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Chapter 13: Ordinary Days

Enthusiasm for what you like can take you far. Most people who do the greatest work in any field usually loves said work, sometimes even bordering on obsession. Any achievement worth doing is usually hard, but made easier the more one likes the achievement they've set out to do. However this isn't without drawbacks.

"Up all night again I see." Momo wasn't sure whether to be worried or amused as Izuku lethargically sat in his seat.

"Fell asleep at the lab," Izuku yawned drowsily, covering his mouth. "Mum chewed me out a bit for not contacting her."

"I've never met someone with a work ethic like that," Todoroki spoke up from his seat next to Momo. "I'm surprised you don't drop."

"Far too used to late nights for that," Izuku smiled lightly. "For better or worse I guess."

"By the way, have you spoken to Bakugo about the meeting this afternoon?" Momo brought up a topic that made Izuku winch.

"Not yet, I've been... procrastinating," Izuku sheepishly ducked his head.

"Well you should do it when he arrives, what is it they say about a bandage?" Momo asked with a wry smile.

"Best to tear it off," Izuku dully quoted.

After greeting the other's as they came in, Bakugo happened to be the last through the door.

"Hey Katsuki, got a minute?" Izuku asked, biting down a gulp.

"Depends on if your gonna waste it Deku," Bakugo growled, but gave no sign of dissuading Izuku from continuing.

"Last week, Class One B's Class Rep came and paid me a visit," Izuku began. "She asked if I would like to have the Reps and Officers from our classes meet."

Bakugo glared at Izuku for a few short moments, before delivering a quick downward punch to Izuku's skull.

"Grow a backbone ya freaking moron, or did you forget your the Rep of this class," Bakugo growled caustically. "I may not like the fact you got that damned position but anything you do in regards to that and me bein' the fucking Sports Rep means I gotta listen to you."

"So... that's a yes?" Izuku really needed to get better at reading Bakugo.

"Is that a... fucking hell Deku," Bakugo just sat down "Where's this damned meeting?"

"Err, we're meeting in a conference room set aside for things like these," Izuku answered taking his seat behind Bakugo.

Apparently, the school had a number of these rooms set up for the students to use instead of their classrooms. They just weren't used very often as most classes tended to insulate themselves.

Bakugo gave a grunt of acknowledgement when Izuku told him the room number.

"Ya shouldn't be so mean to Midori, Kacchan," Ashido chimed in from the side; she had been talking with Kirishima and Sero at the time.

"You want me to blow your face off raccoon eyes?" Bakugo's hands let out a spark as he threateningly glared at Ashido who grinned back at him.

Before anything else could be said, Aizawa lethargically entered the room and began homeroom.


"So it's this afternoon right?" Kirishima asked as the usual group gathered at lunch.

"Yeah, Katsuki was the last person I needed to tell," Izuku nodded in confirmation.

"Shoulda been the first one told," grinned Ashido. "That way you could've gotten the hard part out of the way."

"I know, I just have a hard time dealing with him," Izuku muttered.

"Why do you act so skittish around him Midoriya?" Tsuyu asked in her usual blunt manner.

"It's... because of our shared history," Izuku tried to find the words "When I was younger, I always looked up to Katsuki, out of our group he was always the one to take charge. But after getting his Quirk, he became a lot more callous to those around him." Izuku sat back on the bench, thinking about it. "I suppose that in the end, despite having not been around him for ten years I guess I just want to go back to being friends," Izuku said after a few moments. "But his personality as it is now is the type I'm not too good with."

"Dude, I don't think many people can get along with that personality," Kirishima grinned.

"It definitely takes a special kind of person," Kaminari threw his own thoughts in.

"By the way, what's got you so happy Kyoka?" Ochako asked, facing the ear-jack girl.

"Hmm? Whattya mean?" Kyoka asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You seem to be practically glowing," Tsuyu deadpanned.

"Err nothin' much guys," said Kyoka, putting up her hands.

"Heh, bet it's got to do with Midori," Ashido grinned , lightly elbowing Kyoka in the side from next to her.

Kyoka's face flushed a little as she faced Izuku who shrugged his shoulders.

Truth be told, Izuku didn't feel the need to hide what he was doing from the others, he hoped that eventually they'd all benefit from his inventions.

At Izuku's nod, Kyoka informed the three inquisitive girls (or the closest Tsuyu would even get to inquisitiveness anyway) about what happened at the lab.

"So, lemme get this straight, Midori is making a gadget for you, and he intends to make gadgets for the whole class as well?" Ashido was surprised.

"Dude... Awesome, ya gotta let us in on the action," Kirishima said excitedly.

"Technically we are involved," Sero commented to Kirishima, Izuku was after all making the gadgets for them.

"Are you sure that's wise?" Tenya's question caused all eyes to turn to him "I mean no disrespect to your inventive prowess Izuku, but I had thought that any Support Gear had to be created by a fully licensed inventor that came through the Support Course?"

"Normally your right, but because of my work at Tetsu Industries, I've got a license that is on equal terms with a Support Contractor," Izuku explained "The only thing I can't do is modify existing Support Gear that's not made by me without the express permission from the original Contractors. Making Hero Uniforms is also warned against, though that's more of a grey area."

"That's a nice perk," Kaminari muttered.

"As I said, while it may not seem restricting it does have a lot of legal issues I still have to adhere to," Izuku continued "That and I can't ask for any aid from my Grandpa or any of the staff at Tetsu Industries."

"Whys that?"Asui questioned.

"Because, Tetsu Industries weaponry patents are banned from sale in Japan," answered Izuku.

"That's strange, is there any reason?" Tenya asked.

"It's because we sell weaponry specifically made to capture Villains", he kept the fact they made fatal weaponry as well to himself.

"Why would you be banned for that?" Ochako was confused.

"Because we design them for the Quirkless law enforcement," Izuku bowed his head.

"Err, why is that a bad thing?" Kirishima rose an eyebrow.

"It's because the Japanese Government wants to keep the police force from the front lines with Villains because of the danger Villains can pose to the Quirkless," Izuku explained "As well as keep the weapons out of Villains hands, because what can work against a Villain can work on a Hero."

The table sat in silence, absorbing what Izuku said.

"So..." Kaminari began "That means anything you make'll be fine then?"

"Yeah, so long as I create it by myself. It's because I'm technically not part of Tetsu Industries yet," Izuku nodded.

All the others nodded at this, but further conversation was cut off by classes resuming.


Izuku wasn't quiet sure what he was expecting. He was sitting on one side of a long table, next to him was Momo, then Kirishima, Bakugo and finally the near invisible Hagakure. Across from him on the desks other side was Kendo, she had a smile on her face belying the tension in the room.

"So then, I guess introductions are in order," Kendo grinned as she stood up "Considering I was the one who suggested this little pow-wow I'll begin, the names Itsuka Kendo, Class President of First Year Class B."

She swept her hand to her left toward a boy with black hair spiked up and backwards, wearing a white headband with criss-crossing zigzagging blue lines.

"First is my Vice Rep Yosetsu Awase."

"Hey." The boy gave a non-committal bland greeting, not offensive, but more like not caring.

"Next up is my Battle Conduct Officer Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu."

The boy next to Awase had silver coloured hair and white eyelashes that encompassed his eyes, which were currently glaring at Kirishima.

"Hmph," he grunted before turning away.

"... Right, third is Ibari Shiozaki, my Sports Committee Rep."

"Hello Class One A." Shiozaki bowed her head with a soft smile. She was a girl with distinctive green, thorny hair.

"And last is..." Kendo was cut off by the last member.

"I don't see why we have to do this Kendo," the final member was a boy with blonde hair "It's obvious that they should be the ones to go first, just because they're the 'first' class put together."

"Must you run your mouth Monoma," Kendo sighed "He's Neito Monoma, my Secretary."

She held up a finger to shush the blond, before turning and motioning to Izuku to introduce his Rep's.

"Ah, err my names Izuku Midoriya, Class President of First Year Class A, a pleasure to meet you all," in a manner similar to Kendo, Izuku swept his arm to his right "Next to me is my Vice Rep Momo Yaoyarozu."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance." Momo smiled as she nodded.

"Next to her is Eijiro Kirishima, my Battle Conduct Officer."

"Hey, how're you guys." Kirishima grinned his shark grin.

"Third is my Sports Committee Rep, Katsuki Bakugo."

Bakugo scowled at the Class B members, riling Monoma up more.

"And lastly my Secretary Toru Hagakure."

"Heya all," a sleeve waved at Class B, indicating Hagakure was waving.

Silence followed before Kendo scratched the back of her head.

"Anyways," she spoke, seemingly undaunted by the tension "I suggested this because I felt it would be a good idea to get to know each other, as the two first year Classes Representatives."

"Seems like a waste of time if you ask me," Bakugo grumbled, leaning back on his seat.

Before Izuku could say anything, Monoma stood up.

"Oh, so you think your better then us huh?," he asked with a glare.

"Doesn't take much to be better then a sorry fucker like you," Bakugo growled back.

The two glared at each other, causing Izuku and Kendo to sweatdrop.

"Your problem member?," Kendo asked with a wry smile as she nodded her head toward Bakugo.

"Yes... yes he is, and I take it he's yours," Izuku repeated the gesture towards Monoma.

"Unfortunately, looks like we both have our work cut out for us." Kendo gave a laugh at their predicament.

Izuku joined her with a dry chuckle of his own as he watched the two 'problem' Reps continue to needle each other.

"Still don't know what the point of this is for though Class Rep," Awase muttered to Kendo from the side.

"Yeah, it's not like we need to know about them," growled Tetsutetsu.

"That's the point, when I was elected to Class Representative, I did a bit of research into what the responsibilities entailed in the past and with the exception of last year's first year class, almost no other classes actually had anything to do with each other," Kendo explained in an annoyed tone.

"Hmm, what was different last year?" Kirishima asked, raising an eyebrow.

"There was only one class last year, apparently an entire Class failed a teacher's aptitude test," Kendo said, she had tried to find out who the teacher was, but the name wasn't entered in the files she could access.

'That had to have been Aizawa.' Unbeknownst to the five Class B students, Class A had a collective thought on the teacher behind an entire Classes expulsion as they all grimaced, even Bakugo's eye twitched.

"Anyway, I though this year maybe we can get together and organise things between our classes," Kendo smiled brightly "The teachers of U.A say we students have a level of autonomy so I thought that maybe we can exercise some of that."

"Hmm, it seems like a good idea, I for one am for it," Momo spoke, a smile sliding across her lips.

"We gotta set somethin' up like inter-class spars," said Kirishima excitedly.

"Maybe in a few weeks, we really should start off small." Izuku wasn't sure about inter-class sparring right off the bat.

"Where's the fun in that, I reckon we could easily take the lot of you," Tetsutetsu grinned, showing off his shark like teeth similar to Kirishima's.

"Big words there, sure you can back 'em up?" asked Kirishima, sending a challenging glance at Tetsutetsu.

"Simmer down boys, I can see why Midoriya said that," Kendo said with a chuckle.

"Then what the fuck else could you do then?" Bakugo asked, he had finished his argument with Monoma for the time being.

"Maybe we could get to know each other with a tea party?" Hagakure suggested.

Everyone rose an eyebrow at the random suggestion.

"Oh, that sounds like a great idea." except Shiozaki who seemed to love it.

While the two girls began discussing how to go about their plan, Awase sweatdropped.

"Well, that may work for the girls, but the guy's?".

"Definitely not." A consensus was unsurprisingly reached by Bakugo, Kirishima, Monoma and Testsutetsu at the same time.

"So they can agree on something." Izuku's mutter was responded too by giggles from Momo and Kendo.

The group traded random conversation, Bakugo and Monoma continued to rile each other while it was hard to distinguish whether Kirishima and Tetsutetsu were getting along or arguing. Hagakure and Shiozaki where still planning their tea party, which had somehow now involved an auditorium and a dance hall while the two Presidents and Vice Reps looked on.

"Well, at least they're talking?" Awase wasn't sure what to make of the garbled threats from two of them and ridiculous challenges from the other two.

"I think Hagakure and Shiozaki are getting a little too involved with their idea." Momo sweatdropped. She liked the idea but they were blowing it out of proportion.

"I think I can successfully deem this a success," declared Kendo sunnily.

"A successful success?" Izuku wasn't sure about the phrasing.

"Hush you, let me revel in victory," Kendo placed a finger over her lips and gave a wink.

This went on for a further twenty minutes before they decided on calling it quits, nothing had really been decided on other then that they'd meet again. Kendo had snatched Izuku's phone from him before entering her details while getting his.

"Now we just need to text each other when we wanna do this again." Were her parting words as she bounded off happily.

"Huh, Big Sis Itsuwa?" Kirishima read the contact name she entered in Izuku's phone and rose an eyebrow.

"Apparently some of the students in her class have taken to referring to her as their classes big sister," Izuku explained "To be honest, I kinda got that vibe from her myself."

"Kinda fitting for a Class Rep," Kirishima nodded, then grinned "So does that make you Big Bro Izuku?"

"Please don't," Izuku groaned.

Kirishima laughed as the group (minus Bakugo who left without a word when the meeting let out) made their way out of the school.

"I think Izuku's more of a little brother then a big brother," Hagakure spoke, one sleeve crossed over the stomach part of her uniform while the other was bent upward, indicating she was resting her chin on her hand.

"Really, how so?" questioned Momo.

"Well, he just had that feeling of an adorable younger boy that you wanna spoil," Hagakure explained.

"I don't want to know how you came to that conclusion." Izuku was a little uneasy about being seen like that.

"Well, you do seem to have girls doting on you," Kirishima said, fanning the flames.

"I do not dote on him," Momo said defensively.

"...No one mentioned any names Yaoyarozu," Kirishima smirked.

"Somethin' ya wanna tell us Momo?" asked Hagakure as she bounded into step with the taller girl.

"N..nothing at all," Momo blushed a bit.

The group soon reached the station and parted ways, Izuku heading to his lab to do some more work.

'Maybe this time I might remember to go to sleep before three,' he thought to himself.


Wednesday didn't hold much in the way of anything, so the day kinda melted into the wayside. It was Thursday that held a thing of note, the second Class with Shin Kiritsugu, who decided to forgo his signature mist-laden entrance for today.

"I see everyone did a degree of research on their Quirks like discussed last-meeting. That's good to know," Shin grinned as he rapped the back of his hand against a stack of papers submitted to his desk. "If there's time at the end of class, we'll have a joint seminar so everyone can learn about dietary nuances of Quirks some of you may've missed or unintentionally overlooked. For the time being however, we'll be having another practical lesson," he stated, the students sitting up in excitement. "Get your Hero Suits on and meet me at Training Ground: Beta," he said before belting out a bank of mist from the seams of his costume, the teacher disappearing from view by the time it fell.

"He's just gonna hang that on us randomly isn't he?" Kaminari questioned with a sweatdrop.

"It's better than Mr Aizawa falling asleep mid lesson," opined Asui as the group left for the change rooms.

Izuku was naturally the first one there, not having to 'suit up' as it were, Kiritsugu rose an eyebrow before grinning.

"Must be handy having a suit you can carry with you," he spoke as Izuku stood in front of him.

"Yeah, it was one of the things I had to figure out," Izuku scratched the back of his head sheepishly "My original suit requires a docking bay to hold it, I couldn't keep having it launched here daily. It was lucky that the Nano-Machines could be reprogrammed to become compactors allowing me to manipulate the physical structure of my second suit into a back-pack."

"Hmm, interesting. I take it you can't just retrofit the Nano-Machines to your original suit?"

"No Sir, the Nano-Machines had to be bound with each metal piece. Not to mention the subtle folds I had to create in the design," Izuku explained.

"Folds?" Kiritsugu questioned.

"Well, like something that could normally transform, expanding and retracting joints have to be made. The problem is that this could lead to design point weaknesses," Izuku began grinning "The Nano-Machines don't need outright joints to transform the suit, just a few folds to have a guide, their programming and molecular manipulation does the work from there."

"Heh, you sure do love robotics, don't you Mr. Midoriya," Kiritsugu grinned. "I can see why Tsukareta and Kagaku speak so highly of you."

"You know Tsukareta and Kagaku?" Izuku questioned in surprise.

"Yep, their mentor was a friend of my mentor," the teacher replied, a small shadow passing over Kiritsugu's face before he shook it off. "Dr. Science was the one that taught me most of my computer hacking. I met Tsukareta and Kagaku when I was learning from him just after I became Skull Face's sidekick. It was a... memorable experience." The look on Kiritsugu's face told Izuku that he knew all too well the idiosyncrasy's that came along with an acquaintance to Dr Science. "Anyway, enough reminiscing. It seems as if the rest of the class is here," he said as the rest of the class filed up behind Izuku. "All right, today we'll be doing some outdoor training." Waiting a few minutes to ensure he had everyone's attention he then continued once he made sure there weren't any stragglers that were still changing.

Especially in Tooru Hagakure's case where she could easily be overlooked in her Hero Outfit. Or lack thereof.

"While All Might is teaching you lot how to fight your opponents, I will be teaching you guys how to fight." At their confused glances he coughed into his fist before continuing. "Fighting one on one battles in a static environment is one way to learn, but it's poorly representative of fighting in the real world. In the real world, enemies and allies alike can come or go from your side at a moment's notice or no notice at all, and even the environment is subject to change. Tenya Iida's cleaning of the room he and Bakugou had their "bomb" in of any loose debris to prevent Uraraka from having anything to use her Quirk on during All Might's lesson is a very prime example of this ideology. In that moment, Tenya changed the room from a static environment, to a dynamic environment."

"Dynamic?" Ochako tilted her head to the side. His evaluation of her fight especially resonated with her because the loose debris on the floor was something present in every fight but her own. That such a minor detail could have such a lasting impact really stood out to her.

"Think of the difference between a static environment and a dynamic environment as the difference between a destructible and non-destructible environment in one of your video games. In a video game environment where something can be hit with grenades or missiles and nothing changes, that's a static environment. On the inverse, in a video game environment where every bomb and bullet shaves away at cover and alters the shape of the battlefield, that's a dynamic environment." At this analogy, a few eyes lit up in understanding. "Now, in the real world, things aren't so linear. While it's true that part of a building collapsing or being knocked down can alter the environment, some things are more subtle than that. On the one hand, you have large concrete debris that a Villain can hide behind or that someone can be pinned under. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there's things like puddles or loose trash on the ground which while not visually distinctive, can still serve as very real hazards on the battlefield, one that any competent Villain will take advantage of."

"Such as?" Todoroki questioned.

"Well... Here, look at this," Kiritsugu said pulling out his phone, a large holographic screen appearing much like Aizawa did with his scoreboard. On it was the image of Ingenium running from the right side of the screen to the left towards a Villain who was visible at the end of the street. Passing by a crowd, Ingenium's foot suddenly shot upwards, and the Hero was deposited unceremoniously onto his back, the loud *THUD* causing a few of them to cringe.

"Whoa! What just happened?" Kirishima gawked at the rather pronounced spill the white-armored Hero took.

"If you'll look back a few frames, you see a small child in the crowd with a fishnet bag in his hand," he said rewinding few frames. "That bag contains marbles, the very thing that Ingenium tripped over. Now, while the child didn't drop them into Ingenium's path out of spite, the fact remains that in a static environment, nothing would've changed about its constitution and Ingenium would've been completely unimpeded. However, in the real world, a dynamic environment is like the procedurally-generated world of a dungeon-crawling game. Small things are the subject to very real change, and while some can be inconsequential, the fact that Ingenium tripped over something like marbles isn't necessarily him being a bad Hero, but at the very least he was an unobservant Hero. The argument could be made that there wasn't any time for him to change course, but there are times that a civilian will drop something out of fright and a Hero passing by will trip over them," he said changing to a scene of a no-name Hero running by a businessman, one who in his fright dropped the umbrella he was holding right into the Hero's path causing a rather prominent faceplant, the Hero's spill causing everyone to cringe. "What I'll be teaching you here regarding the delineation between static an dynamic environments, is done with the intent of increasing your awareness of your work environment. Some jobs have low-hanging objects or sharp corners to watch out for. In the case of Heroes, you need to treat everywhere like a workspace with its own contextually-sensitive hazards."

Pressing another button on his phone, a large metal case situated behind him opened up, a metallic sphere the size of a basketball with glowing blue lights around its circumference slowly rising into the air. The device let out a soft humming noise and it vibrated slightly, the sphere rising about hundred meters before stopping overhead.

"This device right here is called a Weather Ball. It's a meteorological manipulation device that in layman's terms," he said pressing a button on his phone, causing the sphere to glow purple, "has the ability to change the weather."

"H-How is this possible?" Mineta gawped as grey clouds began to gather overhead, but only for a few dozen meters in every direction.

"Hmmm... If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that the Weather Ball uses electromagnetism to manipulate the water vapor in the air, simulating changes in weather," Izuku said with a hand on his chin. "By stimulating the vapor in the air, clouds can be gathered in a localized area to the point that precipitation occurs."

"How about we stick with what works, works," Kyoka chuckled as she tapped Izuku's shoulder.

"While the science lesson is well-meaning, that isn't the focus of what it's here for. The point is ultimately, while expensive, this device is able to simulate localized weather phenomena in a controlled setting that's ideal for Hero Training. Today, you'll all be sparring in the rain, one of the most-common changes to battlefield conditions if you use sunny with clear skies as the default," he said as raindrops began to fall, much to the consternation of several students; except for Asui who absolutely thrived in the rain. "All of you line up. I'll be splitting you off into pairs. Once you have a partner, pick anywhere you feel comfortable with throwing a punch as long as it's in a rainy area, because today we'll be delving into the fundamentals of CQC; fisticuffs."

"I get to punch things? And get graded for it?" Bakugou asked before pounding his fist with a grin on his face. "Sweet!"

"I love the enthusiasm, but maybe dial it back just a bit," Kiritsugu requested, the explosive teen pouting. "Before I can begin teaching you Close Quarters Combat, I need to grasp where the lot of you stand. Who here knows how to fight, who doesn't, and if you do know how to fight, how-well if you aren't simply swinging your arms like a windmill on the playground. The inclusion of the weather will be a two-birds-with-one-stone approach to help you get a feel of fighting in the rain while in-costume. Some of your designs are more-sensible than others in this scenario. For example, Ms. Asui's costume is waterproofed so it can be effectively used with aquatic rescues," he said gesturing to the frog-girl's costume, rivulets of water flowing down it without getting waterlogged. "Mr. Aoyama's costume on the other hand..." Aoyama's cape was completely saturated, the corners dragging along the ground much to the "dazzling" teen's consternation. "Also, Mr. Kaminari's Quirk would be an absolute disaster if it were used in this setting, so there will not be any Quirks allowed. This is only to test your natural abilities in a way that puts you outside your comfort zone."

"I take it I can't use my suit either?" Izuku asked.

"Well, strictly speaking, your suit is considered your Hero Costume, so you could use it, but I'll leave the do or do not up to your discretion," he stated. Thinking on it for a few seconds, Izuku slipped his backpack off and placed it at Kiritsugu's feet.

"All Might said there would be times I can't use my suit, and since this lesson is about fighting in a rainy environment, I'll do this without my suit's aid."

"That's a good attitude to have. Plus, unless this thing has the ability to expunge inside water, you'd probably be completely miserable anyway," he said gesturing to everyone's varying states of saturation. "Now enough lecturing. You all look like drowned rats, no offense, so let's get this exercise underway. Fight to the best of your ability but try not to cause any permanent damage to one another. Just because we have Recovery Girl on speed dial doesn't mean we need to overly-exercise that privilege. There will be hairdryers and warm towels waiting for you back in the changing room when we're done, so don't worry about getting soaked."


It took about five minutes for the class of twenty to be appropriately split-off into pairs, and another ten for everyone to get into position where they wouldn't get in each others' way. Once everyone was in position, the students began fighting, some more-reluctantly than others while some went with the green light and completely wailed on their opponent. Having used their Quirks on one another previously, mundane punches and kicks were like lovetaps in comparison.

Situated atop a high rise to get a better view of everyone, as he took a collection of notes beneath an awning, he began to notice a few trends among the students.

For obvious reasons, he didn't pair Mineta up with any of his female peers because with a green-light for students to "touch" one another, the grape-headed kid was a PR nightmare waiting to happen. Also, because of his diminutive stature, he was at an obvious disadvantage against any "normal-sized person" in a straight-up fight. While Aoyama was soaked to the bone and completely miserable, Uraraka's hits were completely ineffective against the male's armored costume, showing he had some design sensibility even if it left a few things to be desired. Bakugou and Kirishima were wailing on one another, a given because of the confrontational nature of their Quirks, though the fact they occasionally slipped in the rain showed a degree of tunnel sighting that would need to be addressed if they ever fought a Villain who wasn't as straightforward as them. Ojiro was hesitant to hit Hagakure, which in retrospect made sense since, due to her lack of Hero Costume, punching her would be the same as touching a naked person; a justifiable reservation to be had since the rivulets of rain dribbling down her body rendered her invisibility almost moot. Ashido was one of the most athleically-inclined students in 1-A when Quirks were off the table, but Asui's costume and vibrancy when in a rainy environment put the two on a leveled playing field. Tokoyami's costume was completely soaked within minutes and clung to his frame making it hard for him to fight, whereas the rather minimalistic nature of Yaoyarozu's costume gave her the freedom to exercise a degree of self-defense fighting that every daughter of an affluent family was wont to learn; he did of course take her Reference Book into account and stashed it next to him under the awning so her notes wouldn't get soaked along with Izuku's backpack suit.

Writing away other miscellaneous observations for later purvey, he took notice of Iida and Kaminari's fight, which could legitimately be called that compared to the other students who were more reluctant to hit one another in a straight-up fistfight. Kaminari had stepped back as he blocked a punch from the taller boy, the electric teen rolling away from the punch before aiming a kick at his shin and a few to the torso, which Tenya blocked before delivering a few hooks in retaliation, only to trip over a curb because he wasn't paying attention to his footing.

"Mr. Iida, your form's too stiff. You need to relax a little, give yourself some fluidity when facing an opponent who mainly relies on counters. Also, you're a bit tunnel visioned, no doubt an effect on your fighting style you got as a result of your Quirk. It's actually similar to the times in the past I directly worked with your brother," Kiritsugu instructed.

"My brother?" Tenya asked curiously. He was a mite embarrassed that his brother had been laid out by marbles of all things, but he was willing to put that to the wayside since the shape of Ingenium's costume showed it to be one of the earlier drafts.

"The long story short of it was that it was a windy and stormy day like this one. I was pinned down by a Villan who could shoot out bone spikes from his arms like a gattling gun. Ingenium came up from behind at high speed, but stepped on a discarded soda can and tripped in a big way. He still hit the guy, so I decided to let Ingenium have that one," Kiritsugu narrated. "That being said, when you aren't using your Quirk, you have to change your fighting style to accommodate the change in pitch, you've tripped twice-more than your opponent, and not just because of the rain."

"I understand, Sir!" Tenya returned enthused.

"Mr. Kaminari, your form's pretty decent. Your back-step is decently-timed and your counters are fluid, but you're relying too much on counters. There's nothing wrong with waiting for an opening to present itself, but there will be times you're facing an enemy out of your weight class you have to fight, and it's better to press the attack. The black side doesn't always win chess matches."

The two boys nodded at the advice they were given, before implementing them. The changes were small, but they were noticeable. Iida had relaxed his shoulders and become more abreast of his footwork, while Kaminari took the initiative more than he had before. Nodding to himself, Kiritsugu took notice of Bakugou and Kirishima's skirmish, as did everyone else who lacked their... enthusiasm. Both boys were slugging it out, showing a natural inclination towards fighting that most of the other students either lacked or didn't get to exercise all that often. Out of everyone in 1-A, these two showed the greatest propensity for fighting in circumstances where their Quirks were off the table. That being said, they bough fought instinctively, so their spar was closer to a street brawl like you'd see before Quirks became prominent.

"Bakugou, Kirishima, time out," Kiritsugu called out over the rain. "The two of you have great form even though you haven't received any formal training, but I have to wonder, what exactly do you envision as you fight? A few of those moves seemed a little... eccentric."

"Ya mean without Quirks?" Kirishima asked, before continuing at Kiritsugu's nod, "Hmm, don't really know, I just move my body in response to how I think, or how my opponent attacks."

"Same here," grunted Bakugo "Figured hand to hand fighting was the best skill to go with my Quirk."

"I see," Kiritsugu stroked his chin in thought "Have either of you considered boxing or kickboxing before?"

The two shook their heads in tandem.

"...Alright, I know a place not far from the station," Kiritsugu hummed after a moment. "I'll leave his business card tacked to the cork board outside the changing room. If you have the chance, tell him Shin Kiritsugu sent you, and they should get you started with what you need. Because it's related to your Hero Training, U.A will reimburse any of the cost. If you're willing to put in the time after school," he amended. "U.A might be one of the premier schools in the country, but it doesn't teach you everything. Sometimes you'll have to outsource, but if you put in the hours, I can guarantee you won't regret it."

Addressing a few of the more-obvious flaws in the two's fighting styles, he was surprised by the lack of snarky comments from Bakygou, before moving back to other groups. 'All things considered, while his personality isn't all that appealing for a Hero, the kid throws his all into what he does. At the very least, he's more-earnest than Endeavor.'

Calling a time out, as the students milled into some of the nearby buildings to get out of the rain, he began to approach them one by one, directing them towards the prospect of additional teachers outside the school's curriculum. While he also commented on the areas they needed improving, he also established very clearly that is recommendations were based on personal opinion and shouldn't be taken as gospel. If a recommendation didn't pan out, they shouldn't force themselves through it simply because he said so. He urged each and every one of them to shop around for a fighting style that fit before sending them out again into the rain for more sparring, this time mixing things up a little.

Lowering the intensity of the rain now that the ground was thoroughly saturated, as the students continued fighting anew, he began actively throwing obstacles like tin cans, marbles, and other miscellaneous tripping hazards to increase awareness. A few of the students' style changed to accommodate new opponents, most-notably Mineta using his small stature to his advantage by splashing Aoyama in the eyes. Normally it wouldn't be so effective against someone with glasses, but that Mineta capitalised on a momentary distraction with a shoulder check to the knee showing he was more than aware of how his height could become an issue. Most of the students didn't lose their footing as-frequently now that the rain was turned down, but Asui had yet to fall down even once. Her [Frog Form] Quirk gave her a distinctive advantage in any scenario involving water. Due to Bakugou and Kirishima's enthusiasm which might overwhelm most anyone else, he opted to keep them as a pair, and now that Hagakure wasn't worried about her contours being readily visible, she readily took the advantage. Since her lack of costume could classify as a Hero Costume, once she removed her gloves the invisible girl was practically unstoppable; he still made her wear her shoes of course since he'd seen many a hero split open their foot on a piece of glass, and any kind of deep-rooted infection made the days to follow incredibly miserable.

Adjusting the levels of the rain by cycle and alternating the fighting partners a few times, his phone alarm eventually went off, telling him that the end of the day was nearing. Calling the kids to attention as the rain ceased altogether, Kiritsugu called the Weather Ball back to its console.

"Alright, everyone, that was a great effort. Most of you probably haven't gotten into fights, but at the very least, you seem to have the bare basics down. It isn't anything I'd send out against Villains, but that's why you're here. To learn," he praised. "As you've no doubt realised, fighting in the rain has its own set of hazards from fighting in a place that's dry and sunny. For one, the ground's a lot slipperier, puddles can slow you down significantly, and because of this you had a hard time maintaining balance on occasion. In addition, certain types of costumes can become saturated with water and hindering movement, so the design of your costume is important to consider when thinking about which field you choose to specialise in. Now..." he said as the students began to brush or wring the water out of their costumes. "Something I want you to take away from this is that there aren't any set dynamic elements to a specific battlefield. While less-likely than in the city, you can still fumble on a bottle or a soda can on a dirt road in the country or up in the mountains. What's important is remaining abreast of your surroundings. In time, you won't even be conscious that you're looking for these small little obstacles, you'll simply become more aware of your surroundings as time goes by."

"So ultimately, keeping track of small details in our surroundings will become instinctual?" Todoroki asked. Nothing his father had ever put him through had prepared him for the embarrassment of stepping on a tin can and taking a nasty spill into a puddle in the middle of a fistfight in the rain.

"Pretty much, yeah. You can still be caught by surprise if something really random happens, but the things that can trip you up can trip up Villains as well. I've seen plenty a bad guy slip over the side of a curb and lose the fight because they busted their head open on the way down. Now..." he paused as he looked at the clock. "Learning how to fight is something that takes a lot of time and effort, and your time at U.A is very finite. While I could extend class time to accommodate more training, this wouldn't exactly be very fair to you who have to take the trains or be home at a certain time, so I'll leave the pursuit of any auxiliary training to your own discretion. You don't need to master every fighting style out there, but if you can find something you're good at, and excel in it, I guarantee that all sorts of windows will open up for you."

"I didn't even know there was a Muay Thai school in this city," Ashido commented. With her athleticism, something about the style really resonated with her, and she didn't know there was a school nearby until just today.

"I really did want to go over these Quirk review sheets with you all, but you only have enough time to get dried off and changed before the final bell, so we'll save that for another day. Don't worry about a bare-bones report negatively impacting your grade, this assignment was closer to extra credit than actual homework. Now, if you'll excuse me," he said as a bank of mist rose up around him. "I have to go grade papers," he said before the mist parted, and he completely disappeared.

"That exit would've been cooler if he didn't say he was grading papers afterwards," Kirishima commented idly as everyone made their way to the changing rooms, some of them in various states of saturation from the rain. Those who wore spandex were better off than those in ordinary clothing, and armour didn't saturate as easily, though Hagakure was the worst off since she spent the last hour naked in the rain, and needed more breaks than anyone else.


"Man, I really should invest in a costume to wear when I'm not using my suit," Izuku grumbled as he, Momo, Kyoka, Ashido and Sero left the grounds of U.A.

"At least you were wearing your training suit," Momo smiled.

"True..." Izuku trailed off before raising an eyebrow "Where's Kirishima?"

"Hmm? Oh Eiji said he was gonna check out something Mr K gave him," Ashido explained.

"There were a bunch of business cards for different fighting schools outside the changing room when we were done," Sero added.

"Seemed he gave out that advice to a few of our classmates," Kyoka mentioned.

"Something to think about, the problem is finding the right thing for yourself," Momo muttered.

"Guess it's something that we have to find out ourselves," Izuku suggested.

The group nodded in agreement, the main question was, what was it they could do?


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