Return of the Victor

Chapter 1

Rating: PG

By Mercy_Angel_09

Author's Notes:

Hmmm, I guess I finally got around to posting this.  I wrote this with the intent of exploring the possibility of Utena facing down her past and the events of Ohtori, and her life after she left.  And maybe to give the romance between Utena and Touga one last shot . . .^.~  I just hope I won't disappoint you die hard fans out there.  Don't worry, I've seen all of the episodes so it's not like I don't know what happened (my beloved Rose Prince made sure of that!), I just hope I don't stray too far from the original idea.

            She wasn't sure why she had to go back.  All she knew was that it was calling to her.

            She rose early that morning, perhaps a little too early, but her housemate was still sleeping when she peeked in to see if she had been woken.  But Anthy Himemiya and ChuChu slept on, unaware that she was going to leave.

            Leaving the quaint little house behind, she drove away into the sunrise towards the beckoning vibe that was coming from Ohtori Acadamey.  Conveniently placed in the middle of nowhere, it had been used in the early days as an exclusive private school.  But when Akio had assumed control, it had become an ageless place, much like Akio himself. 

            Akio . . . what was he doing at that moment?  Probably planning something devious, some way to bring about a revolution.  Unless he had finally figured out that she had caused it. 

            But that was unlikely.  He used the projector in his planetarium to manipulate certain students, even faculty, should the need arise.  And that was how he had brought the revolution with her.  A few of the students had been aware of his activities, but they had never said a word, in fact, they were in it with him to the end.

            Sighing into the wind, she glanced at the sunhat that sat in the seat next to her.  She couldn't wear it at the moment, having a convertible meant that she would have lost it, but there was something pleasant about it sitting next to her.  It was made of straw and it had a white silk rose attached to it.  It matched her white pantsuit well.

            She smiled as she remembered Anthy coming home with it one afternoon.  "I saw it in a store window, Utena, and I thought of you.  I just had to buy it for you."

            Anthy no longer called her Miss Utena, and thankfully, had also started to date around a little.  No more titles, no more honorifics, and no more engagement.  Anthy was currently dating a medical student from the local university, which she took as a sign that the former Rose Bride had finally achieved normalcy.  To a degree anyway.

            She still obsessed over the rose garden that had taken up most of the space of their tiny front lawn, but those roses received more attention from the neighbors and passing people than Anthy and Utena.  They were grown in every color variety, green and blue, orange, yellow, white, pink, the peace rose (yellow with pink petal edges), but the ones that Utena loved the most were the blood red ones.  The ones that Touga always wore during the duels. 

            There was a tinge of pain in her heart as she remembered what Touga had tried to do for her.  He had known of what Akio's plan was.  He knew that Akio was the End of the World.  And he knew that Akio was going to hurt her in the worst possible way.  Then he had tried to convince her that she had to lose the final duel with him so he would be the one to take the brunt of the pain.  He had understood the game.  He knew the rules.  And he knew that she was caught up in it because the "promise" of a prince.

            A prince that turned out to be the Lord of Flies.

            But she was going to put it all to rest with a final visit to Ohtori.  She was going to be freed from Akio's world forever.

            She could see it in the distance, the tall observatory in the middle of campus, where the student council chambers and Akio's quarters were.  Behind it was the Duel Forest.  And all around it was the school.  She gripped the steering wheel tighter, causing her knuckles to turn white.  It wasn't too late to turn back, but no, she was going to stick it out.  She was going to go though it all.  She was going to put the past behind her with this trip.

            It was time to see the effects of the Revolution.

Okay, hopefully this is a good lead in for the next couple of chapters.  If anyone has any comments about where the story it going I'd love to hear them, because frankly I'm not entirely sure myself!  (This should be interesting . . .) 

Anyway if anyone would like to volunteer for pre-reader duty I'd be interested to know.  I'm always looking for people to bounce ideas off of.  My email is listed on my profile and I check my mail pretty regularly so expect a response within one to two days.