"The unfuckable Jason Scott."

It passes like a curse through Zack's lips tilting upwards.

He's got a smile like a blade's edge, radiant in the molten, harshened light — but a feeling underneath like Zack's been worn down. Used.

Jason has felt the cosmic energy tangled in his veins, dousing the terror and uncertainty from his chest. He has felt a life other than his own connected to each inhale, unable to properly draw out his next exhale. Zack is a nova, magnified with intensity and force, stupefying Jason's reason and bringing him to his knees.


He's not so sure about that.

Jason's pretty sure he's in for a brand new definition the moment Zack plants his mud-crusty sneaker against the rusted, creaking door-frame. All while he flashes him a toothy grin.

It's cocksure, and Jason is sure that the other boy can feel through the faded, denim material how hard his cock is — when Zack's voice drops his octave, sensationally hot in Jason's reddened ear, when he leans over Jason. The heel of Zack's palm grinding roughly.

"I'm not like Trini," Zack told him, hushed and solemn, still grinning. Moonglow painting the tips of his ink-dark hair. "I don't just like girls."



Power Rangers 2017 isn't mine. I'm still kicking my need for more Power Rangers things before I need to go back to other projects. SO HERE WE ARE. I'm fascinated by everyone's relationships, but these two... yeah, not been able to get them out of my head. Anyway, hope you enjoyed! Thoughts/comment appreciated!