Note: I do not own the characters of All Saints,. There is language and Violence involved here too so it is PG13
Terri Sullivan Walked to the hospital of Melbourne Royal hospital.

"Hi Bron" Terri said to the Doctor who walked in front of her Unaware of The woman behind her Bron turned around with a fright

"Oh hi I didn't see you their how are you today"

"Hm I was pretty good then felt great when I scared ya" Terri laughed

"Very funny uh I wasn't scared I was just.. turning around" Bron said trying to cover herself up

"Sure you were young lady" Terri said to her

Bron blushed "Look you are blushing so you were scared"

"Okay, I was anyway we better get inside" Bron said "or everyone will wonder where we are"

"What that noise" Terri asked who stopped laughing

"Who knows lets just get inside." Bron said Then a Helicopter flew over them so close then both woman were trapped in a net

"AHHH!!" "Help!" Terri cried out

"OW! You hurt me" Bron shouted " you son of a Bitch Let us out" Bron shouted at the helicopter of course she couldn't be heard over the wings Then she and Terri were lifted up to the sky and carried away.

Von who was standing now helpless watching it all Eyes Widened us the screams of Bron and Terri could no longer be heard Von ran to the elevator and pressed the button "Come on, come on hurry up" "That it I aren't waiting Von ran towards the Fire stairs and ran to the 3 floor shouting "Ben!" "Jared!", "Amanda!," "Scott!" "Mitch" "Luke" Get your butts in the office Now! She yelled reaching the 3 floor.

"So that all our patients done" Ben Replied "Yeah, amazing we get a break." "Ben!" "Jared!", "Amanda!," "Scott!" "Mitch" "Luke" Get your butts in the office Now! She yelled reaching the 3 floor. A voice yelled that sounded like Von's voice

Amanda Gave Ben a dirty look "you should of not said that" as Von bursted through the hospital doors "Von!" "Are you alirght" Jared asked worried

"Yes I am okay but Terri and Bron aren't" She said nearly with tears she tried to pushed them back as she was easily upset all the time but tears come streaming down

"Von What happened to them" Ben asked in a panicking voice

"They been Kidnapped" she gasped out the words The staff looked shocked. ***********************************************************

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