He does his best thinking in the shower. Not very surprising, since water seems to energize him.

And he thinks about everything he's done and how really, he didn't quite have a choice.

Because everyone dumps their problems on the Fates because the Fates have created them and the Fates choose everyone's paths.

He knows firsthand. He has seen them weaving the strings of life. The strings of Fate.

Annabeth tells him about a Dumbledore quote, something about choice, and how it defines who we are.

But everyone's choices...have been defined already. In those strings of Fate that will create your sock of Life.

So, what is choice, really?

He turns the knob and shuts the water off, drapes his towel over himself and shuts the door as he leaves.

A/N: the product of my own mind in the shower. it came back to me while writing the chapter 'paste on a smile' of what wasn't real, title changed to blank pages.