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piBy: starryeyedlizzy/i


pApril first, two thousand four, today, we graduated. It was kind of dramatic really. Two hours ago, the whole batch of seniors was seated on the field of Tomoeda High, with the wind blowing in our faces and with the wind, did the cherry blossoms fly. Pink petals fell on our black toga but no one minded.

pI was happy; so many things are happening right now, graduation, my birthday and Syaoran. Especially Syaoran. He made my life colorful. He was special.

pAs I heard Syaoran's name being called, I watched him climb up the podium and take a breath in. And then came his speech.

p"For four long years we've continuously been talking about this moment but though we talked of it so much, none of us really wanted to leave." He paused. He gave a rare smile and continued.

p?"We all held on and tried to squeeze a lifetime's worth of experience to a measly four years. Some of us were successful some failed but none of us should regret it. It's something we all should treasure forever. Tears and laughs, were all experienced and today, I'm confused. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Feelings and emotions are felt but I believe the greatest feeling we are feeling now is Love." He paused again and looked at me. He gave me a great sweet smile and I think he noticed the unshed tears in my eyes as he mouthed I love you to me. I smiled and nodded.

ppiI love you too/i

pThen he continued.

p"A great destiny is waiting for us. All of us. And in a couple of hours, we'll all be gone and be separated to our own paths. And when that happens, we could always look back and find home. This will always be home, no matter what you say. So fly high graduates, and don't bother being scared. Because there is a home we could always turn to. So, good luck, congratulations, and fly! Thank you." A great applause was given for his speech. Most of us were in tears already. I looked back and locked eyes with Tomoyo. Who was also crying like me. She smiled. I smiled back.

pSyaoran passed by in front of me so he took the opportunity to kiss me.

pSo, the names were called, and we all finally graduated. The wind was still blowing and the cherry blossoms were still flying. We finished.


pLater that night, a party was held at Tomoyo's house for two reasons. Graduation and Sakura's birthday, it was becoming late and people were already leaving. Except the gang, they all made it a point to sleep over.

pSoon everyone was gone and it was three in the morning. Sakura awoken from her slumber and stepped outside at the balcony. The sky looked like a black blanket with glitter scattered on it. It was mesmerizing. Only moments later, a great pair of arms enveloped her. She smiled faintly.

p"Syaoran, why are you still awake?" She asked him innocently, Syaoran kissed her forehead as a response.

p"Mou, that's not an answer!" Sakura pouted making Syaoran dip and kiss her lips turning it into a passionate one. Sakura smiled as they parted.

p"Acceptable." She said happily shrugging in his arms.

p"I haven't given you your birthday gift yet…" He mumbled in her ear. Sakura gave a small smile. She'd forgotten about that. Though all through out the week she's been excited to see what Syaoran was going to give her, but disappointment had rushed in her when he didn't even seem like he's going to give her something.

p"Really? I didn't notice… Well, no need you being here is a much, much better gift." She lied through her teeth.

piYou are such a liar, Sakura/i

pShe thought to herself. But then Syaoran's arms unwrapped Sakura causing her to look at him.

p"What's wrong?" She asked. Syaoran grinned.

p"I know you too well Sakura. You felt bad didn't ya?" Sakura's cheeks reddened at the teasing.

p"What do you mean?" Sakura asked trying to sound innocent and trying not to stutter. Syaoran smirked even bigger.

p"You're only human, and I love you. Of course I'll give you a gift." And with that, Sakura was kissed by his lips. And believe me, Sakura enjoyed it. But as soon as they parted, Sakura rose her eyebrow.

p"Was that my birthday gift? Coz boy, you need to do better than that!" She playfully said to him. Then, he brought out a velvet box. Sakura's eyes widened at the box.

pThen he opened it. It was a ring, it was a simple gold ban with a small diamond. Then from his pocket came a gold chain.

p"Sakura, I love you very much. And I know, we're not ready to get married, but this will be the ring I shall give you if ever we do. And for now, it'll be in your hands." He explained with affection. Sakura nodded and felt her eyes water.

piThis feels so cliché but so sweet/i

pSakura once again thought.

pSyaoran wore it on her, she literally jumped on him to kiss him.

p"Thank you Syaoran, I love love love love love love you!!" She screamed, it was loud enough to wake the whole house. Syaoran laughed when he was suddenly smothered with kisses. Then she then let go and stared in his eyes.

p"Syaoran, do you really love me? Or are you doing this out of force?" She asked, and she really meant it this time. He brushed a strand of auburn away from her eyes and smiled sincerely.

p"Sakura, I have never cared for a person as much as I have cared for you, and I know for once, that I love you." He whispered, she smiled and fingered the necklace. And when they were nearing to a kiss…..


papparently, the first to crack from the spying group was none other than….






poh yes.. they epilogue is done… and remember all of them screamed tomoyo's name!!! hahaha… I don't like cheesy endings so I always put Tomoyo! Hhahhahaha….. anyway, did you guys know that April one is Sakura's birthday??? Well…. I was supposed to update every CCS story I have… but I'll keep on trying so farewell to HYNTEB and I'll try to post a sequel.. but here's the plot: Since they're grads they had to pick universities… Tomoyo and Eriol are going to England while Syaoran and Sakura are going to Tokyo U. But change of plan when Syaoran suddenly breaks his promise and wants to go to Hongkong, now Sakura's mad because of the harsh words he said to her and now, has accepted the scholarship to Oxford in England, And there, there is a teacher who is actually falling in love with our sweet Sakura, Syaoran finds out and gets hurt. But they're over right? Is separation really necessary, or does Sakura still love Syaoran? love feud!! Hahha

pWhaddaya think???