Now that Glimmer of Hope is coming to an end, I had to do another Daddyward story!

Summary: After his brother dies in a car accident, Edward returns to his hometown to raise the little boy that was left behind. But raising a baby alone isn't easy, especially for a man who has spent the last few years partying and avoiding responsibilities. But will the attractive bookworm he moves in next to be his saving grace? Can Bella fall for a man with so much baggage?

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"I was the black sheep of the family

You tried to teach me right from wrong

Too much wine and too much song

Wonder how I got along"

-Terry Jacks-



Sometimes you never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory. Even the moments when Seth beat the shit out of me, have become something I cherish. I never thought I would see a day without him, and now that he is gone I feel…lost. It shouldn't have been him. He was the model child, a straight-A student, a college graduate, a fire fighter. I was nothing for a parent to be proud of.

At eighteen I moved across the country with a group of my buddies and never looked back. I had no intention of furthering my education when I left, feeling I was above college.

Instead of being productive, I spent my days high and drunk. Thankfully, because I was never into anything too heavy, I was able to give up my habits without too much trouble. Now that I am back in Washington State, the life I once led is over. I feel as though the nights of drinking, using, and whoring around happened to another person entirely.

I can see it in my mother's eyes when she looks at me. I can see that she wishes it would have been me, instead of Seth and his wife. Her eyes are cold and disappointed. The disappointment is nothing new, but the lack of warmth makes my stomach turn. She has never looked at me like that, even when I left, she didn't act like she detested me.

Now when I am around her, I feel like a stranger. Any warmth she shows me is false, as if she were putting all of her effort into not screaming at me. To her I am a drunk; a waste. Dad doesn't agree with her, he wants to hold onto me, for I am the only child he has left. But Mom blames me, as if I were the drunk driver that killed Seth and his wife.

When I offered to take Charlie, Mom couldn't stand it, but it was what Seth wanted. She thought me too irresponsible, not mature enough to care for a baby. Perhaps she is right, but I can't let Seth down. Even when I was at my worse, he still believed in me, he never once turned his back on me. Because of that, I can't turn my back on his son. Charlie is too young to know what he has lost, and it breaks my heart when I look at him.

With his chubby little face, his bright blue eyes, and his infectious smile, I loved Charlie from the moment that I saw him. I fought for him, and now that I have won, I will make a home for us. When I stared into his innocent eyes for the first time, I promised him that I would give him the best life I could, and that I would change for him.

I intend to keep my promise, one step at a time.

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Song- "Seasons in the Sun" by Terry Jacks