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Once Again, a New World Awaits

"[Aldmeri Tongue]"


"Tamrielic; Common Tongue"

"Dovahzul (Translation)"

Uzushiogakure no Sato

Naruko awoke from her sleep. Stretching, she got up and let her blond, red hair slide down her back. Careful not to wake her slaves, she walked onto the balcony of her room in the Uzukage Tower. The sun was just beginning to rise in the East. Naruko loved the sun, while counterproductive for her line of work, she felt more energized after letting its rays warm her. The village of Uzushio, her home, her responsibility. Over the centuries she had made it the single most powerful military force in the Elemental Nations. Which was proven when the Children of the Holy Cross had finally made their move. Somehow, they had managed to gather armies of followers all throughout the Nations, and even had the audacity to break out all the likeminded people from the Hunting Realm. And while Shinigami-sama had said that even he had thought it impossible to break out of his domain, Naruko gave herself no small part of the fault. As the main huntress in the realm, as well as His chosen, she thought herself just as responsible, if not more as Him. After that battle though, all of the Children were sent to the realm to be hunted for eternity.

Once the sun had cleared the walls surrounding her village, Naruko returned inside and dressed. She had stuck with the basic look of the Crimson Huntress. Her boots were still the same Spartan style, Draconian Steel Reinforced Draconian Leather combat boots, they were black with crimson striped highlights. She had changed her Shinobi Pants, with Cargo Pants, the many pockets were a definite boon, as well as the fact that they were looser and more comfortable was also beneficial. They too had the same crimson striped pattern. She wore a belly free top with the Uzumaki Crest on her back. Her Trench Coat hung to her ankles the same pattern, with the Crimson Huntress in Kanji down the center of her back. She put her Draconian Metal battle mask on the side of her head. She walked out of the room and into the village. She walked to the Uzumaki Clan compound and entered the caverns used for the archives of the scribes. She browsed through the latest findings and sighed. As usual the status quo was still in effect. The Great Five were still in a standoff, there hadn't been a battle for decades, but there was a cold silence between them.

"They never learn, do they?" she muttered.

She left the archives and walked to the beach. Laying down in the sand she closed her eyes and listened to the sound of the waves. She often did this, to focus or center herself. Lately there had been little excitement for her. The occasional spy that was interrogated and then released after a memory swipe and a mind break, but nothing truly fun. She needed something new. A new frontier so to speak. Something that had her quivering in excitement. Something to save her from this boredom.

"I hope you are willing to face the consequences, when you are caught, little one," Naruko said calmly.

"Put down the bucket, turn around and walk away."


"Run, before I string you up by your feet."

She slowly got up drenched. The cold saltwater was dripping down her. She sighed and looked in the direction the young one had run. Slowly counting to five, she leapt into action with a dash. Racing after the tracks she quickly caught sight of the rascal. It appeared to be a young girl. Brown, shoulder length hair, slender frame, add to that the pink qipao dress, and she was certain it was a girl. She paced herself to let her have some fun and after ten minutes of running, the girl was exhausted. Calmly Naruko walked up to her and knelt down to eyelevel.

"Are you ready for your punishment, or do you want to continue running?" she asked with a friendly tone.

The girl was too out of breath to answer, so Naruko picked her up and hoisted her over her shoulder. Two minutes later the girl was hang three feet over the ground by her feet. Naruko unsealed an orange flavored Popsicle. She broke it apart and handed one half of it to the girl.

"So what is your name, young one?" she asked.

"Akira, Lady Naruko," came the answer.

"That is a name commonly used for boys, isn't it?"

"Yes, Lady Naruko."

"But you're a girl?"

"No Lady Naruko, not technically ´."

"So you're a boy?"

"Yes, Lady Naruko."

"So you dress in girl clothes, why?" her curiosity piqued.

"I just like the look of them, and the feel, and the colors."

Naruko chuckled. She started to like this boy, girl, this kid. She'd have to talk with the parents, maybe have the kid put into the Seduction Corps. A few tweaks here and there in his personality and antics and Akira would pass as an average girl.

"Say Akira-chan… Have you ever considered joining the Corps?" she asked.

"Yes… I'm actually in the academy;" Akira said proudly.

"Really. If you want, I could have a word with a section commander of your choice. The Seduction Corps for instance. Only if you want to though."

"Yes, please. I talked with my instructors, but they said only girls are allowed into the Seduction Corps."

"Don't worry Akira-chan. I know the commander of the Seduction Corps. She'll let you in, maybe take you on as her protégé, if you can impress her. I'll contact her when your punishment is over."

"Thank you, so much. By the way, what about this is punishment?" Akira asked.

"You'll see."

The grin on Naruko's face sent shivers down Akira's spine.

"Heads up."

Naruko cut the rope and Akira flipped to his feet.

"Now RUN!"

Jumping, Akira set off in a sprint, only to collapse five steps later, unconscious. Naruko grinned. Most of his blood had gathered in his head, flipping him back around and forcing him to utilize his muscles in extreme speed caused the blood to flow back out of his head to fast, causing him to fall into unconsciousness. She picked him up and jogged back to the beach. Time to get some payback. Wading into the water until it was at her waist, she dropped him in. With a choked yelp, Akira woke up, immediately sucking in deep gulps of air.

"Don't get mad," Naruko said.

"Get even. We're even now. Aren't we Akira-chan?"

"Yes Lady Naruko."

"Good girl. Now hurry along to the academy. Classes should be starting soon."

Akira raced off. Naruko was about to follow, when she was dropped onto the floor of the Elder Council Cave. She looked around and saw Kruziik Dovah Jun standing in a corner talking to a spectral projection. He turned and walked over to her.

"Drem yol lok, Shulmah Kulaas. Zu'u hind hi los gut Pruzah. Zu'u lost bel hi het, nau aan trun do lot nizraadom. Dreh hi mulhaan dahmaan goraan Alduin? (Greetings, Sunset Princess. I hope you are faring well. I have summoned you here, on a matter of great importance. Do you still remember young Alduin?)"

Alduin, that name struck a chord in her. He was one of the first hatchlings she had looked after during her time here at the mountain during her training. If she remembered correctly, a deity from another world had asked permission to house a few batches of hatchlings in its plain of existence.

"Geh, laat Zu'u worax, rok ahrk dopaan do vorey lost rinik frin wah rovit. Lost atruk koros wah mok? (Yes, last I saw, he and a group of others were very eager to explore. Has something happened to him?)" she asked concerned.

"Geh, nii fon tol peh osos tiid lost rahn ko tol vonum. Ahrk nii fund fon rok los ko ahkon. Zu'u tinvaak voth zok lok deity, nii fund fon til los mun daring wah faan okmaar dovah. Daar joor ahk lost koven ofaal vosmaar wah krii dovah, du niist sil. (Yes, it seems that quite some time has passed in that plain. And it would seem he is in trouble. I talked with the highest deity, it would seem there is a human daring to call himself a dragon. This mortal also has somehow gained the ability to kill dragons, by devouring their souls.)"

Naruko's eyes widened. There was only one way to really extinguish the existence of a dragon, at that was by killing it and then somehow destroying the soul. If this mortal could devour a dragon's soul, then she had an obligation to eliminate him.

"Fos los Zu'u wah dreh? Fent Zu'u oblaan daar faazrot wah mii? (What am I to do? Shall I end this insult to us?)"

"Geh, krii mok. Zu'u laan hi wah wundun wah daar lein ahrk mindos pah nii kopiraak. tet do Alduin ko daar lein los 'Lein Naakin'. Ok nuft los wah yolir lein enook nu ahrk ruz. laat tiid rok unt wah dreh daar, rok lost sizaan ko klo do tiid. Nu vutharaak, til los rinik saad rut wah ok rinik eexistence naal daar ful faan 'Dovahkiin'. Siiv piraan wah kos dovah, krii niin ahrk mindos. Zu'u ahk laan wah mindok do Alduin. (Yes, kill him. I want you to travel to this world and learn all it contains. The title of Alduin in this world is 'World Eater'. His purpose is to renew the world every now and then. The last time he tried to do this, he was lost in the sands of time. Now however, there is a very real threat to his very eexistence by this so called 'Dragonborn'. Find the one claiming to be a dragon, kill them and learn. I also want to know of Alduin's health.)"

"Do rahlo. Fod dreh Zu'u lif? (Of course. When do I leave?)"

"Zu'u fent bolaav hi gein sul. Kos het mindinsul ahst krein zok lok zahd. (I shall grant you one day. Be here tomorrow at the suns highest point.)"

After that she found herself back on the beach. She raced to the Uzukage Tower. After a brief discussion she put Yagura in charge until she returned. After that she sent a clone to fetch Kurama. The scribes were informed that a few weeks from now, a group of them would be summoned to another world to catalogue and archive all the existing knowledge of that world. After that she walked to the armory and cleaned her equipment. Her bow, Ma Shotto, was in perfect condition. The forest spirits truly knew how to make a weapon. Her Tanto, Horobi and Kiyomeru, were polished stainless. Her Hidden Blades were oiled, sharpened and polished, the black blades glinting along the edges. As was her hunting knife. She put on her black Draconian Steel ANBU body armor and polished her black Draconian Steel ANBU face mask. The crimson fox design flashing up in the light. Once she had done that she grabbed a pack of scrolls and other sealing supplies. After that she spent the rest of the day training and meditating.

The next day came and the sun rose and Naruko was preparing herself mentally for the trip. Noon arrived and she was summoned to the Elder Council Cave. There was a large glowing hole in a wall. Kruziik Dovah Jun nodded to her and she jumped through it.

The New World

Cold. So cold. When she landed, she had used her Chakra to create a shell around her. It imploded on impact, but she had landed safely. Then the pain hit her. Excruciating pain, like her entire body was melting layer by layer. At some point she had passed out. When she woke up she was buried in a snow pile. She dragged herself out of it and looked around. It was night. Looking to the sky she gasped, two moons. This world had two moons. Interesting. Sealing away her mask, she decided to look for a road or a path. She walked South, if the planet's rotation and orbit of its moon were the same as hers. She soon found a path. She followed it and ended up looking at a fenced in mansion. She spotted a guard at the only seeable entrance. She circled around and jumped over the back fence, as soon as she hit the ground she collapsed, paralyzed. Cursing she slipped into unconsciousness. Seals, and she hadn't sensed them.



Ma Shotto = True Shot

Horobi = Perish

Kiyomeru = Cleanse


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