Authors Note: this is going to be a lot different then the movies and books. Hope y'all like it. Please review.

Chapter 1

Hermione's POV

Bang! There was a loud noise outside of The common room I run to check it out with my wand in hand. I don't see anything so I turn and look out the window. Someone is standing in the shadows at the edge of the forbidden forest.

"Hello is anyone there?" I ask. No response. All of a sudden I get this bad feeling,then all of a sudden everything goes black.

Voldemort's POV

"FINALLY! I have got Potter's main weapon. Hermione Granger! Without her Potter will be weakened and have no chance!" I no this sounds stupid because she is after all only 13.

I look down at the little girl who is unconscious on my table. Filthy mudblood I think to myself. I raise my arm and call for all of my death eaters to meet me. Seconds later all of my main circle of death eaters are hear.

"My followers, welcome" I turn towards Severus. "Look who I've just obtained" I say pointing towards Granger. Severus turns pale. I wonder why?

The third year student starts to wake up. "Hello Mudblood" I say. She starts to look for her wand only to find it missing. Then she starts trembling, this just makes me laugh. "Crusio" I say with my wand aimed towards her. "Ahhh!" She screams out in pain. "My lord don't you think that is enough she is after all just a mere child." Says a voice confusing me because it belongs to none other than Lucius Malfoy.

"Fine" i say as I release Granger from my curse. She starts gasping and crying.