Ho hum... Another chapter. Only a few things grow on me - I guess this is one of them. Which is good if you've enjoyed the story so far. The chapter's in this story aren't going to be as long as the one's in 'You're It', [thank God!] they're much shorter, so each chapter will be written a whole lot faster.

The title of this chapter reads: Simplicity.

.:::::::::::::::: th li3 : smp]c!ty ::::::::::::::::.

His eyes were bloodshot. He could feel the pain instantly as light seeped into his blurred vision. Everything seemed to hurt like a thousand silver blades striking every inch of his body. The worried face of a nurse hovered above his own for a second or two.

Most of his pain seemed to be concentrated on one area. He grabbed slowly for his hip, blood oozing through the profusely bleeding wound and between his sore fingers, staining the fingernails a deep red. One surgeon swatted his hand away from his injured side and quickly went back to work. Nurses and doctors busied around him above the sound of the humming computers.

The heart rate moniter beeped away in his ears. His senses felt new, as if he were using them for the first time. It confused him.

All the sounds...

His fogged vision glancing around unfamiliar territory...

The feeling of soft, white sheets at his blooded hands...

Hospital smells...

The taste of blood building up in his mouth...

Then it struck him. Why was he here? A million and one questions flooded his mind, each producing the same, strained answer.

I don't know...

It echoed on and on... and on... He couldn't do anything, just lay there and take the pain. All his adrenaline rushed to his head and he winced at the oncoming pain. Just take it... take it... Hold on... on... It'll be fine... The words pounded on. More and more thoughts crossed his mind, but no one answered.

Everything was blank.

He couldn't remember a thing.

Not even his name...
..:: ::..
The girl, about nineteen years of age, wore a simple black tank top that exposed an impressive midriff and a pair of baggy flares over some ratty, denim blue and white Fetish joggers, but managed to make the plain clothes look like catwalk material. At about 5'8", she was slender, with long scarlet hair tied up in a silky, but messily done-up ponytail. A few strands fell out of place, framing a pretty, heart-shaped face that would've looked more attractive if she didn't look like something had disemboweled itself right in front of her.

Her cat's blue eyes darted this way and that, seating herself in a nearby jet-black chair. She was a bit more than uncomfortable about being in a public area and dressed like someone from the aftermath of a rock concert. It was actually a mix of her uniform and casual clothing. Sick people lined the walls of the hospital waiting room, but as much as she feared contracting some fatal disease, she had a friend to attend to.

She growled from behind clenched teeth as a family with about five kids (at least that's what she thought) entered the room. Children annoyed her. Full stop. If she ever did have any it wouldn't be any more than one or two. She picked up a random Women's Weekly (at least three years old, mind you) from the pile of magazines on the coffee table to make her attention look so unnoticable. She flipped though the pages casually and pretended to read any random, old article in her nervousness.

"Hi lady. What's your name?"

It came from no where, really.

She blinked in surprise and set the magazine onto her lap. Surely enough, there was one of the bratty things sitting in the seat next to her. Cute as she was, her presense was unwanted. Her blonde hair was done up in two long, curly pigtails. The girl had bright blue eyes and a huge shark-like grin plastered on her face. There was something about her that reminded her of that Sailor Moon chick. She wore a pastel blue and pink sundress, to match her shoes.

"Jessie," she mumbled immediately upon instinct, but stopped herself. 'Damn!' she mentally scolded herself, 'You don't tell a five year old twerp what your name is!' She folded her arms. "Don't you have a family to run off to?" Jessie cast a glance over at the large group of people who were unaware they were missing someone.

"Yeah... but they're really boring. My little brother's really sick. Mum says he isn't coming home for a long time - and that's why we're gonna visit him," the girl replied. She smiled, obviously ecstatic. "My name's Bridie."

"Heh... I'm sure it is, too..." Jessie said uneasily and bit her bottom lip. She tried hard to focus on the cover of the magazine. Jennifer Aniston. 'Jennifer Aniston, Jessie, focus on her. Her with that Brad Pitt person... they're engaged, right? Or something, anyway...'

A couple of seconds ticked by. "You're really pretty," Bridie remarked. Jessie suddenly stiffened uncomfortably.

"Why... thank you." She blushed. 'It really couldn't get any worse than this...' she thought to herself. She focused her attention hastily on the reception desk.

"And my brother thinks you're really really hot," was suddenly blurted out without any hints of regret. The crimson hue that had already found itself covering her cheeks, deepend.

Jessie blinked rapidly a few more times. "Your brother?!" Bridie pointed at the huge mass of people accuulating itself at the door.

She leant over the Women's Weekly slightly to peer around an old woman in a walking frame, and at the huge family. Sure enough, there was a young man about her age with chestnut brown hair, covering everything until the bridge of his nose, and in serious need of a haircut. Under his arm, he had slung a guitar. He waved to her, his unbelievably baggy clothes swayed with his movement, and winked in a very inappropriate way. Jessie smiled sheepishly and waved back in return.

"He says that if you ever need a boyfriend, he'd definitely oblige." There's that kid again. Jessie had almost forgotten she was there. The miniscule ... thing giggled happily in her seat and rocked back and forth.


"I wish I were as pretty as you," Bridie chortled, almost to herself, since Jessie's vision was focused on a wall. Then she pouted miserably. "Then maybe the guys at school won't be so mean."

Jessie swallowed, twisted back around to her and put and hand on the little girl's petite shoulder. "But you _are_ pretty."

Bridie's face lit up like a Christmas tree. She had stopped rocking and was watching the older girl attentively. "Really? You really think so?"

"Yeah." Jessie felt herself becoming slightly more secure around the blonde girl.

In one split second, Bridie had launched herself from her seat and into Jessie's lap. Her arms had wrapped themselves around her torso, hugging the young woman tightly. "Oh, thank you!"

"Jessie! Hey, Jess!" a very familiar voice with a noticable Brooklyn accent rang through the room. Jessie smiled to herself and without hesitation, pushed Bridie back into her seat.

She turned to her after standing up a bit too quickly. "Listen, kid. I gotta go. I'll see you around, 'kay?"

There was no missing the dismay on the little girl's features. But, she mustered up her composure and replied. "Okay."

Jessie flashed her a grin and spun around to see a ridiculously short figure strolling up and down the isles of people, despite the looks he was getting. She called above the talking of patients and family alike. "Hey, Meowth! Over here!"

The smaller-than-your-average 'person' looked up and walked over to her with an annoyed expression across his face. "Took ya time to notice, didn't ya?" he chided her, but pushed the matter aside. "Anyways, I've found Jim."

'Meowth'? You wouldn't know whether to describe him as a person or a cat. Actually, he was a Pokémon. A smart and cunning one at that. With a cat- like body, many would rather think of him as that, but once he opened his mouth, they usually kept their comments to themselves. He could talk, unlike any other creature of his kind. His cute, creamy face was adorn with a golden koban on his forehead, between a couple of grey-black ears. Whiskers long and navy-blue eyes wide, he rathered to stand on his own two legs. Literally. At the time, he was wearing a treachcoat [supposedly disguised as a person] - though, it didn't help concealing his identity, being a mere 1'4".

"Really?" Jessie seemed skeptical.

"Well, if I didn't, den why exactly would Me-owth be here?"

"Then, where is he?"

Meowth peered down at a small slip of paper he clutched in his minute, scruffy paw. "Room... B3." He looked up at her again and frowned. "Da doctor said dat we're more dan welcome ta come in."

Jessie gave him a sour look. "You let them see you? You were supposed to go in and back out unnoticed!" Then she mumbled under her breath: "Stupid cat..."

"Actually, dey caught me," he replied knowingly, crossing his arms over his chest stubbornly. He didn't seem to catch her discreet murmur, "and I told 'em why we're here."

"But is James okay!?" she demanded, causing a couple of dirty looks on her part. The scratch-cat thought he held just a swell of fear in her voice, just for a second, but he swatted the thought away.

He sighed. Probably with annoyance, but mostly pity for the girl. "He's okay. Just unconscious."

"Jeez..." Jessie started but stopped herself when her eyes fell upon a mother smothering her son's ears with her hands in fear that the redhead would curse openly in a public area, "... sugar... honey... ice... and tea..." She repressed her anger and turned back to Meowth, narrowing her eyes at him. "Can we see him?"

He smirked up at her and replied: "Isn't dat why I came out 'ere?"

"Then what are we waiting for?" she remarked. She began to half jog across the waiting room before stopping and throwing a glance at her furry partner. "Com'on."
.:: ::.
The doctor, who was currently standing in the dooring, scratched the back of his neck as he looked over the bed-ridden patient and blocked the view of the visitors with him. He was a bald, African man in his late twenties at a height of 6 foot 3. His white coat was neat and had a name tag attached that read "Raymond Ford" in bold text. An anxious young, red- haired woman stood behind him with a small white cat in her arms.

He stared her up and down skeptically before asking: "Are you sure you're his sister?"

The woman's eyes avioded his own briefly. "How couldn't I be? Anyway this is supposed to be an emergency," she replied, as honestly as she could, giving the doctor no room to argue.

Sighing, he took a glance at the clipboard in his hand. "Your 'brother' has a deep gash across his forehead, caused by the accident and..." She watched his eyes skim-read the piece of paper clipped onto it, "... amnesia."

She frowned at him. He had to be kidding! James isn't susceptible to things like that... "Amnesia?" she snapped angrily. The cat stirred slightly.

"We don't know for sure if it's only temporary, but there's a ninety-five percent chance of it being so - therefore, we're sure it isn't permanent," he imformed her. "I recommend you try to bring back his memory by talking about his past. Stuff like that. It's something that no nurse or surgeon here can carry out, but if it has some chance of happening, you can do it."

Cursing under her breath, she pounded her fist against the wall in frustration. "Can I see him?" she asked politely through gritted teeth upon length.

With a gesture, the doctor stood aside and allowed her to enter the room. She stormed past him as he closed the door behind her gently. Her expression quickly softened as her eyes fell over her partner. He was laying on a maternal-style bed with his head bandaged heavily and dressed in a green hospital smock.

Mostly to herself, she smiled, thankful that the damage wasn't too bad. The cat who had long snuggled deeper into her hold looked up at her. "Hey Jess, are youse okay?"

Jessie ignored him and set him down onto a nearby table. Only the ticking of a clock hung on the wall sounded before she knelt down at his side. "Oh, James," she sighed wistfully and took his hands into her own. "I can't believe they did this to you..."

James stirred in his sleep at the sudden noise, turned his head and squinted uncomfortably to the source of noise. "Huh? Are you another doctor?"

She frowned and looked into his opening green eyes. "It's me. Jessie. You do remember, don't you?" Meowth leapt onto the bed and watched them, eyes darting this way and that.

James bit his lower lip. "No... I..." he whimpered. "I don't remember anything. Why don't I remember?"

Resisting her urge to smack him over the head in frustration, she took a couple of heavy breaths. After a couple of seconds, she decided to explain the situation to him. "You were in a car accident."

"A car accident?"

"Yeah," she replied half-heartedly and dropped her glance to the floor.

Meowth sideglanced curiously at Jessie, then turned his gaze at James. "Are ya sure ya can't rememba? Jim?" His navy blue eyes, once filled with hope, now only contained disappointment. He patted Jessie on the back as she held back a few tears.

"Jim? My name's Jim, is it?" James replied, completely ignoring the question. She tried desperately not to gain eye contact with the young man.

"No... it's James..."


The cat sat at his side gingerly, almost afraid of him - but if he wanted the old James back, he'd have to do _something_. "Yeah," he murmured, "dat's it."

James leant towards Jessie despite his bandaged hip and grasped her hands in his. She stared back into his jade eyes and smiled. "Jessie," he whispered.

"Yes," she replied almost unaudibly.

A blush crossed his face. "Are we...y'know," he asked nervously, "...together?"

Jessie's cheeks matched his perfectly. "No, we're not." He squeezed her hands affectionately and she sighed. "I... I... Never mind." Meowth's faint smile of hope lingered, not noticed by either of the humans at his side.
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