Harvey's POV.


I was in a foul mood. Mum was embarrassing me, again. I know I'm the baby of the family, but she doesn't need to coo at me and pinch my cheeks every five seconds!

I kind of wish I was more like Lloyd, in terms of getting Mum to stop. I know that my brother would simply order Mum to 'stop babying me, and instead, treat me like a mature adult.' Mum would stop for Lloyd, not because he has a fiery temper, but because she would heed his words and realise that she was going too far with him.

Not with me though. No, because I'm her youngest child and I have numerous health issues, blah, blah, blah.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Mum, but I'm a teenager, you know? Not a little kid, craving attention. I want to be able to go round the local newsagents, without Mum pestering me every five seconds.

Oh God, here she goes again…

"Sweetie, do you want any chocolate?"

"I'm fine, Mum, thanks. I have enough indoors."

"Are you sure? We can always get some more."

"Mum. I said, I have enough."

Mum nodded at me, and I rolled my eyes as she pinched my cheek. I'm cringing. It's so embarrassing.

Hold on, it gets worse.

Mum proceeds to exclaim to the shopkeeper about my bed-wetting issues. That's right. She's discussing kids with the young shopkeeper, and is loudly proclaiming about how when I was younger, I used to wet the bed.

This is absolutely mortifying!

My face is on fire and I can hear little kids snickering from the other side of the shop. God, I've got to stop her from speaking anymore!


She whirls round, big smile on her face, and it pains me that I have to wipe it off of her face, but she's going too far!

"Stop embarrassing me! Why are you telling her that?! You're making me cringe! STOP!"

"But, sweetheart-"

She was actually defending herself.

I slap my forehead in frustration, before storming out of the shop. I pass the kids who were laughing at me earlier and shoot them a fierce scowl, part of me pleased when they fall quiet and glance nervously at me.

Never had that happen before…

"Harvey! Sweetie! Slow down!"

Mum's chasing me. Oh, God! This is a nightmare!

I'm running now, near our street and I can hear her frantically chasing after me. I've had enough now, and as soon as I've crossed the road, I spin round and bellow:


Mum stops by the kerb, frozen momentarily, before she launches into Angry Mother mode. She starts storming across the road, shouting and yelling. I scream back, riled up that she's trying to justify herself, when the most horrific thing happens.

One moment, Mum was moving towards me, the next, she's sprawled on the road, the car that hit her screeching to a stop. It was a split second, and I force myself to rush towards her, even though my brain hasn't clicked.


The driver gets out, and is profusely apologising, saying that Mum came out of nowhere, but I ignore her. I cradle Mum, breath hitching as she's unconscious, and I feel for a pulse.

It's faint, it's weak, but it's there.

I know I called an ambulance, and I told the driver that struck Mum my address, and that she came back mere minutes later with the rest of SPLAT at her heels.

The ambulance came, Ingrid, Ian and Mandy dealing with the paramedics, whilst my brother and sister crouch over Mum's body and hug me to themselves.

I'm screaming that it's my fault and as Dinah moves aside so that the paramedics can take Mum to hospital for treatment, Lloyd hugs me hard and says words that shatters the ringing around me.

"It's not your fault. Mum will be alright. She'll make it."

Mrs Hunter does survive and her and Harvey patch up their relationship.