not a Mountie on duty around for miles."

He couldn't help but tease her. He loved the challenge in her eyes, the flash of fire she always offered.

She tossed him a smirk and put her hand on her hip belligerently. "I don't need a Mounties' assistance Sir…I am quite capable of getting myself out of trouble."

Jack sat and instantly fell back on the blanket, stretching his arms above his head. "That's good Madam because this Mountie is off duty."

He breathed in the freshness of the air and soaked in the peaceful sound of the waters rushing over the jagged rocks.

"Jack! There's trout in here!"

Jack closed his eyes as he listened to the excitement in her voice. Sometimes her big city background was still easy to spot.

Without opening his eyes, he answered her. "Yep. We'll get some of those old poles of Bill's at the cabin and I'll run some line on them and teach you how to trout fish properly tomorrow if you want."

"I do!" He smiled again at the instant delight in her voice. He loved making her happy. And now he had a lifetime to do it.

He heard her continuing to splash water as she hummed for a few minutes. Then, it became quiet.

After a moment, Jack rose upon his elbows to see her standing at the foot of the blanket holding her boots and socks in one hand as she just stood…staring down at him.

"Sweetheart, is something wrong?"

She swallowed rather awkwardly. "No…I was just…" She trailed off with a small blush as if a girl caught doing something naughty. "…watching you sleep."

"Oh." He didn't quite know how to respond to that.

She swallowed hard again and forced a small smile. "You're very…handsome when you sleep."

"Um…thank you?" He chuckled and enjoyed watching the blush heighten and steal over her. She wasn't used to being caught thinking about a man in such a way and it was something he knew was going to take more time for her to adjust to than it would him.

He cleared his throat and she put her boots and socks down and sat beside him. He stared at her for a long moment, neither saying anything.

"You want something to eat?" He reached for the satchel. "I think we have some dried apples and some bread and jam."

She nodded. "Sure…I'll eat a few apples." He opened the cloth holding them and offered it to her. She took a few, chewing slowly as she watched the creek.

Jack took a slice of bread for himself and they ate in silence for several moments.

"When we build our house, I want a spot just like this that we can go and eat outside."

She smiled, her eyes alive with the picture his words painted. "That sounds wonderful."

He nodded and continued. "I am thinking that I could build us long wooden table and benches with enough room for us to enjoy a picnic with the children."

Jack cut his eyes sharply toward her and watched as she startled at his choice of words and then, ever so slowly, he enjoyed seeing her face transform to an expression of pure joy.

She slowly began to nod, looking out across the meadow as if seeing the scene herself. "I think…" She paused and cast him a shy smile, her voice lowering. "…that would be wonderful Jack."

Jack put his remaining bread aside and leaned forward to give her a soft kiss. But it wasn't enough now. Just the thought of making children with her; of putting his child…their child inside her…it was almost too much for a new husband to take.

She opened her mouth in welcome beneath his and he aggressively took what was offered. Bringing his hands up to her neck, he gently cradled her as he laid her back onto the soft blanket. He fit his chest atop hers and caught his breath at the softness of her breasts beneath him. She fit him so perfectly.

He tangled his legs with hers as he kissed down her chin to her soft neckline. She gasped aloud as teeth grazed just beneath her chin and then he bit the soft, vulnerable skin beneath her ear and the sound she made did something to him he couldn't quite describe. He was instantly starving for her taste...her sounds…her feel around him. He wanted to hear her gasps and moans of pleasure again and again.

He raised himself up on his elbows to look down at her. The glittering shine of her eyes…the heaving of her breathing…the flutter of her heartbeat so vivid at her neckline. It all was too much…too beautiful.

He closed his eyes against the onslaught.


Her voice shook slightly on his name. She wasn't sure what to do. Just as he had the night before, he looked as if he were in pain.

She knew his desire for her pushed him and she couldn't deny the soft thrill that pulsed through her with the power of that knowledge.

She brought her hand up to caress his face. He groaned so softly as he leaned into her palm.

"Elizabeth…I don't want to…hurt you."

She leaned up to place her own kiss on his chin. "You won't….I…I…want this too."

He opened her eyes to stare down into her own. What she sensed in his gaze stole her breath.

She watched powerless as he slid his hands up her arms and bracketed them above her head.


He never took his eyes from hers. "Let me try and make you feel good baby."

He pressed his hardness downward onto her thigh and she gasped at the unexpected contact.

"Yeah…please…I need to do this."

She bit her lip and nodded, ceding all control to him. She trusted him and yet, the darkness of his gaze hinted that what he was going to do to her wasn't something completely within his control.

Yet, as her heart beat faster, she knew she would never stop him.

With one hand, he trailed his fingers down her neck and then to the soft skin of her dress neckline, his eyes now following his movements.

"So pretty…" He muttered as his hand lightly moved across her breast and then down to her waist.

His brought his other hand down her waist and she started to bring her arms downward. He quickly put one of his own back up to capture hers and secure them above her head once more.

"No…please…leave them?"

He was asking but something inside her told her she wanted to do as he asked. So, she bit her lip harder and nodded. It was hard giving up this control to him…to not fight this intimacy that was so new and so very bold.

Seeing her agreement, he again brought both of his hands to her waist. He held her eyes with his own as he let his left hand hold her steady and his right hand lowered to the hem of her dress.

"Jack…" There was a mixture of fear and wonderment in her tone as her legs shifted beneath his soft movements.

"Shhh…" He looked downward as he began to inch the dress upward on her legs, the skin revealing itself as perfection to his gaze. He leaned downward to place a soft kiss on her lips and felt the tremble of hers beneath his own.

"I won't hurt you baby…I promise...you can trust me."

She nodded, her eyes full of love and anticipation and just a bit of fear.

Her eyes melted his heart and he resolved-yet again- to be careful with her.

As his hand brought her dress upward, he lowered his head downward.

His own hands shook slightly with anticipation as they grasped the dress material and brought it up to gather at her hips. He paused and took in what was before him and tried not to lose his own focus. She was stunning with her long, slender legs bare. Her soft cotton undergarment was thin. He watched her watching him as he brought his hands slowly down to her knee. He stroked gently upward, his fingers cherishing each inch of the soft skin.

Bringing his head back down to her, he let his lips caress the soft skin just inside her knee. He heard her gasp aloud and smiled against her. Encouraged, he let his lips skim upward. He paused as he reached her inner thigh. He felt her hand against his head and looked upward.

There was a look of real fear now showing in her eyes and he hastened to reassure her.

"Trust me…I promise baby…" He trailed off and he felt the pressure of her hand lessen ever so slightly.

He breathed in her fresh scent and instantly wanted to be inside her again, to claim her as his own once more.

He brought his lips to her thigh and let his tongue taste the soft skin there.

Elizabeth felt herself startle at the unexpected feel of his tongue on her. She had never felt a sensation close to this and it was terrifying and yet…thrilling at the same time.

She knew she could stop Jack at any time-all she had to do was ask but she so very much wanted to trust him. To let him lead her in this…this…intimacy that was so very new.

She felt his mouth move to her other leg and kiss it the same way and she longed…for…more.

Would he stop there?

His breath was warm against her skin as it continued an upward path between her legs. Her instant reaction was to clench them shut but his firm hand pressing on her resisted the reaction. She couldn't fight it.

His mouth reached the edge of her undergarments and she jumped as his tongue traced the edging.

Was he really going to…?

"Jack…what are you?"

His hand joined his mouth and she felt him shake his head and mumble something unintelligible. His fingers lightly pressed her there and she jumped once more, her hips thrusting upward.


"Shhhh…try and be still for me baby…"

Elizabeth's mind was enflamed. Be still? When he was doing this?

And then, his mouth opened on her and she felt a fire between her legs unlike anything she could ever have imagined.

It was an…an…incredible new sensation.

"Oh…" She moaned out and heard his answer.


And he kissed her again, this time with more pressure. His fingers grasped her undergarments and began to pull at them, sliding them downward.

Elizabeth could feel herself shaking her head but the words to refuse him wouldn't come out.

Stronger than the fear…she wanted to… know.

Jack slid the panties down her legs, his own desire riding him hard as he pulled them free onto the blanket. He wanted badly to pull himself out of his trousers and sink into his wife.

But more, he wanted to take her with him this time, to love her through her own pleasure.

He kissed back up her inner thigh, his tongue lapping at her sweet skin. He used his hands to firmly hold her open to his gaze.

She was…beautiful. Incredible.

He looked upward to meet her eyes only to find them squeezed shut.

"Elizabeth…look at me." It was a ragged demand and one he desperately wanted her to obey in that moment.

Elizabeth slowly opened her eyes to look down into his. They both were breathing harshly.

"You are mine."

She nodded.

"Yes." It was all she could say.

And he brought his mouth down onto her soft female flesh for the first time.

The sound she made as he did so was something he knew he'd never forget.

Elizabeth felt her hips rise upward, uncontrolled. What was he doing?

Her mind seemed to be shutting down completely and all she could feel was …incredible sensations racing through her.

He bracketed her hips firmly and then put his mouth on her folds yet again. "Baby…open...wider...please..." He lapped at her and she groaned.

Her hand now grasped his head, her fingers tunneling in his hair, pulling at it.

"Jack…stop…I can't…"

He licked her more forcefully and she stopped talking.

"Yes…baby…that's it…let go."

His tongue dipped inside her now and again, she gasped and jerked toward him.


Her sounds drove him crazy with need and he repeated the aggressive movement over and over again.

Slowly, Elizabeth began to stop protesting and give into the movements of his tongue and her own hips began to move with the flow of his hands. Her body wasn't her own to command any longer as a tide of need rose inside her.

"Jack…I feel…no…so…oh…"

Jack wasn't listening to her words at all now but to her body as she now pumped her hips upward toward his mouth.

This was the most incredible thing he could ever imagine doing to her, her hands in his hair encouraging him as he lapped at her sweet wetness again and again.

"Jack! I'm…I'm…"

He glanced up to see her push her head back onto the blanket, her body beginning to stiffen under his mouth. He didn't want to hurt her but …

He pressed a finger upward inside her and her reaction intensified.


Now he used his hand and his mouth to pleasure her.

"Yes…" He mumbled against her and she pressed harder downward on him. He licked her once more and she stilled suddenly and let out a soft scream.


She called his name and he loved every syllable from her lips.

Her body shuttered violently and he knew she had experienced what he had-that powerful rush of intense feeling.

He let her ride out the sensation and slowed as she did, his own desire pushing him as he desperately tried to push it back for her sake.

She was still, her breathing harsh for the longest time, her arm thrown across her eyes. The picture she made thrilled him and yet broke his heart. What she had felt was so very intense he knew.

He rose up to her neck and pressed his lips to her ear.

"Sweetheart? Are you alright?"

She said nothing for a beat and then nodded.

In a moment, she opened her eyes. They were bright and glistening. She looked at him with a wonderment and stunned amazment.

"I had no idea…I…"

He nodded against her neck. "I know. It's very… intense."

He stretched out beside her, willing his own body to calm a bit.

Beside him, Elizabeth felt his hardness against her bare leg.

"Jack…are you…"

He nodded. "I loved watching that happen to you…but I can wait."

She turned her head to stare into his eyes.

"I don't want you to have to wait."

Her soft words surprised him.

He leaned in to kiss her lips urgently. "Elizabeth…are you sure? I mean…you just…"

She cut off his words with her own hand as it grazed the bulge in his pants. She fumbled for his belt awkwardly and he knew a kind of desire he'd never felt. But her undressing him was a pleasure that he'd wait for. Rising to his knees, her hands fell away and he undid his own belt quickly and pushed his pants downward.

She watched him in awe, her expression and hunger fueling his own.

"I don't know if I can go slow baby." He grasped himself and tried to position near the entrance to her body.

She gave a tiny, shy smile. "I'm fine with…not slow."

He growled at her answer and held himself above her, forcing himself not to enter her too fast.

At the first contact, they both moaned. Jack pressed forward more and sank inside his wife's softness with a tortured groan.

Her heat enveloped him and unlike the previous night, he felt her rise to take him more deeply.

It almost stole his willpower.

He moved slowly at first but as she moved, he moved faster.

"Elizabeth…baby…I can't…I…"

Yet, she didn't try to slow him and he pressed harder and deeper inside her.

"Yes, Jack…that feels…good…"

He heard her words, the encouragement and knew he wasn't hurting her.

It was all he needed to know.

He felt himself grow large within her and his body already getting close to a release.

Her gasps were fast at his ear with each push further inside.

He felt her stiffen again and call his name.


She began to squeeze and pulse around him and it took him over the edge of sanity.


His body released inside her as he roared her name into the quiet mountain air.

Finally, he collapsed atop her.

For long moments, they both lie still without speaking. The distant rush of the stream and birds chirping around them joined the sound of their harsh breaths.

Finally, he felt her move beneath him.


"Oh…sorry." He rose to slip from her and fell to his back with a thud beside her.

Putting his hand over his eyes, he tried to regain some sense of reality…some calm.

Glancing at Elizabeth, her pose was much as his. In just a moment, he felt her pull her skirt back downward.

He knew he'd probably ruined it but couldn't find it in him to care. He'd buy her another one.

Neither said anything for long moments. Finally, he was able to turn and lean upon his elbow. She turned her head and he met her eyes and they both smiled weakly.

"I love you Elizabeth." He whispered it into her mouth with a soft kiss.

"I love you Jack." She answered as he raised his head.

He looked around for a moment and then pushed her slightly damp hair from her cheek and looked at her with a teasing twinkle returning to his eyes.

"Best walk ever?" His voice was a whisper against her ear as he pulled her close to him.

She snuggled against his side and chuckled and could only nod weakly in agreement.