A/N: OK, so here are four more drabbles. I'm procrastinating so much right now...so here you go, enjoy! :)

5. Drabble (TenRose friendsip / K / NONE)

"One… two… thr—"

"Doctor, what are you doing?"


"Writing what?"

"A drabble?"

"A what?"

"A drabble,"

"What's a…drabble?"

"This is a drabble,"

"You're just making up words now, you are,"

"Honestly, that's what it's called!"



"Why's it called a 'drabble'?"

"Because… well, because… you know, I have absolutely no idea,"

"Huh, makes a change,"

"Well, I can't be expected to know everything, can I?"

"S'pose not… So how do you write a drabble?"

"Well, you just write a story in a hundred words,"

"Sounds challenging,"

"'S not so bad… Damn!"


"I ran out of words…"

6. Teasing (TenRose / M / ORAL SEX, SEXUAL CONTENT)

She was teasing him. Again. But when did she not? Their whole relationship was founded upon teasing the other and this is where it had led them. It had all been leading to this moment. Her lips wrapped tightly around him, kissing him; her teeth grazing and her tongue stroking. Even now she was teasing him, flat on his back with his hands in her hair as she pleasured him. It was everything he had wanted and more.

But now was no time for teasing. He pulled out of her mouth and looked at her. Her eyes were dark with lust and her lips plump and moist. He pulled her up and kissed her hard, tasting himself as his tongue explored her mouth.

She settled on top of him and he groaned as she moved her hips just right. Again, she was teasing. Always teasing. He grabbed her lips and kept her in the right place as she moved.

Always teasing, but never enough.

Finally, she took him in hand and guided him inside. The teasing turning to torture.

Finishing, he groaned as she rode him, following him into bliss.

If this was where teasing got them, he'd never stop.

7. Human (TenRose / K / NONE)

One of the things he loved about her was her humanity. She was so human. She was the most human human he'd met in a long time. She was kind; compassionate and curious. To him, she was the best that humanity could offer. Like any human, she could lose her temper easily, could sometimes be a little too quick to judge, but she held an open mind; the same, he knew, could not be said for everyone.

But he knew one day soon she'd be gone. And that was the thing he didn't like about humanity: their lives were so fleeting.

8. 1987 (Rose (with a mention of Nine) / K / NONE)

It was odd how something so normal could feel so alien. But here she was, the seventh of November 1987. She had been told about this day many a time, the day her father had died. When she had been a child, her mother had told her the story of what had happened. Told her how her father had died. It seemed so normal after the death she'd seen recently. Hit and run.

She could feel the Doctor looking on at her in concern. He took her hand in the way he usually did, but also as a way of providing comfort. She took it gratefully.

It unnerved her, almost, as to how normal this day was. There was no rain, just a few grey clouds in the sky, a few people getting about their everyday lives. Could this really be the day her father had died?

They came to a corner and she looked on, the Doctor telling her what to do. She only half listened.

Then she saw him. He got out of his car, that stupid vase in his hand. Her mum had always cursed that vase. 'If only he had been so adamant about getting it' she used to tell her through the tears that threatened to spill even after so many years.

And then a thought hit her. A stupid thought, but she didn't care. She had never planned it; never even considered it until this moment, despite what anyone might say:

She had the chance to save him. The years of pain that her mother had gone through bringing her up on her own need never happen now.

But things never went according to plan – be it spontaneous or not.

But she learnt a valuable lesson that day:

The universe was anything but kind.