Welp, here's my first story. Inspired by the prompt, "Pyrrha goes by a fake identity and enrols into Beacon," from TheTrueOverlordBear at The Writer Games thread. This is just the short introduction that I posted on that thread, there will be more on the way soon!

Pyrrha Nikos, or Isabella Leon she supposed, stared at her reflection in the Bullhead's window while fidgeting with the white hairband that rested in her blonde hair, vaguely aware of the hologram talking next to her. Not that she wished to disrespect the Deputy Head of Beacon, of course, but it was difficult to pay attention when she was in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

Three months ago, the international champion had moved to Vale to attend Beacon Academy. Haven would have been much more convenient, and she would have gone there if it hadn't been for the fact that she was a celebrity, especially among Huntsmen and Huntresses. The fame had its perks, but one of them was not the ability to make friends, or to be more precise, the ability to make friends who treated her normally.

She had assumed moving to Vale would have been good enough to escape her celebrity status. That notion had been very quickly dismissed when a fan had spotted her on the street the same day she arrived in Vale and asked her for an autograph. Thus, Pyrrha had made the decision to take more drastic measures and fake her whole identity. In retrospect, that may have been an overreaction, but it was far too late to go back on it.

Come on, girl, she reprimanded her reflection, keep it together. The shady bartender had assured her that the forged papers were more than good enough to fake her identity; the fact that the only form of contact Beacon had made was to inform her of the flight told her that he was probably right. The pale blonde hair she'd been wrapping around her finger further reminded her that there was no way Mr. Xiong could have known that he had been dealing with the Mistralian champion at the time since she had already given herself a makeover by that time. Oh gods, if the media had found out that The Invincible Girl had been negotiating with shady businessmen like him… they would have picked her apart like vultures.

The buzz of her scroll interrupted Pyrrha's doomed train of thought. Mildly confused, she pulled out her scroll from her skinny jeans and unlocked it. A wide smile spread across her face as she began to read the message from her fashionista friend.

Hey there Isababe!

Heard that you newbies are arriving at Beacon today and doing initiation tomorrow. I'd be there to greet you personally, buuut we second years don't start till later in the week and I'm not going to spend any of my precious holiday at school. The clothes won't buy themselves! Anyways, don't worry about initiation. It'll be a breeze, trust me. Go get 'em girl!


She made a mental note to thank Coco for her words of support later, and to also beg her never to use that name in public. Pyrrha- no, Isabella Leon took a deep breath and let go of all her anxiety and stress in one go. She was here at Beacon to make a new start, to find a new destiny and she wouldn't let her nerves get the best of her. As the Bullhead landed and opened its doors, Isabella took her first steps towards her dream life. A dream life which was being interrupted by the smell of vomit.

Perhaps she should take those first steps a bit more quickly.