You're not the Easter Bunny!

Chapter I- Hey!

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Sakura, Aiko and Tomoyo were the best of friends. They were also popular in the 9th grade. Sakura was popular because she's athletic and pretty, Tomoyo being really smart and pretty and Aiko because she was pretty and good with boys. They stick to each other like glue and support one another.

One morning they were walking to their lockers then a guy's voice called out to Aiko.

"AIKO! Wait up!" the guy's voice called. Not looking back the two girls already klnew who it was.

"Li." Tomoyo and Sakura said in unison. When they looked back it was really Li. He was running towards Aiko.

"Syaoran-kun, What is it?" Aiko asked sincerely.

"Are you free tonight? I mean it's Friday and tomorrow's a weekend." He asked.

"Of course I am. You're the only boyfriend I have time for." Aiko answered, flirting.

"Let's go for a movie then?" He asked again.

"Sure. What time?"

"How about seven?" Aiko nodded.

"Pick you up or meet you at the movies?" He asked.

"Meet you there." Aiko said with a grin.

"I guess it's all settled then. I'll see you later then." Li waved good-bye happily and walked away smiling.

"Ah. Another date with the popular Li Syaoran." Sakura teased.

"Be careful Aiko, you might break the poor guy's heart." Tomoyo meant it but said it with a teasing voice.

"GUYS!" Aiko cried out, blushing. The other two girls giggled and they headed to their second to the last class.

^^^^^^^During class^^^^^^^

Sakura was deep in thought. She was staring through the window and saw a couple.

+++Sakura's P.O.V.+++

As I stared out the window, I thought about Aiko. Aiko was very popular with guys while I was too shy to even talk to them. I sighed. I just can't understand why I keep on pushing guys away even when they do like me.


+++Normal P.O.V.+++

"Ms. Aiko Kirisawa, can you please come here" the teacher called to Aiko. Aiko approached the teacher carefully. They talked to quietly that Sakura couldn't hear. When the threesome was together again, they were all to quiet.

Once Aiko returned to the group, they all walked in silence.

"Why are you so quiet Aiko?" Tomoyo asked concerned.

"Oh, it's nothing. It's just that Ms. Ayama told me if I didn't put up my grades. I'll get kicked out of school. No biggie." Aiko said it like it was no big deal. She pushed herself to smile and laugh but it just didn't work. Her two best friends knew the truth and grimaced.

"Aiko." Sakura said sadly.

"Hey, It's ok. We'll help you pull your grades up. Right Sakura?" Tomoyo reassured, looking at Sakura.

"HAI! Of course, we're your bestfriends!" Sakura cheerfully said. Aiko smiled and hugged her two bestfriends.

"You two are the best! Thank you!" Aiko happily said letting out a tear.

"Hey, Aiko! Later at my house okay?" Hana their classmate called. Aiko nodded.

"Project." Aiko said in one word.

"Tonight?!" The two girls cried in unison.

"Yeah, tonight! What's wrong with tonight?" Aiko asked worriedly.

"AIKO! You have a date with Li!" they said in unison again.

"OH NO! But I can't cancel that or my project! What do I do?" She panicked.

"Project!" The two demanded.

"What do about Li then?" She asked annoyingly.

"I KNOW! You go for me Sakura!" Aiko happily said.

"ME?! WHY ME?" Sakura shrieked.

"Tomoyo has to practice for her competition!" Aiko reminded. Tomoyo nodded in agreement, trying to hide a grin.

"BUT!" Sakura paused and saw her best friend's hopeful eyes. "Okay I'll do it." Aiko smiled and hugged her.

"Thank you Sakura!" Aiko jumped with glee.

"I better go now!" Aiko hurriedly said. She waved and ran.

"Tomoyo, what do I do?" Sakura asked falling to on the green grass of their field.

"Just tell him!" Tomoyo suggested with force.

"Ok. I better go then." Sakura lazily stood up and hugged her bestest friend and bladed home.

++++++In front of the movie theatre+++++++

"Where is she?" Li asked nervously. He searched the crowd for a black haired girl with pretty brown eyes but no hope. He closed his eyes and opened them and saw a girl with auburn hair and green eyes right in front of him.

"Ah!" Syaoran yelped in surprise.

"Sorry Li. I didn't mean to surprise you." Sakura smiled at him.

"Hey, It's okay but what are you doing here? Where's Aiko?" Li asked puzzled.

"Sorry Li-kun, she couldn't make it." Sakura apologetically said.

"And you?" Syaoran asked raising an eyebrow.

"Geez! Don't look at me like that! She sent me to tell you that's all."

"Okay, I believe you." Syaoran disappointedly sat down on a bench and looked at Sakura with great grief.

"Why? Planning anything special for her?" She asked

"I bought two tickets for the best seats in the movie house to watch her favorite movie."

"But her favorite movie is a walk to remember and that was last month!" She informed him.

"I know, I paid them a lot of money to play it in the movie house." He felt even worse when he remembered this.

"Oh. How sweet. What a waste."

"Do you like the movie, Sakura?" He asked looking up.

"Ya, but why?"

"Here you can have the tickets." He said offering the tickets to her.

"Iie. I can't accept them. It's yours." She said shaking her head.

"Then what do I do with these?"

"Gomen Li-kun, but I don't know."

"I know!" He jumped from his seat and grabbed Sakura's arm. He dragged her to the ticket booth.

"Li? What are you doing?" She asked giving him a weird look.

"If you don't want to watch alone, I'll watch with you. I canceled all my plans because of this and now you'll have to bear with me!" He said smiling as they entered the movie house. The movie house was empty and there were two seats with a table.

"I'm impressed Li. No ones even here! I can even run around crazy." After saying this she decided to run around like crazy and started to look silly.

"Sakura! You act like a kid!" Syaoran said laughing. Sakura stopped and turned red from embarrassment. She quietly sat down and watched the movie. Soon after that she grew cold.

"Here, you can borrow my jacket." Syaoran thoughtfully said while placing his jacket on Sakura's cold shoulders.

"Arigato Li." She smiled at him.

The movie took quite a long time though they had a really good time. They laughed and even cried together. Sakura playfully teased Syaoran for being at least teary.

But once the movie ended, Syaoran drove Sakura home.

"Ja ne Li!" She said waving.

"Bye" Syaoran said before driving off.

+++++++++ The next day.

Today was Saturday and Sakura spent them at Tomoyo's. They would design clothes together. Sakura modeled while Tomoyo would pick out the dresses.

"Sakura, what happened last night? I tried calling you but your brother said you weren't home yet." Tomoyo asked while she was sewing.

"Li made me watch a movie with him that's all." Sakura smiled.

"Your not telling the truth are you!" Tomoyo knew Sakura too well. Sakura giggled and told everything that happened.

"How sweet!" Tomoyo exclaimed.

+++Syaoran's P.O.V.+++

Aiko. What happened? Why didn't you come? Sakura. you forgot to give back my jacket. Oh well.

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