"Pull yourself together," Jellal muttered. "This extremely weird and crazy situation is just a really bad dream." He paused. "Wow. I must be going insane. I sound like Lucy." Jellal couldn't help thinking about how he was like a princess, though, trapped in a tower. Except, he was a prince, and he was trapped in the center of a dome.

Apparently, domes had better security.

Jellal replay what happened in the past 24 hours. Getting your kingdom taken over? Check. Getting trapped in a dome by a psycho time witch? Also check. Can this day go any better? Maybe a prince will save him, they'll kiss, and he'll live happily ever after…

"You're still straight, Jellal, you're still straight."

Jellal had long given up on escaping this prison. It's just a waste of time and energy. People in his situation may have thought 'Hey! Let's think rationally, and maybe we'll find a way out!' Jellal had thought rationally. It just isn't happening.

And that's why, he decided to do something productive. Talking to himself. Because there was literally nothing in that dome other than him. And air. Which he didn't count.

"I wonder… maybe I can use my clothes to make a makeshift ladder and climb through one of the holes on the roof…"

Jellal was horrified at what he'd become. He really was, deep inside. Who wouldn't be when you're reduced to talking to yourself and making mental delusions? He sighed. This really was not good for his mental wellbeing. And how is he supposed to get food? Food…

"I'm going to die!" Jellal panicked. "I'm not ready to die! I still have a lot of things to do! I have to free the Star kingdom! A-and… I just can't die! I can't!" Maybe someone had heard him, and maybe this was the answer, because at that moment, someone came.

She was a red haired beauty. Actually, the word beauty was an understatement. Maybe gorgeous? She looked even prettier with her hair flying in the wind and sunlight striking her face. Jellal could have sworn he saw silver wings on her back. He blinked. Nope, she was real. And then he passed out.

"Greetings," was the first thing Jellal heard when he woke up. He started to remember what happened before he passed out.

"Wait a minute… you're a girl!" Jellal exclaimed.

"Was it not obvious?" asked the red haired girl. Upon closer inspection, Jellal realized it was scarlet.

"It was. I just couldn't process it, that's all." Could she have been a princess of an allying kingdom? That seemed right, with her formal way of speaking and her refined posture. Actually, she seemed more like a knight, or maybe a samurai.

Definitely a samurai.

"You must be wondering who I am and why I am here." 'Is she a mind reader?' "I can assure you I mean no harm to you. I am merely here to aid you in escape." The girl bowed on one knee.

"I am Erza. I have vowed to eliminate the Balam alliance, and I will stop any and all of their plans. I have trained endlessly in preparation."

"I am extremely confused," Jellal said.

"Apologies. Please hit me in retribution," Erza said.

"Um, no thanks, it's fine."

"If you are so sure, I do not doubt you. However, do you possess any information on the Balam alliance?"

'Balam Alliance sounds familiar…'

"There was a witch who kidnapped me. She had black hair and magenta eyes. She also had time powers of sorts. She could have been in this Balam Alliance."

Jellal carefully studied Erza's facial expression. She appeared to be in deep thought, and then, confused. In a split second, all emotion was wiped from her face, and her eyes became emotionless.

"How would I be sure you are speaking the truth?" Erza asked. "For all I know, you could be someone from the Balam alliance attempting to collect information or searching for possible threats by pretending to be a victim."

How rude. He had more dignity than that.

"You must have been living under a rock your entire life," Jellal said. "Or maybe, you couldn't speculate it because you have never seen me before. I am Prince Jellal Fernandes."

He said it proud and tall. He was a prince. A great prince at that. Yes, Jellal thought he was being a bit arrogant, but still. He had the right to be. He was the prince of the Star Kingdom, the greatest kingdom alive. Everyone from lands near and far heard of him. Who wouldn't, with the millions of news shows interviewing him? Heck, he was even bigger than a celebrity.

But that confused look on Erza's face did not go away.

"Is that what you call yourself?" Erza asked. "You seem to be extremely arrogant, I see." Jellal swore his jaw hit the floor at that moment. Maybe she thought he was another Jellal Fernandes. Maybe she thought Jellal isn't even his real name. He needed to clarify things…

"I am Jellal Fernandes, prince of the Star Kingdom. In fact, I have a tattoo birthmark. This is proof." Jellal pointed to his right eye.

There was confusion on Erza's face. Then disbelief. Jellal knew he hit the mark (and not the birthmark).

"But the Star Kingdom was eradicated!" Erza exclaimed.

Or maybe he didn't hit the mark.

"Listen," Jellal said. He felt like a teacher explaining a concept to a child. "Even though the Kingdom was destroyed, I was a prince before that. This is enough evidence to prove I'm not in the Balam Alliance." Erza opened her mouth to speak again. Jellal wondered if she understood now.

"The last royalty of the Star Kingdom was Hisui E Fiore. She died protecting the last of the kingdom's inhabitants." Jellal's eyes widened.

"Hisui… she's dead? I've only been here for 18 hours. How?"

"Do you have some sort of affiliation with Fiore?"

"She's one of my sisters. The other two are Lucy Heartfillia and Yukino Agria." Erza was still confused, but she managed to shoot him a look of pity.

"Condolences." And then her eyes lit up, as if she had some sort of idea or realization. She reached out to grab Jellal. Jellal, who was suddenly reluctant. "Now let us see outside."

But did he want to? Did he really and truly want to? Jellal started thinking about it.

Who knew what waste lay around him, him who was right in the center of the Star Kingdom. Jellal shuddered, thinking about the corpses he'd seen during battles and virtually how useless he'd been…

And the waste. The destruction. Seeing his beautiful country torn into pieces… would he be able to handle it?

Jellal followed Erza.

"You should stand here while I make an exit," Erza said. Jellal blanched. Make an exit?

Erza slashed with millions of wheel from seemingly nowhere, and the wall collapsed. Along with Jellal's eyes.

"That's not possible. It's not real. W-what happened? Why does outside look like that?" Dread filled Jellal as Erza stared straight into his eyes.

"Jellal Fernandes, it is April, X791."

He remembered someone say those same exact words to him 400 years ago.