Hey, guys! I just wanted to pop in with some exciting news! As many of you know, I went back to school this past year to study English Lit and Creative Writing. (I took some time off due to my depression). During my busy class schedule, I've been writing the companion piece to "The Blessing"-which is live on fanfic and also rewritten and published on Amazon. I originally wrote it with "my" characters and then renamed them and posted the fic on fanfic as "My Blessing."

Anyway ... tomorrow, the 11th, this story will be live on Amazon! Part One of this story is published as "Jagged Hearts" and part two of this story is published as "Tethered Souls." I'm seriously so happy because this story has really been a passion project while I've been in school. I really looked forward to getting to come home every day to write this because I love "The Blessing" so much and really wanted to get a different POV on the same story.

Right now "Jagged Hearts" is on sale on Amazon for only 99 pennies and Tethered Souls will be live tomorrow, 9/11/2020, for $2.99. I would love your guys' support whether it's buying the book, reviewing the books on Amazon/Goodreads, or just emotionally supporting me as a friend in the DMs (lol).

And, since I'm bothering you guys, I'm rewriting "Perfect Submissive"! It's called "Under My Thumb" now and the first chapter is live. I'm going to be posting every Saturday so please check that out. I'm also working on a few other fic things so keep an eye out. Seriously, with the stress of school, fanfiction is my safe haven. You guys are seriously like a family to me. So, if you ever want to be friends and chat, please DM me! I love chatting while I'm working on updates.

I love you all!

P.S. Sally ... you're my MVP. :)