This story is based off of another fanfiction called It's a Viral Life. I own Kyrosis, Chelsea and the other racers but, none of the other characters.

Prologue: Seeing an Old Friend

The maroon-skinned virus and the white female blood cell ran through the hallways in search of their 6th grade class. The doors looked similar, with it being hard to remember the number. The two friends glanced at each other and heard a German accent calling after them, "Kyrosis! Thrax! Over here!"
They turned to face the voice. It was their best friend Edmund Übel, an Ebola virus. He had dark green skin, short but sharp black claws, narrow yellow eyes, and slicked back black hair. He wore a red t-shirt, black pants and brown boots.
"Are you guys looking for room 209?" Ed asked
"Yeah" nodded Thrax, remembering. "But we can't find it anywhere. What about you?"
"Just found it" Ed smirked, nodding at the door he was standing by. "I was wondering if you would find it"

Waking up from the dream, Kyrosis sat up and gasped. She looked around the room to make sure she wasn't anywhere else. She heard her phone ring, she grabbed it and answered.
"Where are you?"
"No… it's Pinocchio. Of course it's me!"
She cringed and pulled the phone away as her informant yelled, "Okay. Okay, is the race supposed to be today?"
"Yeah! I'll call you if anything changes"
"Kay… bye"
Kyrosis hung up and yawned. She stood up and went to the closet, picking out the outfit she normally wears to races. A dark purple sports bra, blue jeans, light purple belt, purple Tomy's and her signature pink jacket. She put on her heart necklace, that her two best friends gave her… a tear fell down her cheek the moment she thought about them. She wiped the tear before it could even fall. A deep breath was let out. She tied up her hair into a ponytail. She opened the heart-shaped locket and saw her two best friends smiling. She felt horrible that she couldn't do anything to stop their friendship from falling apart. A long sigh was let out as she closed the locket. She clipped on the little pouch and stuffed her phone inside. She walked out of her apartment and locked the door. She went to her car and jumped in. The engine started with a soft growl and as Kyrosis stepped on the gas, it roared. She pulled into the bloodstream and headed to the Ingrown Toenail.

The car stopped at the starting line. Kyrosis jumped out and closed the car door. She was hungry, really hungry. Her stomach started growling back at the apartment. She saw a cheesebooger stand. She licked off her lips and bought one. Paying two carbs, she thanked the clerk and went back to her car. Before she even reached her car, she gulped down the snack and hummed with pleasure. She wiped her mouth clean of remaining food and saw a white male blood cell, a cold pill with the colours red and yellow, a tall maroon-skinned virus with a black trench coat and black boots, and long purple dreadlocks, and beside him stood an orange coloured hyena fever germ. Her tail representing flames, she wagged it. Kyrosis knew the blood cell as her older brother, Osmosis. The virus was known as Thrax, and the hyena went with the name Almira. Kyrosis felt joy for the first time in her life, she finally found one of her best friends! She snuck up behind Thrax but was cut short when the hyena spotted her and barked with joy. The hyena ran to her and jumped onto Kyrosis. She started licking the cell's face continuously. The cell laughed with joy,
"Almira! Off! Please!" but Almira kept on licking and licking. Until Thrax picked his pet off of Kyrosis. She was covered with slobber from head to toe. She shook her head vigorously to get rid of the slobber in her hair. Thrax offered her a helping hand, and Kyrosis took it. He pulled her up and smiled,
"Well, if it isn't Kya herself"
She laughed, "I was gonna scare you but, Almira stopped me." Kyrosis frowned playfully at Almira. The hyena responded with a high-pitched giggle.

The hyena called the Flaming Death was in the mouth of a small, yet fierce fighting Chihuahua. The female blood cell looked over at her virus friend to see his reaction. Anger rose up in him, he looked at the cell and nodded. Understanding what he meant, she morphed into her virus form and jumped over the crates. With her friend following her lead, she tore the dog off the hyena and killed it. Her maroon-skinned comrade picked up the bleeding hyena and carried it away from the arena, ignoring the booing crowd.

"Is this the first time I'm hearing her laugh?" asked Kyrosis
"Yeah, it is" nodded Thrax
"It's so cute!"
"Did I forget somethin' or?" came another male voice, but wasn't as deep as Thrax's.
She turned and saw her brother standing behind her. His frown was deep but, the smile was bigger than his frown.
"Ozzy!" she hugged him and felt his arms wrap around her.
They released each other and smiled, "Where were you?"
"Racing in different bodies"
He gave her a surprised look and Kyrosis responded with a laugh. The cold pill approached her and held out his hand, "Drixenol at your service but, you may call me Drix, miss?"
"Jones. Kyrosis Jones"
He gave her a surprised look and asked, "Oh, you are Osmosis' sister?"
"I did not know Ozzy had siblings"
"That's the kind of let down Ozzy will give ya"
"Hey!" yelped the offended Osmosis
Kyrosis smiled, "I didn't say any—"
A male voice came through the speakers, "Attention all Racers, the race has been moved up to two weeks from now, due to health issues in the body. That is all"
The faces of the racers went white. Then a number of cell phones started ringing, including Kyrosis' phone,
"Chelsea, what's going on?"
"The FPD spotted a deadly virus in Frank's forearm"
What do you mean by a—"
Thrax's walkie-talkie started buzzing. He answered and started talking worriedly. At the same time Ozzy's walkie-talkie buzzed.
"We'll talk later"
She hung up before the informant could say anything to object. She felt the crowd atmosphere intensifying. A headache started to brew in Kyrosis' head. She breathed and ran her fingers through her hair. Thrax and Ozzy came back and had a concerning look on their faces. They glanced at each other, then glanced at Drix. Ozzy looked back at his sister and took a deep breath,
"You have ta come with us"
"What's wrong?"
"It's about what the virus wants"
"What does it want?"
Thrax and Ozzy's face's cringed with guilt. Kyrosis wanted to know what was up, so she asked again,
"Guys, what does. The. Virus want?"
"Let's just say that he wants a certain blood cell—"

Author's Notes:

Hey People! This is actually based off of another fanfiction. That one is owned by DarkraixCresselia, i just want to thank her for letting me borrow Almira. The Ebola virus that is mentioned in Kyrosis' dream is also owned by DarkraixCresselia. I love her art as well (she goes by the same username).


Kyrosis Jones: Me
Almira: DarkraixCresselia
Thrax Ozzy Drix: Warner Bros.