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Chapter 6

Lucius POV

Hermione leaves the room but before she can The Dark Lord appears in the room. "I have come to finish off my job. AVADA KADAVRA!" "NOOOOO!" I yell as I jump in front of the curse. I had potions in my pocket of my pants that somehow mixed together when I fell dead and de-aged me I hear a scream as I fall to the ground belonging to Hermione that's the last thing I hear as the scream fades away to darkness.

2 Days Later.

Lucius POV

I moan in pain from the fierceness of this headache. I look down uh oh I think what happened as I was about to scream I see Hermione come in. "What happened love?" I ask. "Your in the hospital wing at Hogwarts. You jumped in front of the killing curse for me but you had some different types of potions in your pocket that when mixed together de-aged you to a teenager and brought you back to life." By the time she finished she was crying. "It's ok, it's ok. What's wrong?" I ask her

"I thought you were dead and it would have been my fault!" She says still crying "I'm fine and it wouldn't have been your fault I Love You so much life without you would be worse than anything!" I say as I gently grab her and pull her on the hospital bed with me. "How old am I now?" I ask wondering. "You are now 15, unfortunately there is no known way to age you back so your stuck like this." She says

"That's great now we're almost the same age and it's a fresh start!" I say. "So you were sorted into Slytherin ?" I ask. "Yes but the hat said with who my father is Gryfinndor was the best place to put me. So I'm stuck there. You on the other hand are going to have to go back to Slytherin."she says with a Slytherin looking smirk. "Dear your Slytherin is showing" I say also smirk

"I will be able to live my life out the way at should have been to begin with, with you. My mate." Lucius said smiling up at me.

The End!